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VINE VOICEon 23 July 2006
For those looking for a different kind of television show then look no further! The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr is one of the most original series ever committed to film - a well combined mix of classic western, action, adventure, science fiction, fantasy and humour all rolled into one!

The show centres around Brisco County Jr who is employed by a group of Robber Barons to round up the infamous John Bly and his gang after they kill his father and steal an ancient artifact called The Orb.

As the show progresses the true nature of John Bly is slowly revealed and the reason for his interest in the Orb is one of the show's great cliffhangers.

In each episode we also get a glimpse of what Briso describes as 'the coming thing' which is a way of introducing more modern technology into the show with amusing results. The episode 'Steel Horses' is a great example.

The show also has a great supporting cast of characters including Lord Bowler, Professor Wickwire, Dixie Cousins, Socrates Poole, Aaron Beaver, Pete Hutter and let's not forget Brisco's horse Comet.

So, if you're looking for a show that really has it all then prepare to be highly entertained as you lose yourself in Brisco's adventures.
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on 13 December 2013
Up until recently, I never even knew this series existed (it was never shown on TV in the Netherlands, where I live) but boy, did I miss out on something!

Bruce Campbell does it again. I bought this dvd-set purely on the strength of Bruce being the lead character (and the other glowing reviews on Amazon). What an undiscovered gem this series is; too bad there aren't more seasons. Anyway, the only other western-series that made me smile this much, or laugh out loud, is the famous Alias Smith and Jones-series (also out now on dvd).

Brisco County Jr. could only have been played by Bruce Campbell: Bruce is perfect as the dashing, noble, sometimes fumbling, but always tongue-firmly-in-cheek hero of this extremely entertaining western/sci-fi/comedy/action series... Well, that last statement says it all: just when you think you're watching a straight (if humoristic) western-series, it throws you a curveball straight out of the Looney Tunes ACME factory that will have you LOL (o: (o: (like that train being chased by Campbell on a rocket, from the pilot episode).

Anyway, just order this dvd-set, watch it to see what I mean, and then start recommending it to your friends! If they don't know about this series, they don't know what they've been missing!
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on 19 August 2015
Cult actor Bruce Campbell here stars in a short-lived series that well fits cult status. Screened 1993-94, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, its weird name (easily confused as a place rather than a person) well matched the 27 episodes of this hard-to-define series. A tongue-in-cheek action western, tinged with humour and touches of sci-fi, perhaps somewhat comparable to “Alias Smith And Jones” or “The Wild, Wild West” respectively.

Campbell is perfect in the title role, a one-time lawyer turned bounty hunter, supported by an equally entertaining cast of characters that includes an “always on the money” rival, Lord Bowler (Julius Carry), later to become Brisco’s partner, and an employer/associate, Socrates Poole (Christian Clemensen), with occasional appearances by sultry dancehall girl Dixie Cousins (Kelly Rutherford), eccentric professor, Albert Wickwire (John Astin) and the creepy John Bly (Billy Drago) heading up a mismatched bunch of villains.

On the track of the gang that killed his father, Brisco is involved with adventures that moves from gunfights and chases to pirates, hot air balloons, bounty hunter conventions, mail order brides and a rock n’ roll styled sheriff (Jeff Phillips) among other ingredients with a mysterious orb that comes into the plot from time to time. In addition there are the occasional hints of the future (or “coming things”, as Brisco calls them) with such items as hamburgers, sun glasses, drive-in shops and sushi, all helping to create one of television’s most imaginative, but all too sadly shortlived, series. Perhaps it was hard to define its audience?

The box set also includes a 90 minute disc of Special Features that covers background to the series including Bruce Campbell reading extracts from his worth seeking out autobiography “If Chins Could Kill”, a 32 page colour booklet detailing the episodes and, contrary to a previous review, there are English subtitles (albeit closed captions).
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on 8 April 2014
This is the complete(only) series of the show starring Bruce Campbell as a lawyer turned bounty hunter, amusing in parts, slightly silly in others, this 8 DVD set has the original TV ratio and subtitles in French and Spanish (but no English). Audio and picture quality are fine and best of all this set is region free, so it plays here in Europe.
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on 14 May 2012
This is a fun show which only grows better. What a shame it ends with the story unfinished. I know i'm wishing for more.
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on 5 February 2014
get this series it has a bit of every thing action sic fi romance and comedy well worth the money
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on 11 July 2015
This series is awesome. It had me laughing a lot. You should buy and watch it
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on 4 August 2010
Die (komplette) Serie (zwei Staffeln mit 15 und 12 Folgen) wurde in Deutschland meines Wissens nie vollständig gesendet - bis Folge 15 ja, die restlichen Folgen könnten mir natürlich auch entgangen sein - und war wohl auch, wenn ich der Wikipedia glauben kann, bei uns nicht ganz so der Renner.

Das wiederum ist verständlich, einerseits, andererseits aber auch nicht.

1. Der Serie fehlt (ganz klar) ein Konzept. Vielleicht hat sie ja eines, als Zuschauer würde ich das dann aber auch gerne erfahren. Angeblich dreht sich alles um die ominöse Kugel (the orb"), deren Geheimnis zu entschlüsseln ist. Die meisten Episoden befassen sich aber nicht im mindesten mit der Kugel und dem Erzschurken John Bly, sondern mit allen mehr oder weniger damit zusammenhängenden (oder auch nicht) Nebenkriegsschauplätzen: die große Linie alias der rote Faden fehlt. Wo die Serie hinwill, erschließt sich bis zum Schlußpunkt nicht so richtig.

2. Die Serie parodiert. Schön. Aber wen? Die Court-Martial-Trilogie der 5. Staffel "A-Team" habe ich aus eigener Kraft in Folge 26 dingfest machen können, "Indiana Jones" (den ich nur flüchtig kenne; die Filme geben mir leider nicht viel) legt das Logo schon nahe. Aber sonst? Vom meisten habe ich nur vage Vorstellungen: Kung-Fu-Filme manchmal, Science Fiction, mit Ausnahme der genialen "Psycho"-Adaption in Folge 25 verlieren sich die Anspielungen im nebulös-allgemeinen.

3. Aber trotzdem: wie ein Haufen genialer und genial besetzter Darsteller aus dem Material das wirklich letzte rausholt, der Wortwitz der Serie und die Situationskomik sind zum Schreien, einzelne Folgen brillieren durch höchst unerwartete Wendungen: das macht es schade, daß sich das Vergnügen auf 27 Folgen beschränkt, in deutscher Sprache nicht erhältlich und hierzulande praktisch unbekannt ist.
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