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4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 12 October 2007
This was the third season of 'On The Buses' and the first to be done in colour. It kicks off with an hilarious episode and many of this series are extremely funny! This was also the first season to feature a massive bumper of thirteen episodes - the previous two consisting of only a mere handful!

The Inspector's niece turns up twice in this set, and to Stan's horror, almost becomes related to 'Blakey'! Stan's mum (played by the amazing Doris Hare) gets some more scope to use her talent when she plays the field and starts courting again! She dresses and looks a million dollars - bearing in mind that Doris was already an old lady back then, and went on to live another 32 years!! This set includes possibly one of the funniest ever episodes where 'Blakey' gets stuck in a side car in 'The Squeeze'!

It was a great pity that Glen Whitter who played 'Chalkie' did not get a bigger role. He makes a few small appearances - but what a handsome guy!!

For some reason, most if not all of the Ad. Bumpers are missing in this set - unlike Network to leave them out.
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on 17 September 2009
A great comedy of the 1970's , lovely to see good old Reg Varney @ Bob Grant, thats stan bulter @ jack up to their old tricks. what a pair they make,A great DVD , A joy to see @ watch , good to see these 1970's classic comedy's making a come back, comedy TV not the same these days, keep watching there are some FAB ANTIC'S IN THE SERIES HERE, a wonderful series to watch @ collect!
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on 15 May 2006
Well it looks as though Network DVD were sold a pup on this release by Granada Ventures. They've supplied Network with the Cinema Club master tapes which have been hacked to ribbons. There are no London Weekend Television (LWT) idents or endboards and no add break bumpers.

The episode "The Inspector's Niece" was not originally released by Cinema Club due to rights issues, so is presented here intact.

If you've got the Cinema Club tapes or any off air copies, it's really not worth upgrading to this release.
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Series three of "On the buses" was originally transmitted in 1970 in colour. This is now a classic British comedy and this is one of the better series. There are thirteen episodes, which was very long for a comedy series back in the 1970s and still is a long run of episodes even today.
There are some good episodes with some good farcical situations. For example Stan cheats his first aid training then is involved in a real emergency in episode one. In episode two he gets in real trouble trying to fix the toilet. Episode three sees Stan trying to date a new clippie only, but she is Blakey`s niece. Episode four is very funny when Stan turns to home brewing. And Stan and Jack try to nick some bus green paint to re decorate Olive's Bedroom in another episode. Stan's Mum gets a new boyfriend in another story. These are just some of the funny situations the regular characters get into.
Stan Butler is a driver for a London bus company. He works with conductor Jack, his mate. They work the number 11 bus to the cemetery gates. Stan and Jack are always trying to dodge their Inspector Blake who is always trying to catch them up to no good.
Stan lives with his widowed mother, and a dowdy sister Olive and her husband Arthur. Stan gets into farcical situations usually as a result of trying to date a busty clippie. He never seems to get a life of his own while under the watchful eye of his mother.

Stan and Jack seem like the focal characters in each episode. But the other characters are equally important to the success of the show. The whole concept is full of great characterisations. For example Arthur is always critical of Stan and his antics and often has something to say when Stan is skiving, scheming or ogling girls, and yet he is lazy, mostly unemployed and doesn't miss an opportunity to impress the ladies himself. Also Olive is an important character. She is presented as very ordinary, fat, dowdy, not glamorous, short sighted and a bit dim. But you cannot help but feel sorry for her with her kind hearted manner and how she becomes the butt of jokes and comments from the likes of Stan and Arthur. And at the same time this situation creates some great farcical comedy moments. Olive wants her marriage to work and has an idealistic and dreamy outlook while Arthur gives the impression he is less enthusiastic, middle aged and stuck with a less than glamorous life. This is more amplified by the comparable bachelor free lifestyle set by Stan.
Stan's Mother also is a great character. She has Stan under her thumb. She doesn't want anything in proper happening. This provides farce as Stan often has no where else to take his girlfriends except his moms house.
It goes without saying that the character of Inspector Blake is a good one. He tries to keep things in order at the depot as Stan and Jack get up to mischief. He is ripe for comedy situations and his catch phrase "I hate you butler" is certain to at least raise a predictable smile.
All of the characters are played by a fine cast. And all of the actors have perfect comedy timing.

Netwerk DVD has not done any restoration on these episodes that I can see, but the picture and sound are very good indeed. However there is some blunt editing in the episodes where the advert break and break bumpers would have been. But that's only a minor problem. The whole of series three is worth seeing either for the first time or a nostalgic re visit.
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on 10 January 2015
I can remember back when I was growing up that my GRANDAD introduced me to the first two films of ON THE BUSES, whilst a little later in me growing up I managed to have a few of the old cinema club VHS releases bought for my birthday where I got to see most of the third series.

I absolutely love this series with various favourites of episodes i.e. Mum's last fling, Foggy Night, Going Steady, On The Make just to name a few of my favourites of series three.
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on 2 August 2013
Enjoyable comedy with no pretension . This ITV comedy is a nostalgic bus ride down memory lane with out stopping at the politically correct bus stop
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on 4 March 2016
thank you
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