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on 23 April 2009
Beware! These DVDs are totally destroyed, absolutely unwatchable, because some moron decided to include laugh tracks.

What a horrible thing to do to what I am told is funny stuff. (I'll never know. Five minutes into episode 1 it was out of the DVD player and into the trash bin.)

Should be a warning label.
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on 20 July 2010
Let me say first of all that I have been following British comedy for over 50 years and have seen some wonderful and unfogettable shows, too many to reel off here. I bought the full set of this effort on following all the five star reviews (big mistake) as I had never heard of it before. The so called comedy is so lame and excruciating I wonder why the BBC bothered. The script writers (never heard of them either) surely would have been unemployable following this. The actors looked bored and awkward no doubt aware of the material they were given to work with. And one reviewer actually compared this with the classic great Fawlty Towers. Unbelievable! No doubt someone at the Beeb must have had a sense of humour and included the dreaded canned laughter because there is nothing to laugh at from a real audience.
I was thinking about giving my set to the local charity shop but couldn't bear the thought of inflicting it on some unsuspecting soul. It was sent to the rubbish dump where it belongs.
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Robert Powell and Jasper Carrott are, in my opinion, a fantastic comedy pairing. They remind me of Morcambe and Wise; there's no straight man, they're both idiots. Briggs and Louis are funny because they both think they're hard, seasoned coppers when in fact they haven't got a clue between them. Some of the funniest moments come from their attempts to extract themselves with dignity from the mess they've made, or their conviction that they're the epitome of class. I laugh out loud each time I watch this dvd. The hostage situation during the F.A. Cup Final, the casino scene with Briggs and Louis in the background, the factor 50 face cream in the disco, and trying to pass themselves off as a band who were big in the 60s and singing the Neighbours theme tune to a nightclub full of teenagers. There isn't a dull episode, or indeed moment, on this disc. It's hilarious writing and inspired casting.
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on 31 January 2014
'The Detectives' is a peculiar idea for a sitcom, combining as it does comedian Jasper Carrott and actor Robert Powell, who once played Jesus Christ, as two bumbling, incompetent detectives Bob Louis and Dave Briggs. It's consistently very funny and Carrott and Powell work together brilliantly. George Sewell plays Superintendent Cottam, the detectives' superior very well.

All six episodes are great and there are some fine guest performances. One of the best episodes is 'Hostage' which, as you might imagine, features Louis and Briggs being held hostage by an armed escaped prisoner played very well by Michael Melia (also known as murder victim Eddie Royle from EastEnders).

First episode 'What the Butler Saw' is a great introduction to the series, an amusing parody of a murder mystery in which Louis and Briggs miss all the clues and ignore the butler attempting to assist them.

The series finale 'Strangers in Paradise' is the best episode. It features brilliant guest performances from Barry Cryer and Leslie Grantham. Louis, Briggs and Cryer's character Detective Simpson go undercover as the band at a nightclub belonging to gangster Danny Kane (played by Grantham). This leads to hysterically funny scenes in which they play 'Imagine' during a riot and later even play the 'Neighbours' theme.
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on 3 November 2007
The Detectives with Jasper Carrott & Robert Powell is hilarious, with George Sewell playing their long-suffering Superintendent. I'm so glad this show has been released on DVD and I now own a copy of the first series, I've seen repeats of the show on Bravo & Paramount Comedy 2.

Series 1 was broadcast between 27 January 1993 to 3 March 1993 and kicks off with the first episode What the Butler Saw where Briggs & Louis investigate the Earl of Lisson's murder at his country hotel.

The second episode Hostage where Briggs & Louis are sitting down to watch the big game on Match Day when they're called upon to deal with a hostage situation.

In Teed Off the duo investigate Johnny McKenna, an arms dealer & golfer played by Jimmy Tarbuck and the pair want to impress the Super with promotion coming up.

In Acting Constables, Briggs & Louis join the crew on a police TV drama as technical advisers, but they're so wrapped up in their task that they fail to notice the drama going on behind the scenes.

In Studs, Briggs & Louis are sent to Jersey by the Super to investigate an international smuggling ring taking place, it was nice to see John Nettles & Terence Alexander reprise their roles from Bergerac in this episode

Finally in the last episode Strangers in Paradise, a crime boss is shot by assassins and Cottam worries that gang-warfare might break out so he sends Briggs & Louis undercover at an East End nightclub where they have to keep an eye on Danny Kane the owner of the club played by Leslie Grantham (Dirty Den Watts from Eastenders) who is the prime suspect.

This show is very funny and very entertaining, I recommend this to anyone who likes The Detectives, it's worth it for the money!
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on 14 June 2017
Oh happy days! I spent a lovely evening watching this first series. It's stood the test of time and is still hilarious! I've got the second and third series to watch yet, but I'm going to wait until my stomach stops aching from watching this first one.
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on 7 November 2017
If you do not mind laugh tracks, you may find this quite a good show. But my wife and I hate them, and we stopped watching after the second fake laugh. No thanks. We'll decide if it's funny.
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on 14 March 2018
It’s a classic. There’s not much more I can say. Very funny show! I absolutely recommend it. Hilarious!
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on 20 July 2017
Pure brilliant comedy!! Still laughing about the one liners, excellent work by Mr Carrott and the other one ;-) !!
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on 18 July 2017
Watching these shows was like stepping back into the past, they maybe corny but they are still funny.
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