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on 11 March 2014
I have waited to write this review because I wanted to see how my replacement scale compared to this one first. I first purchased an Omron HN286 scale because I thought the photo looked nice, modern, clean and it was priced well. Unfortunately, I did not read enough of the reviews for the product before making my final decision. I should have paid attention to the ratings that described the inconsistency of the scale, and difficult to read numbers. I think I would have been persuaded not to buy this particular model. Once I had the scale and had a chance to try it out I thought I would be pleased enough to keep it and not go through the return process, which, by the way, Amazon is superior in all respects for returns.

After an agonising product search, review process, I decided the best course of action was to return this scale and I purchased from Amazon this Soehnle 63536 scale. It was a bit more money, but now that I have used it for a fair length of time, I know that I made the right choice between the two scales. On this Soehnle scale the numbers are LED's and not LCD's. I know they use a bit more battery time, but the advantage of the very easy to read numbers, even in very low or no available light, makes up for any of the issue for battery replacement. When all the other manufacturers are using LCD readings it seems counter intuitive to be the last hold out for LED technology. Well, I can tell you I am very happy they did.

My goal from the beginning was to purchase an accurate, fast displaying scale that was easy to operate if I wanted to change from pounds, to kilos, to stones, at a price point that didn't break the bank. I would have loved to purchase a Class III scale for its absolute guaranteed accuracy, but the difference in the money was just too much. This Soehnle scale does the job quite well. We have it on a hard floor surface, so if you need to put it on carpet I can't say how well it will work, but if I remember correctly, it will do the job there too. The display is very fast with the weight, never difficult to read and the base of the scale is just a little larger than the others on the market. Not too big though.

This Soehnle 63536 displays with a very high degree of accuracy. It will adjust in small increments when your weight changes due to drinking fluids, or eating a bit, or whatever. My wife and I are very pleased with this scale and feel that it is worth the little extra that it costs. Probably the last scale we will ever have to buy.
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on 13 November 2013
If you have tried any bathroom scales then you have probably noticed how you can stand on them, get a reading, get off them, walk 5 paces in a circle, get back on them and find you have either lost or gained 4lbs or more (or a kilo or two). I don't know if these are accurate - I would guess so - but I haven't tested that. It's much more important to me that any gain or loss is shown accurately and so that fact they give consistent readings leads me to believe that I have finally found a set of scales that will work for me.
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on 1 March 2013
Bought after mu old Salter digital scales seemed to be giving erroneous readings, and at that age where weight/health starts to matter, I recognised I needed decent scales if I was going to get anywhere training/dieting.

First impression out of the box was "WOW". The scales are very attractive and have that look about them of being well made.

On first use minutes after setting up (and it's a nice touch that batteries ARE included), I was blown away at the speed of the reading and the huge display which is really cool.

The three weight range facility is also helpful as while I am dieting in kilos, I was raised Imperial, so it's amusing to convert to stones to give it "relevance" , if you will.

Checked against old scales for reference and was delighted to see that my dietary suspicions were correct and I was indeed lighter that old scales displayed!

Bottom line is that while these scales are a touch pricey, they are worth it: delighted with purchase and with free delivery which was only two days to NI.
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on 29 December 2011
I have bought many scales over the years (this is my 4th) and all have worked perfectly. This one I bought for my 86 year old mother who doesn't see that well. The digital readout is absolutely amazing and is sooooooo huge. The bright red LED you could see on the moon it is so big. I haven't measured it, but it must be nearly 2 inches in height. The quality of the scales is also very, very good and it exudes a feeling of being a scale that will last forever. To operate, all you have to do is stand on it to activate the digital LED (not like other scales that you have to 'bang' to switch them on). And in a few seconds you have you weight spelt out in BIG NUMBERS. It switches itself off when you get off of it. It has pounds and kg and I think it has stones, but my mother uses it on kg.
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on 25 June 2013
These are the fourth set of scales I have bought. The first ones lasted two and a half months and then went completely haywire going from my usual weight of around 85kgs to anything up to 140kgs in the space of a couple of minutes, the second and third ones I bought changed my weight every time I weighed myself, each of them giving different weights after a quick 4 or 5 "on and off" weighing session so they were returned. In desperation I did more research and came to the conclusion that Soehnle was one of the better brands and went for this model which arrived promptly yesterday - I immediately jumped on and off them a hundred times (well nearly!) in 10 minutes and got the same weight every time. Did the same today and again got identical results with each weigh.
They are very stylish and a good designer item to grace any bathroom.
Will they stand the test of time? They have a 5 year guarantee so I am guaranteed 5 years - if they last that length of time and then pack up I won't complain for a purchase price of just under £50.
My only gripe is that they take 4 x AA batteries yet only 2 were in the box - that's just plain dumb!
In summary these look great and do an excellent job so I absolutely recommend them!
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on 10 January 2013
I purchased this item after reading dozens (literally!) of reviews of other scales; without exception every one had some criticism about lack of consistency. Then, I stumbled on this item - no criticism of inaccuracy. I have not had a single case of variation between weigh-ins.
It's a strange world when one is delighted because a product does what it is supposed to do.
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on 23 March 2013
I have always had trouble with digital scales reading differently every time I step on them - even on our tiled bathroom floor. With these scales, I just have to step on (no touching first) and the reading doesn't vary - even if I move around on it. And the display is HUGE! These scales are better than any I have used before.
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on 22 October 2012
Soehnle 63536 Linea Brushed Steel and Digital Personal Bathroom Scale, Black

I was disappointed in these.My current scales are Soehnle but years old and I wanted some new ones. However these are very big (true I did know this from the measurements but it just seemed big when I got it) and feels fragile. Also unfortunately it gave inconsistent readings and was a pound out on re weighing. I tested it again the next day and the problem was still there. It may be this particular pair as it is a reliable brand. I did buy another Soehnle as I think this brand is v good - I got the purple stripe one.Soehnle 63812 Pino Limited Edition Digital Personal Bathroom Scale, Purple. This has similar readings to my old scales and suited me better, being smaller and stronger. see my review for that.
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on 4 April 2013
What a great set of scales. Bought to replace an ancient set of analogue scales that were between 2 and 5kg out. Look fantastic in gloss black with brushed stainless steel. Ooze quality. Came well packed and had the batteries included (4xAA). All I had to do was flick the switch underneath from "Stone" to "KG", place them on the floor and step onto them. Immediately gave me an accurate weight (the same as medical grade scales at my work). HUGE red display so no hiding your true weight by conveniently misreading the scale!! Highly recommended.
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on 29 May 2013
These scales were bought as a present and the recipient was delighted. Especially with the sturdy construction and clear display.
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