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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2007
Being a big fan of the Dynasty and Samurai warriors series of games I was quite eager to try this one out.

The first thing you notice about this game is that it is absolutely beautiful. The colours are bright and vibrant and the character designs are spectacular.

There are 7 playable characters in total, each with their own storylines and mission objectives. However you can only play as Inphyy (the woman on the front cover) to begin with, but two other people are unlocked shorly after and the rest follow as you complete all of the characters missions.

When I started playing this, I felt overwhelmed by how satisfying it is to kill masses upon masses of goblins and orcs. In this game you can total up several thousand kills in each mission and thousands of hit combos. You attack by using and combining X and Y, and as you defeat enemies they drop red orbs which add to a meter that allows you to unleash a powerful series of attacks for a short period of time (similar to the musou attck in the dynasty/samurai warriors series) Furthermore, killing enemies with this special attack makes them drop blue orbs which adds to another meter. And when this blue meter is full, make sure there are loads of enemies around you because your character unleashes a massive attack that kills everything within range. Every time I use that move and kill hundreds of enemies with thousands of hit combos it is as satisfying as when I used it first time.

So, combat is fantastic, however I find that some of the character move quite slow and this can be annoying because some of the maps are quite large and you need to explore them because you find weapons and some items this way. Also, at times the character voices seem a little grainy as if they used a poor quality microphone to record the voice actors. Another bad point is that there is no online play, but I found the game was really fun the way it was.

On the other hand, some of the music in this game is incredible as it really creates a sense of epicness to the game. The music that plays in the opening screens of N3 is beautiful, if you have the patience, listen to it all the way through.

When you finish a mission you are given a ranking. I found it very addictive trying to achieve the A and S ranks on the levels. It's good because it is not ridiculously difficult to get these rankings but it still poses a challenge, therefore if your intereseted in getting the highest rankings you can then there is some replayability value for you. The same goes if you like training up your characater to the maximum level. Each character goes up to level 9. It's not that many but it takes a good while.

As well as this there are bonus features to unlock by completing the missons, these include character profiles and artwork.

I would reccommend this game to anyone who is maybe looking for something new to play. I was glad when I started playing N3 because, for a while I was quite bored with some of the games I had. I must admit, if you are looking for a good storyline and a game that you can be attached to the characters, this is NOT for you. This is just a fun, easy to get into game that doesn't really take too much brain power. So if you want a game that you can just switch on and get right into the action buy Ninety Nine Nights!
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on 28 January 2007
This could have been one of the best games of all time, but sadly it isn't. The game has the graphics, it is very fun and it has the best soundtrack of all games released in 2006.

However the game fails to live up to what it could've been. Gameplay is very fun, but it does occasionally get repetitive, combos don't feel as fluid as say Ninja Gaiden, there are no checkpoints, which can be irritating on levels which can take up to 45 mins to get through, and the story is broken appart into five or so different perspectives and is very poorly explained in the cutscenes.

Yet despite all of these flaws the game is undeniably the second most fun game on the 360 (Dead Rising is the most fun) and every single level gives you immense satisfaction in completing.

I would recommend that you buy this game if you enjoy a challenge and if fun is more important to you than innovative gameplay, but if not don't.
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on 25 February 2008
If you love your button mashing action games then this will hold some interest for you. The graphics are pretty good for an older game, and the game play is ok. It manages to pack a load of enemies on screen at once which is pretty impressive. The set up is straight forward with each character you play having their part of the story to tell. The problem is that it all gets a bit tedious after a short time. Another major annoyance is that some of the missions are quite lengthy with no save points in the middle. Many a time I had reached the end boss and lost, then had to start the mission from the start. VERY ANNOYING!!

To round it off, if button mashing mayhem is not your thing then this is best avoided. Otherwise, I do think that it deserves a go.
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on 4 October 2007
This is one hell of a game. The character animation is good the action is intense and even to sound effects are good. There are some gripes, most notably the lack of save points or check points within some of the larger levels, this means that when your get to the high powered bosses at the end and they totally slaughter you and your quite pathetic gaurd (who seem to just throw them selves on the opponents swords - even archers go into mellee instead of shooting people) you have to start right at the begining going through the unskipable cut scenes. This brings up another grip, the cut scens though well animated are poorly voiced and always seem to show the characters out of breath and tired.

The rest of the game however is sheer fun, who cares about storyline, who cares about voiceovers, all we need is a guy with a big stick and a huge horde of goblins. Each character has super attacks and extreme 'orb spark' attacks which are huge and can devastate whole armies and genarlly look cool.

I finishing this is a game to relax, forget about storyline and thinks about killing people with large pointy sticks, all round fun but like i said a few gripes.
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on 9 September 2006
I don't normally write a review for things on amazon, but I felt compeled to write one this time as I am sick of seeing the bad reviews about this game online and reviews like the previous one left by another amazon customer.

This game may not have the best story line in the world, but at least its interesting and does't involve blood and gore and lots of swearing like pointless other games out there like Grand Theft Auto, and Saints Row.

The Fight scenes are great fun, and alot of them are not easy and require alot of stealth and planning, The graphics to me are amazing and are definatly what I would call Next Generation.

You have to continue through the game in order to unlock all of the charicters, some of which are more interesting, fun, and more powerfull than others. (some of the female fighters are real babes), all of which makes you want to continue playing.

I personaly have been waiting for a game like this to come along for some time and I personly enjoy playing it over and over again and I haven't got bored of it yet.

Its well worth the forty quid and I haven't regreted it so far. GO FOR IT. (You know you want to)
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on 15 February 2012
Incredibly good fun to play but as other reviewers commented there are not enough save points! 5* for fun but only 4* overall because of this factor. I bought it second hand for about £2 incredible value. I highly recommend for those of you who are into this type of game and who are skilled at surviving!
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on 5 September 2006
This game has wonderfull graphics and brings fun back into gaming.

The majority of people will see it as a hack and slash game and be put off but it is more than that having a good story, addictive gameplay, many combos you can put together and revolutionary graphics for the genre.

The game does have some bad points though. Firstly the voice acting is really bad and listening to them will really get on your nerves. Luckily there is a way round this you can turn down the vioce volume on the options screen but keep the sound effects and music volumes up. Another bad point is the lack of customisation (don't buy this if you want deep RPG style customisation options for your characters).

Having purchased the game i must say that the good far outweighs the bad with the excellent graphics and cutscenes, the fastpaced gameplay, the great combos you can pull off, the effects and the amount of things going on at once on the screen. This is a war game and for once it feels like it with 100s and 100s of enemies on screen and many more running in to fight you and your army. Things get very crowded with hardly any slowdown issues and it really shows what the 360 is capable of.

Overall i think that this game is great and while it doesn't add alot to the genre it improves what is already there and is great for people who just want to smash thousands of enemies around.

For those who like hack and slash games it is a good buy but if you don't like that kind of thing stay away.
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on 15 February 2012
This game is like a (decent) next gen version of the Kingdom Under Fire Series only it has more of a Japanese feel to it. Don't be put off by how old the game is or how some critics say that it gets repetitive, you will hardly notice that at all. One thing I will say is that this was a game well worth buying, if you're into the Kingdom Under Fire series then this is a must buy for any Xbox owner.
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on 10 November 2012
What a complete waste of time and money this game is. All you do is run around kill hordes of orcs and then run around and kill hordes of orcs and then run around and kill hordes of orcs and then... look you get the idea.

It makes no difference what character you choose and it has no logic. Your men are realy life shields to protect you they dont do anything except follow you round and die. You can have an orc run past loads of them and all they do is stand there, lazy programming lazy story lazy game. Keep your money and buy something else even if you see this for 50p keep your 50p.
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on 2 March 2014
Fast Shipment in the time mentioned, great game with great price. The only problem was the delivery, that it's not their fault since they left it in the mail box instead of delivering at the door (it rains, it could have been stolen etc.) but gladly came in one piece and fully working
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