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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Due South - The Complete Second Series [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£22.48+ £1.26 shipping

on 11 February 2010
Great show - if you've surfed in looking for this you'll konw how much fun the show is.

One thing to bear in mind - The Complete Series Boxset doesn't include the Pilot episode - what an oversight eh? That's why it doesn't get 5 stars...

Good to add that into your order - so when introducing someone new to the series - you can do it properly without having to quote Fraser's 'I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father and, for reasons which don't need exploring at this juncture, I have remained, attached as liaison to the Canadian consulate.'

Other than that enjoy the show!
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on 13 August 2009
Unfortunately, the second series of `Due South' was actually heading `South West.' Because having fully explored Fraser's character during the course of the first series, the writers had no choice but to resort to countless `Comical' and `Dramatic' clichés.

The first episode, `North' was quite interesting but unnecessarily farcical; Constable Fraser still attempting to bring a criminal to justice in spite of being blinded, made delusional and eventually crippled by his head injuries, bickering with Vecchio, the ghost of his father and making a total fool of himself.

Indeed, I despise the way that this episode makes fun of Fraser's devotion to his duty. But if you can bring yourself to see beyond this rubbish, then it does also include some useful survival advice. Foremost amongst which is that if you're in a bad situation which you are certain is only going to get worse, then you can either take a chance, or you can sit around and die.

The plot of the second episode also revolves around Vecchio bickering with Fraser, because Fraser has put both of their lives, Francesca's life AND the lives of the rest of the hostages in danger "Just so that some money grubbing, back stabbing bank doesn't have to pay higher insurance premiums." ~ Ray Vecchio.

So although many other episodes of `Due South' praise Fraser's efforts to always do the right thing, the first two do sadly go out of their way to reduce it to an irritating joke.

The third episode introduces Inspector Thatcher as the grotesquely stereotyped `Female Boss.' The `Ice-Queen,' the `Dragon Lady'...the traditionally cold and abusive role that all women in power are supposed to occupy. The main plot of the episode is the almost contractually obligated `Undercover Prisoner' cliché. And to wrap it all up, there is also the `Unexpected Comedy Twist' that the exceptionally tall and dangerous looking prisoner is actually very articulate and polite.

In the end then, the fourth episode is one of the only reasons why I gave this series 4 stars, because although it introduces Constable Turnbull as the idiotic comic relief, (making fun of him instead of Fraser,) it is one of the few that truly captures the spirit and the soul of the series;

"The `Ubermench' Benton Fraser always doing the right thing, upholding justice and serving the law just like his father before him."

The next four episodes might be far less farcical, but they were also decidedly stereotyped, melodramatic and clichéd. However, in "Romeo is Bleeding," I was still proud to see Fraser standing alone in the defence of justice. And in "Masks," I was deeply gladdened that two priceless Shimshin works of art were returned to their rightful owners.

After that, "The Edge" was also clichéd but quite interesting, featuring an American soldier who (like many others) finds it impossible to return to civilian life. And this time, they also introduced a female Mexican cop to add an extra dimension to the bickering.

"We are the Eggmen" and "Starman" were both pointless and completely bizarre. And in the end, "Some Like it Red" was so utterly farcical, ridiculous and clichéd that I've only ever been able to bring myself to watch the whole thing once.

However, watching the forth disk of this series is always an unmitigated joy.

"White Men Can't Jump to Conclusions" is a deep drama with an engaging social message.

"All the Queen's Horses" may be quite farcical. And of course, it turns out that Inspector Thatcher is only so cold and abusive because she is secretly in love with Fraser. (No cliché here then.) But thanks largely to the return of Sgt. Buck Frobesher, it is still entertaining and fun.

"Body Language" may sound bad on paper, but it is beautifully written and performed. And although "The Duel" is based on the tired old cliché of `Cat & Mouse' between the cop and the criminal, setting puzzles and leaving clues, it is also saved by the same great writing and spectacular performances all round.

Finally though, because the last episode is one of the worst ever made, "Red, White or Blue" is a mediocre but entertaining conclusion to the series. But as I've already suggested, at least two of the episodes are worth the price of the series on their own.
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on 27 November 2009
I remember that I first caught this programme on Paramount Comedy channel. For five minutes or so I wasn't sure what it was all about. Detective, comedy, thriller... The series was part way through so I hoped there'd be a repeat. A few months later there was and I watched the pilot and was hooked.
Was it a comedy or a thriller or a detective show; well actually, all three. I've been hooked ever since.
The characters are well acted in the first two series. Paul Gross as Benton Frasier the Mountie, takes the stereotype Canandian Mounted Policeman and makes you believe in the Candanian ethos of good manners. This, along with the 'always gets their man', his knowlegde of virtually everything adds to the comedy.
Then there's diametrically opposed American counterpart, Ray Vecchio, who throughout is often frustrated by Benton's manners and methodology in solving crimes; preferring a more direct, rough and ready approach.

I've bought the third series, which I only saw a few episodes of when it was first aired and my memory suggests it got a little more serious and less fun. My memory might be wrong, I'll soon find out.

Anyway, I recommend Due South on the basis it is good entertainment, has a sense of morality which isn't 'in-your-face', and has one of the best wolf's (dogs) on the box, who gets a few laughs himself when Benton talks things over with him...
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Is Due South a comedy or a drama? Is it a crime show, or an exquisite analysis of cultural difference? Is it a buddy series or a supernatural? In many ways, Due South brings the best of all these worlds together.

It _is_ comedy: the gentle teasing, wry banter, and occasional full physical farce are very, very good. But it doesn't suffer from the low budget sit-com approach that beset everything from Friends to Frasier. Due South is shot on the magnificent canvas of Canadian wilderness, and the powerful, grim streets of Chicago.
The comedy, however, never interferes with the crime and thriller aspect. There are a couple of stories which are primarily played for laughs, but the serious stories are never cheapened.
Dramatic, poignant, at times brutal, but also liberating and uplifting: this is a powerful series which resonates on a dozen levels all at the same time.

A lot of this flows from the strong premise: Canadian comes to Chicago on the trail of the men who killed his father, and then stays to work with Chicago police despite enormous cultural differences which are never resolved. The gradual impingement of the supernatural adds to this as it goes, along with the occasional development of love interest.

Despite the strong premise, Due South had to do some pretty swift footwork when David Marciano failed to return for the third series. This is solved really rather excellently, and sets up the final episode rather nicely.

Most US comedies run until (by British standards) they are completely worn out. Perhaps the US - Canadian nature of the collaboration helped the producers to call time long before it was too late. Perhaps it was also down to the rather quirky nature, which must have kept the networks guessing about its saleability all the way through.

This is a superb series to own, and it's worth owning it complete, since, once you've seen a couple of episodes, you really will want to watch it all the way through. Don't start watching late in the evening, though, at least, not if you have to be at work in the morning.
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on 17 August 2013
Due South is, was and will always be a great TV series for a lot of reasons. Firstly is funny, thought provoking and brilliant. Bentan Fraser, a Mountie, a RCMP officer (RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Fraser is kind, courteous, courageous and implacable in pursuit of a malfeasant.

One of the reasons I love Due South is because Bentan is courteous to everyone. This reminds me just how people behaved when I was a child, things have changed in the last fifty years. Now-a-day's people seem to be quite happy to allow doors to slam in other peoples faces. To cut in front and not say excuse me or say, after you.

Its nice to think the Mountie is out battling for the coutieus.

Thank you Kindly
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on 27 October 2017
I thought that i had already written a review about all three series but it seems they have disappeared. All three series arrived in perfect condition and i enjoyed watching them. I'm very glad that i bought them.
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on 20 December 2017
Viewing is fine but each time I started the DVD player it said "No Play" and I had to eject it twice before it finally played.
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on 17 August 2009
When I was younger I would watch Due South whilst longing to move to Canada & become a Mountie, but as I got older and started going out more I stopped watching it. It was only whilst I was having my cereal & flicking through the channels several years later, that I stumbled across an episode of Due South & I couldn't believe that I'd stopped watching it...it was brilliant!!

I only bought this recently as I was unaware that it even existed on DVD, but I am so glad I did. All the classic episodes are just as good as I remember & there's so many on there that I'd never seen before. I've only just got through series 1 which is about 18 episodes, each lasting approx 45 mins or thereabouts, so value for money really isn't an issue here!

Excellent cast, fantastic script, brilliant plots & even a great soundtrack...it doesn't get much better than this!
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on 19 November 2010
I opted for this boxset after reading poor reviews about the cheaper set (which was reported to have a lot of dvd compression, leading to poor quality picture). This Boxset is excellent- has the Pilot, all 3 series and extras. Definitely worth the extra for this DVD set. It is compiled by Network, who are a v good DVD company according to the film buff in my house ;)

However. Amazon- what are you doing? I bought it last week from here, and came back to put my own review on today. The price has sky-rocketed within 5 days! Maybe they are noticing a pick-up in sales since the BBC have started re-running it, and are taking advantage of renewed interest. If so, I am appalled.

Shame on you Amazon.
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on 24 September 2012
I recently sat down to watch some season 2 episodes and there was a pink line on the left hand side.

I emailed Network the DVD distributor to be told the following:

Investigation into this has confirmed that this may be related to the fact
that these were NTSC masters (as is standard in the US) and not PAL
(standard for UK). It appears that for these episodes, only NTSC masters
were available and the pink line is relating to the conversion of these
for UK DVD. This is not a common problem, it is unfortunately the only
masters our licensor were able to supply to us for release, resulting in a
pink line that is apparent on some screens.

We do not have alternative versions available, as PAL masters for these
episodes do not exist with our licensors.


Do not buy this set as the some episodes haven't been mastered properly!
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