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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 February 2016
Lets get the basics out of the way first:


I last bought one of these in August 2011, and it died last week, which makes the 10, 000 hour lifetime appear accurate (10, 000 hours = 416 days, which is about 25% of 5 years, so for it to last 10, 000 hours over that 5 years, it would have had to be on 1/4 of every day, which is very reasonable assumption given that the bulb was in my home office and I practically live in it!).

Brightness and colour

Yes, this does look like sunlight, and yes, it does look a lot more blue than other lights. The light makes reading (and looking at a computer screen) easier on the eye.

The reason I bought this bulb, and the reason I will continue to buy them is their colour temperature and accuracy. The light colour is 6500k at CRI85. In plain English this means ‘the light is 15% short of being identical in colour to the sun on an overcast day, which is the colour of natural light we find comfortable, and which causes us least eyestrain’.
In particular, viewing a properly calibrated monitor (for both colour and brightness) at 6500k often looks too blue under normal consumer lighting, and is also often too bright, causing eyestrain. Under this light though, it looks spot on with no glare. Perfect conditions for the photo editor, or for that matter, anyone who has to stare at a computer screen for hours.
In fact, when my last biobulb went, I just could not bring myself to do any photo editing, as the room just made the monitor colour look way out, and the brightness hurt my eyes after a couple of hours… so delivery of new biobulbs has been one of the most anticipated deliveries from Amazon in a while!

Note: yes I know CRI85 is not that accurate for photography (most photographic lighting is CRI95 or better). This is not for taking photos though; it is for a decent ambient lighting that doesn’t make a properly calibrated screen look odd because the background lighting is too yellow. A 25W or 30W 6500k biobulb solves this issue perfectly.
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on 22 January 2018
Have used these bulbs for years, the last one lasted 10 years, well worth the price. I was pleased with how quickly they arrived however I must say how disappointed I was with the packaging. Insufficient packaging to stop these bulbs from moving around in the box (see photo attached )I was amazed that they survived being in the vehicle all day before being delivered to me.
review image
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on 18 November 2011
Bought 3 of these to upgrade uplighters in my living room from the really basic cheap bulbs Ikea sell which were definitely very yellow and took minutes to brighten up but even then were very dim.

Having just put these in I have to agree with the other reviewers - these appear very very bright in comparison even to a "150w equivalent" energy saver that I use for an outside light. They also get up to full brightness very quickly. However I'm not convinced that this is truly daylight replicating colour temperature - I have a phillips light up alarm clock and the light that comes off that is far more natural and pleasant - these are very stark and do wash the colour out of everything - I have a very red sofa and it looks almost grey! From outside through the curtains it looks like the room is lit up by a giant TV or other artificial source... wouldn't be out of place in a science lab!

They are very easy to read under and I might well swap them into my study, otherwise might just return them as I don't think I can live with them.

Amazon has clearly listened to the packaging feedback, mine were in their boxes, surrounded by bubble wrap, in a box, which itself was in another comically big box, so no worries there.
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VINE VOICEon 4 December 2014
These bulbs are tremendous. They come on at almost full intensity with a colour spectrum that is towards the blue for the first 30-60 seconds. After the first minute you have a 'daylight' quality light that is very white indeed.
I find it easy to get colours right when dressing under this light, and reading is so much easier.
This is finally the low energy bulb to buy! I now have four running in the house and have just ordered another four.
A truly great light!
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on 22 January 2018
Being tired of the feint yellow light my other eco/energy saving bulbs gave out, I bit the bullet and bought one of these bulbs - (for ten quid! Yikes!) But I was so impressed with it I bought 3 more the next day. Will be replacing every bulb in the house with these. 10/10.
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on 23 December 2013
I bought this to replace a low-energy daylight bulb in my Anglepoise-clone desk-lamp (who remembers the Habitat store?). I think it's much better to have the daylight effect on my PC screen when I'm editing photos, to get the colours right. That bulb was a proper bulb-shape, not a curly-wurly like this one, but it was twice as expensive, not as bright, and it died after a couple of years' use.

The new bulb is scarily bright and by pointing my desk-lamp up to the ceiling it lights up the whole room and half the next one. Beware, buy one of these and you'll never be satisfied with those old slow-starting yellow/orange-light giving bulbs again. I just hope it lasts longer than the previous one, though I did buy two, just in case.
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on 27 June 2016
Very powerful... and good... Unfortunately I had to return it because its overall length was too much and wouldn't fit on the lamp shade... had to buy a smaller one...
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on 18 September 2015
Purchased two bulbs and neither worked, and being disappointed and not wanting to go through the palaver of having to return them, I kept working the screw fitting and noticed an occasional pulse of light until after repeatedly screwing in and unscrewing I finally managed to get both bulbs to work (original bulb worked just fine, so I suspect a build/design quality issue with these bulbs, as I note other comments of bulbs not working. As such, not sure I would gamble some £10 on any future purchase of this same bulb.
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on 27 February 2018
Tried so many different bulbs for our kitchen, spot lights, led,halogen, we have tried them all, but these are without doubt brilliant bulbs pricey you might say but the end result is worth every penny.
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VINE VOICEon 17 August 2014
I bought two ordinary bulbs of this genre, in fact they came with the lamps we bought, so I assumed they were perfect when they were in fact rather a dim sort of light, one of which gradually became dimmer and dimmer until at about five months old it was useless. So, I'll stop waffling: I bought one of these as a replacement. Useless for reading because it's so bright it hurts you eyes. My wife and I both hated it. The only time I would use such intensity is behind a thick diffuser.
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