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"A super pet, yes, mummy I love it."

My five year old had this for Christmas and yes, he really loves it.

When it was delivered I had to check to make sure it was alright, and yes, even I was amazed at how life like it looked, (more like Doctor No's cat). My husband thought it looked quite freaky, as the look of it's facial features are so life like.

The noises it makes are realistic, and even down to the moating fur it is life like. (I have put my son's in his bedroom window, looking out and it looks like a real cat to any passersby, keep moving him from one side of window to another, and in different poses so even more so).

The eyes are so real looking, when putting him away for the night though be sure to turn him/her off as you could have a nasty shock on entering a room with it still turned on as it will meow and move, especially shocking if you have never had a cat before.

The only down side is the noise that the motor makes when it moves its positions, (quite noisy) but having said that it is bearable and at least you don't have vet bills or pet food to pay for.

A must for children 5 to 75 ..... no having to have a cat flap, or medical bills, or the worry of putting the family pet in the cattery at holiday times.

Looking at maybe the pony next, but don't tell anyone in the family.

Don't buy one for someone else as a present though as you will end up keeping it for yourself.
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on 26 December 2007
My poor daughter can't get a look in with this since she got it for christmas. I absolutely love it and it is scarily life-like. I sit there talking to it as if it's a real cat. I fear I might get carted off to a secure unit.
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on 28 November 2006
What a great toy!! We took ours out, to check over before xmas comes, we were sat stroking the animal for about 20 mins! It was great, to c all it's movements, and I just had to pull it's tail!! Well of course it never liked it. It does exactly as it says it does, I can't fault it, apart from, like a real cat, it malts! Only downside, is the mechanism, it is rather noisy, but ya easily get past that with how entertaining it is to compare the furreal cat to a real cat!
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on 21 February 2008
The Fur real cat may be aimed at children, but it makes an EXCELLENT gift for elderly people who want a cat to stroke and interract with, but not the vet bills and house-training problems. Very therapeutic to sit and stroke, especially when turned on as it purrs in satisfaction. It blinks, sits up and down and is uncannily real. Also tells you off if you pull it's tail (don't!!) What more can I say - the perfect present for someone "who has always wanted a cat" but can't look after one.

Oh yes... and kids will LOVE it too ;o)
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on 1 January 2008
I saw a few videos of this cat and thought it seemed like a great item. When I saw it at a discount department store for half the price as it is selling for here, I bought it on an impulse. I had to undo all the twisties and cables to shut it off for wrapping. Otherwise, it would meow occasionally through the packaging. It was easy to do, however, without damaging the box.

After I removed it, I decided to turn it on so that I could play with it for a bit and see if it was as good as I had hoped. It was NOT. It does do everything it says, but there is no fun factor involved. There is a, "Oh, gee, how cute" factor, but then you're done. It doesn't really DO much. It sits there, and it moves it's eyes and face and meows and purrs. And, if you stroke it's back REALLY FIRMLY, it kind of lays down and closes its eyes and purrs. To get it to sit back up, you have to pick it up. The legs then go into normal sitting position.

So, that's all there is to it. I have to add, too, that to get the cat to lay down, you really do have to FIRMLY stroke its back. And, this means that kids would most likely not be able to do it, and if they can, then what? There's nothing more to it except to then wash off all the shedding fur that comes off on your hands. And, it's a lot of fur.

So, I wrapped the cat up anyways but was reluctant to give it as one of the eight nights of gifts. On the second night (Chanukah), my daughter brought this package to me to open. I got her a different one and took this one back to the store the very next day to return for something else.

This cat is cute, but it isn't really a toy-- since there is no real play involved. It's more of a thing to look at and briefly interact with and then show your friends, I guess. I can't imagine someone really enjoying this on a daily basis because there's barely any interaction at all. It will mew and move it's head and blink with just minor interaction, but after that, that's it.
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on 1 August 2007
It is fantastic. I Love it. It is like a real pet. I realy like it when it purrrrrrs.
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on 19 July 2008
My daughter had the Fur Real cat (now named 'Daisy-Lil') as a Christmas present and it is really cute. It is like playing with one of our real cats, except it doesn't attack you regularly or need feeding etc. (but we still enjoy the real cats too, they are not forgotten, although they didn't make much of this one).

Quite relaxing to stroke when you are watching TV too.
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on 2 November 2007
I was a little scared at first because this really seemed like someone had stuck a live cat in a box! My cat died about a year ago and although this furry pal will never replace him he's now taking pride of place on the end of my bed!
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on 7 December 2014
l got 12 of these realistic 'cats' and my friends love them. They are particularly good as a stand-in companion for people unable to have a living cat due to age or landlords insistence. l was going to get more of these delightful interactive 'cats' but then the prices shot up to well over double the original price....................................
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on 4 September 2010
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