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on 3 August 2015
Bought this for my Toyota MR2 Mark 2 because I can no longer keep it in the garage. Ordered the MEDIUM which fits perfectly for length. I anticipated an issue with the height of the vehicle but this was less of a problem than I thought. Yes, the cover sits at ground level - no clearance under the car in places but this doesn't seem to matter. It appears to have 'moulded' to the shape of the car after a week, though of course it's a looser fit than on standard saloons - so it is important to use the reinforced grommet holes and cord which are located in a central position on the sides of the cover - at the bottom. This stops the wind getting underneath it and blowing it away ! The elasticated corners fit well under the bumpers - but probably more loosely than on a saloon.

I have posted a photo of the MEDIUM cover on my Toyota MR2. I should look much the same on MGFs and those Honda S2000s - and cars of similar size.

I feel some of the reviews of this item are a little unfair. The characteristics of the material used are made clear in the advertising. It is 'breathable' for a reason. If it was watertight it would encourage rusting and rotting - a curse for soft-tops. I have found that it does all that is claimed - keeps the cr*p off the car - and after the rain, it dries out naturally.

All in all it is a well made cover and fantastic value at the present price - a very cheap solution to the many problems caused by outside storage.
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on 28 January 2017
Ok, so this is my first product review - I'm not saying this inspired me to write one, but I thought I could at least help out any further *cough* victims.
Firstly, let's get some perspective on the whole small, medium and large car size thing. As a normal person, with normal-sized-eyes, I looked at my car (ford focus) and thought, "we'll it's not large, but it definitely isn't small" (not the first time I've heard that ;) ) ...anyway, as I was saying - not big, not small. I'll go for medium.
Any hoooow... the car cover turned up. It's boxed, and there's a token gesture of a bag in the bottom of it, but the cover itself isn't in the bag (even the manufacturers couldn't get it in there!) It also comes with a single length of string...about 2m long.
The cover feels like those white painting overalls you get, but it's in a slightly more tasteful grey colour. It's pretty porous, soooo don't use it on your convertible to keep the inside dry. (To be fair, if you own a convertible here in the UK, you deserve to have soggy seats)
My first (and only) use of my cover was back in that terrible snow storm of January... I thought I would be smug and simply place the cover over my pride and joy (my car!..dirty minds) and grin in the the morning watching my neighbours with their scrapers and their mittens. So I went out there that night. Threw the cover over the front and proceeded to hook it around the front of the car and then pull it towards the back. Now I can only liken this technique to putting on a fitted sheet...the ones with the stretchy corners. I'd seen my missus do it before and to be fair, it looked pretty easy.
The only problem is, as I pulled toward the back to tuck the back under the car, the front kept coming off, and when I went to tuck the front back in, the back came off! So, after 5 minutes of playing Chuckle Brothers with myself, I came to the conclusion that my medium car was obviously not what everyone calls medium.
Anyway, a storm was a-brewin and I needed to get this car covered if I stood any chance of being smug in the morning. So I thought I'd risk leaving it on anyway, I'll just tie it to the car using the ....oh wait...single piece of string provided :( I think they actually expect you to pass the string underneath your car and use 2 holes in the cover the secure it in place!
Well, unfortunately my mate, Mr Tickle was busy (apparently keeping the smile on Little Miss Sunshine's face) so I had to improvise by attaching the single piece of string around my door handle and scavenging a piece of thin material used to tying the bag shut to use for the other door handle. So there I had it, my medium car cover flapping around my 3-door apparently large car with the snow slow building up in a large pile (0.3cm) around it.
Morning came, I was pleasantly surprised to see the grey cover still flapping happily away over my car. Now for the smug bit. I go to remove it, but because it not waterproof and it's so cold, it's managed to stick to the glass and metal of my car. So whilst my neighbours are scrapping off fluffy white snow from their cars, I have the joy of peeling this grey frozen paint-suit reject off mine.
I know I've left you on a cliffhanger here...you want to know if I got it back in the bag.

Off course not - it's been bundled in the boot to be sorted out in the summer. Could do with a garage really...

Anyway, summary - good cover for the summer and if you can work out what size you need!
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on 25 May 2017
This car cover is pretty good value for money, and was delivered promptly. If you need a basic car cover then this is ideal.

I have got no qualms at all about the quality of its construction, nor its dimensions or ability to fit over a vehicle. Basically it does what it says on the tin and is I believe just as advertised.

The sole reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because I think the means of keeping it held securely to a car once it's in place is a bit inadequate, and it would hugely benefit from having better means of fastening from one side of the car to the other, underneath the car. In a windy location it can be the difference between something that's spot on, or something that is potentially insecure, or can be a slight noise nuisance.

It's certainly not a big issue and I'm basically happy with it, hence 4 stars, since I'm sure if you spend more money you can probably get ones that can be made more secure, without needing to add your own bunjee ropes etc.

One very important thing to note (which is made clear on the packaging, but which people might overlook), is that this cover is NOT waterproof, but is water resistant, so if you need a cover that will always keep your car bone dry then this is NOT suitable. I'm certainly not criticising the product for this because it states exactly this on the box, but it's worth reiterating. When it's rained quite a bit I can see the cover clings in places to my car body due to damp that has penetrated through the cover, and for some people this will be a big no-no, if for instance you're trying to prevent rust on a vehicle that might be prone to it.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope it's helpful in making a purchase decision, and if you appreciate the information or find it helpful then I would of course be grateful if you'd be kind enough to rate this review as being helpful, thankyou!
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on 13 September 2016
Really impressed with the strength and quality of this cover. Being so cheap I expected it to be really thin and easy to tear. I only have two slight gripes. First, the string that you use to tie under the car is too short. I just managed to tie it by making knots right at the end but it was very fiddly and how much would it cost to add another 12 inches of string?
Secondly, although it must be very hard to make a range of covers to suit any size or shape of car, it would be really useful to have a list of common models. I bought this for a 2014 Ford Focus which is obviously not a large car and so I fully assumed that this "medium" cover would fit it. Although I have managed to make to work, it is not big enough to fit the way it is intended/instructed i.e. with the elastic ends under the front and back bumpers, so it keeps riding up an the back and I need to bodge something up to keep it on.
All in all, this cover is amazing value and I am quite happy with it. I could easily have paid 2 or 3 times the price for another cover so am OK with the fit being a bit tight.
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on 17 June 2017
Pretty good. It's not completely waterproof and doesn't cope too well when there's really heavy rain, but it still does a great job overall for the price.

I used mine to cover up a newt valeted and polished black Skoda superb estate, a pretty big car. After the cover had been on for a month the car looked almost as good as it had before covering it. Just a few watermarks where some rain had soaked through.

Why 4 stars instead of 5? The string that comes with it to tie it down is useless. It barely reaches from one side of the car to the other. And certainly left little room to tie it to the loop and secure it. And before you think "that's a large car so it's to be expected", I bought the extra large cover for this size of car so the string should be longer.

I used some thin rope that I had. Worked much better.

Do take note that when it gets windy, the cover can be blown over the back/front of the vehicle as it's only tied on in the middle. I found it best to tie one side with rope, pass the rope under the car and fully over the top and back under the car and then secure it to the other side of the cover. It stayed put after that.

To be 5 star, it needs tie down holes at both ends as well as the side holes, and to come with adequate rope.

But I've no regrets about buying it, and I would buy another. Think I paid £23ish and it's a good buy for the money.
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on 7 January 2018
What absolute rubbish I would of been better off spending my money on a quality sheet of tarpaulin. Seams pulling apart ( under no stresses) and when wrapping around buggy my thumb went through the cover. Definitely breathable now but weather proof it’s not .
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on 6 April 2017
The FACTs: it is not water resistance, Medium size not large, Can only be used in door and leaves scratch when drag over the paint, at least 2 persons needed to put it over the car otherwise will leave scratches.

Firstly the car cover says water resistance but which is not. This cannot be used as a outdoor cover by any chance as a little shower actually make your car wet under the cover. Secondly it said large but does not even cover a hatchback. In may case it was a Mercedes GLA. On its technical details it says 35.6 x 28.6 x 20 cm which is the box size. I bought it as it said large and I have had used another cover before which was medium. But found both are of same size! How possibly a seller would leave box size on the technical specification rather than the actual cover size. No doubt it is strong and if used in door may last ages. When comes to store you will need a good space to leave it as it almost takes up the whole boot. Also as it is too heavy when dragging over the paint left scratches on my brand new car.

Finally when I contacted the seller, they got back with the following response: "The product description says it is breathable which allows water to evaporate out, it doesn't say that it will specifically fit a Mercedes GLA, so the product supplied is as described." Which really does not make any sense to my issues and hence left no choice but leaving (wasting time) this feedback to aware other customers.
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on 30 August 2014
This is a cheap plastic cover not much thicker than a plastic carrier bag. It is NOT what it portrays as breathable water resistant. The product did not come boxed and just wrapped in a black plastic bin liner. Beware BEWARE
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on 15 December 2017
This doesn't deserve any star!!! Don't believe the description in no way is this an out door cover!!!! Avoid like the plague!
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on 13 November 2015
I can't fault this product but do be aware that it is just a cover. It is not water proof and cannot be expected to provide any sort of protection from winter weather. That said it would provide an excellent 'base layer' beneath a heavy duty tarpaulin. The material is soft and does not scratch or damage paintwork (provided it is used on a clean car). It both looks and feels like a quality product and has exceeded my expectations. I wasn't sure how well it would fit my car (a Jaguar XJ6 that has the dimensions of a barge), but it fits like a glove and is also very easily and quickly fitted (less than 60 seconds on or off). It will provide protection from light frosts, snow and showers but if you leave it on during anything other than a light shower it will soon soak through and drying such a large piece won't be easy. Am also not sure how it would fare in a gale. Rather suspect that it wouldn't unless additional eyelets or some sort of overwrap (see previous comments about tarpaulin) were used. If you just want a cover, for use during garaged storage or outdoors in fine weather then I have no qualms about recommending this product but if you are looking for long term outdoor use do be aware of its limitations.
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