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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Depending where you buy an original Canon battery, this Duracell equivalent is about a half to a third the price, but when we look at its performance, it it good value? I've had my fair share of third party batteries which come up short by comparison.

The Duracell DRC827 (BP-827 equivalent) has a stated 2550mAh capacity. This compares to 2670mAh of the genuine Canon battery.

My battery has a small label stating '2550mAh' stuck over the original printed package which stated 2700mAh, so they've obviously had their knuckles rapped and been forced to revise their figure. I think we can trust that Duracell is not the kind of company which would wilfully misrepresent its products, so the 2550mAh is likely to be accurate.

I've measured running time at 240 minutes (4 hours) when used with my Canon XA10 with the LCD active. The XA10 is a prosumer HD camcorder, with reasonably high power demands. That compares to Canon's stated recording duration of 205-330 mins (typical-max) for the BP-827, which I think shows that the Duracell battery has very decent performance, and close equivalence with the genuine article, which is unusual for third party batteries.

The remaining capacity is displayed, though in my camera it is not entirely accurate. At the start, it sisplayed 295 mins remaining, and this turned out to be 240 minutes, but this is only a 20% error, and for the huge saving in cost, I'm quite prepared to forgive them that.

So in summary, a fantastic bargain, and essentially equivalent performance with the Canon item.

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on 5 September 2013
I was in desperate need of an extra battery for my Canon Legria HF G25. This one lasts for nearly 250mins, which is incredible! Only 2 small annoying things: it takes about 6 hours to charge & you have to buy a separate charger, as it won't charge through the camera like the original battery.
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on 27 April 2013
I was amazed by Canon's inability to include a decent battery with a camcorder that retailed for £700. I mean, seriously, who what were they thinking when they included a battery which gives you 90 minutes of usage or less. Are the Canon people that cheap or devious? Anyway, this Duracell replacement is absolutely fantastic. I just used it for a while and the screen says I have 294 minutes left (even if it's an overestimate by the software, even 250 minutes is generous). The battery itself is quite big and sticks out of the camcorder like a sore thumb, but the amount of recording/reviewing you get with one charge is simply amazing! It doesn't discharge that rapidly either. Feels like an honest battery.
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on 10 September 2013
This was the wrong battery for the Canon legria 25 hf. Therefore as I did not realise it was the wrong battery till i opened it I have one to sell!
The correct battery is the bp- 808. which is fine as a canon battery or duracell
Regrettably I have to order a bp-808 instead. i cannot return the incorrect one as i opened the packet.
beware following the advice of other reviewers as i ordered on the basis of someone elses review of the legria hf25
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on 29 March 2013
There was no way I was going to pay over 90 quid for Canon's own BP827 camcorder battery, but equally I'm always a bit suspicious of the very cheap no-name imported batteries. Delighted then to spot this Duracell, a brand I trust, at a very reasonable price. It fits the camcorder, works fine and provides hours of use. Good product.
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on 5 October 2013
Reluctant to pay the price for the equivalent Canon battery, I purchased this one as a back up for my newly purchased Canon Legria HF G25. Not used it 'in anger' yet but it charged up fine and was accepted by the camera. A friend with the same camera says he has no problems with the Duracell. So far my only compaint was the 'bullet proof ' packaging .
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on 11 November 2016
Will not work with compatible camcorder, the cam comes up with a message "Incompatible with this camera, now switching off" !!! be very careful what you buy, i have ended up with a useless battery, an expensive lesson learned !!!
UPDATE...... Amazon have kindly refunded me, well done Amazon
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on 20 January 2013
Not much to say about this battery other than it is remarkably good, and when you take the price into consideration, it's a very attractive alternative to the Canon original.

My experience is that it charges fine in the camera, although it does take 2-3 hours for a full charge. Usage, well I get around 4 hours recording when tripod mounted and using the flip-out screen but no image stabilisation.

Hand-held would probably not last for quite so long especially with power-IS enabled, but I've only really used this battery with the camera on a tripod so far.

The camera reports about 360 minutes remaining with a full charge on this battery, however in practice I'm getting around 240 minutes. I don't know if the Canon equivalent would report more accurately.

Also, this battery is larger than expected, it actually sticks out behind the camera about as far as the eye-piece does when fully extended (Canon HF G10), so this may not suit some of the smaller camcorders.

I would definitely recommend this as an upgrade to the supplied Canon battery in terms of price and performance, however it is physically quite large!
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on 16 January 2015
So much cheaper than the Canon equivalent for my camcorder. It packs in a lot of power and lasts all day (for what I shoot) and at this price heavy users could buy two. Fit in my camcorder a bit loose but it never interrupts the power so OK. Has worked for well over a year.
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on 26 January 2014
I'm not quite sure how other people have managed to get this battery to work in their G25 because it's absolutely not compatible with either the G25 or the G30 camcorder as another person has stated in their review.

Beware when looking for substitute batteries by way of the manufacturer's part number. On the Canon website under accessories for the Legria HF G25 and G30 it states that the extended battery is part number BP827 so it's a sort of the obvious starting point when searching for a replacement. There are a few options Duracell and Expro, both have listed alternative items for the Canon BP827 but unfortunately the Camcorder I've purchased will not accept them. Amazon very kindly refunded my money so 5 stars to them but I've rated the item as 2 stars only because it's not compatible with the product I bought if for despite the claim that it's a replacement for Canon BP-827.
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