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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 28 July 2006
I wish the record of the year lists you usually get around Christmas were out now, this would be at the top of my list. I can't see anything else coming close. I beg you all to go out and buy this, don't let it be another undiscovered treasure that gets lost.

I bought this largely because of her collaborations, I was not sure exactly what to expect, but thought it would be worth a look. It was not an instant hit on first listen, but after the second, third....... and a few weeks later I am still under it's spell and can't stop listening to it.

The more you listen, the more you get from it, 10 tracks of pure gold, the only problem is, it's at an end before you know it.

Whenever I mention Joan as Police Woman I tend to get blank looks, this should not be! This is exceptionally good quality music, well written and performed. Her voice has a seductive depth, that lulls you into her world and keeps you there, wanting more. The haunting ghost like backing vocals are unusual and add a certain something.

She is a first rate musician as she has proved in her collaborations, but now she is proving herself in her own right. Also the live show sounds fantastic, every bit as good as the record, with the added pleasure of being in Joan Wasser's magnificent company.
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on 13 January 2007
Another CD I bought after being having it continuously recommended to me by Amazon. Looking at the other reviews suggested that this was something not to be missed.

So what of it? Well I'm not sure it deserves to be up there as one of the best albums of 2006 but it is good. As a debut this shows considerable accomplishment. Joan Wasser certainly has an excellent voice and the production quality on this album is sublime. Musically it's good throughout. But what about the songs? Whilst they are well written they do lack a little ... "oomph".

The opener "Real Life" is excellent but the following tracks do seem to become a little indistinguishable after a bit. Most of the songs are slow crooning affairs that owe more than a little to 80's chanteuse Sade. "Christobel" and "Save Me" are a little more upbeat and save the album from dropping into little more than something put together by a night club singer (admittedly a very good one).

Okay so I know this review won't please everyone but even though this work is very accomplished it lacks a little originality for me and suffers from being a little slow-paced. If you like good well-written albums by talented female singer-songwriters then this will suit you down to the ground. She is very talented no doubt but I hope as she progresses she tries to get a little "edgier". A good buy but not album of the year. (7.5/10)
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on 9 August 2006
Having read favourable newspaper and Amazon reviews of Joan As Police Woman, I decided to take a risk and check this album out, despite not having heard any tracks from it-I'm really glad I did. Although Rufus Wainwright and Antony and The Johnsons can sometimes seem a little 'off the wall' in their musical styles,I nevertheless enjoyed the latter's album last year-for all those who find Anthony Hegarty's work a bit strange and thus are worried that JAPW's album is going to be of a similar strain, do not fear-'Real Life' is a very good album with great melodies sung by an incredible voice (Joan's vocals reminds me of Regina Spektor,)without being too 'arthouse'.
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on 11 June 2006
Listening to Joan As Police Woman is like listening to part of your soul that you left lying in a bottom drawer somewhere... Joan Wasser has worked extensively with the likes of Anthony And The Johnsons and Rufus Wainwright, and you are right to expect an intelligent and beautiful collection of songs that are as accessible as they are intricate. But it is perhaps the originality of the work that makes it so engaging.

Joan has been described as Debbie Harry singing Nina Simone and listening to tracks such as The Ride and Feed the Light you can see why: smooth and sensuous, Joan's jazzy vocals are dreamy and powerful at the same time, taking you to a special place. An eclectic record, there are rock influences too with the guitar riffs on Christobel echoing Led Zeppelin, and the persistent beat provided by drummer Ben Perowsky on Save Me will make you want to writhe and whine (as in your waist, not like a dog). Eternal Flame is one of the strongest songs on the album, I don't want to use the word "catchy" for such a great piece of work but oops I just did (yes, yes...) Check out the fierce piano progressions on Save Me together with the whispering, haunting vocals whilst you nod your head and bang your drum. Rainy Orteka's basslines and backing vocals complement the songs perfectly and a special treat comes in the form of "I Defy", a gorgeous duet with Anthony - "now I'm loving you" - and you're going to!

In addition to this musical feast described as Punk-Rock R&B, Joan's lyrics will undoubtedly have something to communicate to anyone blessed enough to hear them. Pain and pleasure, who we are - and who we are not - questions posed and some even answered: "don't you feel for us/that we're on the round and round?/don't you hear the endless motor sound?/as long as you follow me this is what i do/like i do/i've been on the ride before/it never stops at all"

This lady ain't the Messiah (correct me if I'm wrong) but she has something to share. The point is: this really is real life. (At least the last time I checked).

If you like great music, great lyrics, originality, depth and beauty - buy this album!
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on 11 June 2006
Having spent much of the 90s in acclaimed underground acts such as the Dambuilders and Black Beetle, Joan Wasser has more recently helped woo audiences on both sides of the Atlantic as an integral member of both Antony and the Johnsons and the Rufus Wainwright band. It is however, here with her own band that she has unlocked the door to centre stage. Pitched against the breezy thrum of a guitar and atmospheric harmonies,the pulsating rhythm of 'Eternal flame' lies in her twitchy vocal deflections that ricochet in and around a wall of shimmering riffs. The broadened harmony backing and piano of 'Christobel' add an element of wondrous mystique, but it's in the harnessing of some violin distortion towards the end in which the band manage to saddle the electricity of their live performance. 'Save me' shares a similar verve. Though it shifts to a lower gear,it's heavy bass rhythm and accentuated drum punches are teasingly balanced against the seductive draw of Joan's playful piano-versed allure. It's by far the record's sexiest moment, soaked in PJ Harvey sass and breathlessly hushed vocal responses.

The collaborative magic of Real Life is demonstrated most spectacularly on the show stopping duet with Antony. Here the two cleverly cast her moderately-paced piano prowess against the soulful quiver of his chamber balladry. Its a passionate affair, full of steady beats and a smouldering soulful interplay between the pair that transcends more than just chemistry, verging on pure audio gold. All sax and sidewalks, 'I defy' emulates the deeper vintage aesthetic that beats just below the surface of this album. Should any hesitation linger by track five - 'The Ride' relinquishes any such doubt. As a warm wurlitzer-spun melody picks up her voice, the spark is instantaneous : at no other point does Wasser land a hit as sweet as this, a soul-laden delight of dreamy restraint that clips the cool and classic refinery of Nina Simone in 3 minutes of pure mellow ecstasy.

This is an astonishingly accomplished debut with a vivacious and seductive edge.
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on 14 June 2006
shimmering soulful excellence... the self titled e.p. set the tone, now the full scale of joan's songwriting genius can be consumed by all on the j.a.p.w debut full-length. having witnessed these songs live it's great to now be able to go back to them whenever the feeling arises, and believe me, it will...
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on 11 June 2006
It's true what they say about Joan, every bit of it. This album is a future classic without any shadow of a doubt and I am sure will touch many a soul right to their very core. If you haven't heard the first single 'the ride' yet then sadly you aren't aware you have been missing out what may be your record of the year. Walking around with this album on my headphones in the current heatwave has been a dangerous experience as I have often felt the need to burst out crying or grab the person next to me and tell them to get out there and start living their life before it's over.

Comparisions to the Tunstall's and Bailey Rae's of this world are easy to be made, but I don't think either of those albums cover the sheer scope and depth of songwriting here. These songs feel like they have been lived in and are full of lovely nuances and small moments that can't be faked.

If I have got you interested then get over to her website, there's a free track to be had there that hopefully will wet your pants, sorry, appetite.
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on 16 June 2006
I think that word is infact an understatment. Joan Wasser is a talent beyond most other modern singer/song writers. She has honed her skills to create an amazingly unique sound comprising energetic art pop and classical string sections. A remarkable talent at also creating soft and heart renching moods on songs such as 'I Defy' featuring Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons, on which Joan and Antony's voices combine so perfectly to create a heart renching sound.

If you are considering whether getting this album is a good idea, then you need to look no further than some of the rave reviews that she has received across the UK press, including multiple album and single of the weeks. Joan is simply a brilliantly talented individual who effortlessly wraps her listener in a multi layered cacoon of music that somehow you thought could not logically exist in this form. Yet her it is.

So if you are bored of all the chart singer/song writers or you just want something different and unique to listen to then this is a must have.
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on 20 July 2006
It's astounding just how talented the current NYC mafia is ! The latest to emerge fully formed from the shadows is Joan Wasser who appears here with her debut full length album

(her earlier EP is also a stunner).

The opening track immediately establishes the sheer quality and beauty on offer here. A voice to die for ! Throughout a varied selection of ten songs, she takes us on many unpredictable melodic twists and turns, all of which are impeccably played, sung, and recorded.

Although she has sung and played with Rufus and Antony's bands, this is purely her own creation, although Antony does guest wonderfully on one track.

This is one of those albums that you just want to play again and again, as one by one these little gems reveal themselves. It repays multiple listens with a depth and melodic sense which is all too rare in music these days.

Catch her live if you can while she's in the UK. I saw her in Leeds and she was absolutely stunning.

Coldplay fans need not apply.
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on 4 November 2007
Having come across JOPW's music through a friend, I was expecting something fairly decent. I was thrilled by what I found. It's grown up music with a definite edge which leaves you wanting more. The lyrics are emotive and the music that accompanies them burrows into you and leads you in a direction you weren't expecting. She is also a charismatic woman who performs well live. Don't pass her by!
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