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on 22 July 2006
I needed a TV to replace my behemoth 32" CRT telly which, with it's 100Hz picture was a pleasure to watch, especially with the recent addition of a digital feed. The problem? It was the size of Wembley Stadium in my lounge and downsizing to a 26" flatscreen was the logical and most economic solution.

Believe it or not, the Philips was chosen more out of brand loyalty than anything else. I know, it's a really bad way of choosing a TV, but I have to say I'm mildly pleased with my choice.

Although this is a HD-ready TV, I have no HD sources as yet to put it through it's paces. Also, there's a Freeview tuner, and again I haven't been able to try that because I'm using NTL digital as my TV source.

With the sources available - digital cable, DVD, PS2 and analogue cable - I'm finding it hard to fault the picture. Only with analogue TV does the LCD betray itself with slight grain to the image that ordinarily would not be visible on a traditional set. Because of the built in Freeview tuner, I imagine this will never be a problem for most. Fast moving, contrasty images leave no ghosting whatsoever, and any digital processing going on remains thankfully invisible. If there is a niggle, it would be that the TV ever so slightly adjusts the picture brightness depending on the scene. It's a minor point, but there nonetheless.

Like many TVs this offers virtual surround sound, and like many TVs it's not that good - the weedy 5W speakers don't help either. But for the size of screen and the type of room the TV is aimed at, it's perfectly adequate.

This TV has a good range of inputs. Starting with the RF input, twin scarts accompany twin HDMI ports, and there's component input as well as S-Video/L-R audio input. The TV can output it's Freeview signal via RGB scart and SP/DIF for recording purposes.

Overall, I'm enjoying my purchase and would recommend this TV to anyone.
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on 8 September 2006
Having spent several weeks deciding which HDTV to purchase, I finally decided to invest in this Philips 26'' TV. It came well packaged, and was very easy to set up with both on screen, and written instructions.

I have tested the TV with PS2, DVD via Philips HDTV DVD Player with Video Upscaling, and also via the internal freeview tuner.

Both the PS2 and Freeview gave excellent results, with the picture being clear, sharp, and colours well balanced. The anti-glare coating on the screen is excellent also.

The DVD gave the best results, with up to 400% zoom capacity, the TV gave exceptional image reproduction.

The TV is both excellent value, and a fantastic product, and I would highly recommend it for purchase for both a lounge, or bedroom area.
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on 26 December 2006
Firstly, superb service from Amazon. Ordered in the evening of 20th December, arrived 9am on the 22nd.

The product itself is very sleek, and looks excellent amongst my other electronic goods. The quality of the picture is top notch. HD so far has only been tested on my Xbox 360, however is superb! Non HD picture (Freeview and DVD) is also excellent.

One point on Freeview. I was told that in my area that I could not expect to get many of the channels due to lack of signal, interferance etc. However the integrated Freeview that comes with this set has provided me with all available channels! An excellent little bonus.

To summarise, for the price I don't think there is anything better about at the moment.
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on 6 March 2007
A good looking, well proportioned set with nice bright clear picture and good sound. Have some ongoing glitches though. Freeview drops out for a couple of seconds on some channels (not just a bit of pixelation but blank screen) - this does not occur with a separate Freeview box I have connected to the same aerial.

During channel change or accessing the programme guide it appears to lockup and will not respond to the remote.

Occassionaly at switch on I get a blank screen with sound - the backlight doesn't seem to come. It's sometimes necessary to unplug from the mains to fix this.

Have contacted philips and awaiting their guidance.
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on 12 December 2006
After alot of research into HDTV's i decided go for this TV. Reasons for buying it are because its a good make with good reviews unlike alot of those unknown HDTV's that seem to have problems and the tv has 2 HDMI ports great for being future proof. Great price for a well known brand (thanks to amazon). £800 in some retailers. Also if you are worried that its a bit small 26", specialy in the HD Era dont worrie. I got a average size room and it looks the perfect size in the corner if you dont want a TV that takes up half of the room. Other advantages are that its easy to move, change wires and plugs round and can be put on the wall. Highly Recomended
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on 5 January 2007
I brought this television in preparation for the release of the Playstation3 in March and to upgrade from my 14" CRT. Firstly, I can say that it visually very impressive. You may well spend some time just looking at it with the power off.

The television found 40 digital channels and 5 analogue channels upon starting for the first time and the factory settings produced a brilliant picture. I was slightly worried about using a television designed to receive an HD source for analogue and digital signals but the internal tuner works brilliantly. Which, in my opinion is the best part of the television and is the first thing you should look for in an LCD television.

My only complaint is that the power cable supplied is only 1.5m. This just recahes to my power socket but I will require an extension when I wall mount it. It's only a minor complaint anyway.

Also, I ordered this television at £498.99 two days ago (and received it yesterday morning). The price has just risen to £519.99 and is no longer being sold by amazon. I'd wait for amazon to get more in stock and save the £21.
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on 19 December 2006
Ordered from Amazon- superb service.

Picture and sound superb in Freeview and from FTA satellite receiver, picks up about 60 channels in Freeview.

Virtual surround sound terrific on some recent James Bond movies.

Only gripe is output at 5 W RMS, cracking piece of equipment though.
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on 12 March 2007
I originally started with the Philips 26" 26PF5321 which I purchased from a different store. After about six months I could no longer get a picture on the screen (just weird colours). I had been reasonably happy with the TV up until then but decided not to get an exchange. Instead I got a refund and looked elsewhere.

I came across this similar unit on Amazon - basically a slightly upgraded version - and found not only was it better but also cheaper even at the time of my first purchase six months earlier! I bought it straight away.

Straight out of the box the TV looked very sleek and was incredibly easy to setup. The Auto-install feature took only a few minutes to find each of the available channels and organised them correctly so there was no need for tweaking the setup afterwards. Viewing TV was immediate. One thing I haven't been able to test is the digital reciever - I can't get freeview in my area. Personally, I think the remote looks a little odd but this is probably just preference. It's quite long for a remote so not all of the buttons are accessible using just one hand without readjusting your grip. However, it is simple to use and also has a universal function for DVD and audio devices.

As this is a HDTV it's obviously built for recieving High Definition signals. Not having a HD signal yet, I watch terrestrial TV and it has to be said the picture isn't that impressive, if not slightly disappointing. If you're new to HD technology though, then note this is the case with all HDTV's when viewing terrestrial signals. Watching HD-DVDs and playing HD games (via an XBOX 360) is outstanding. The image is crystal clear and the colours are amazing.

What impressed me the most about this model is the connectivity. For a 26" TV at such a low price you couldn't ask for more. Most importantly for me are the component and HDMI connections, making the TV excellent for gaming and movies. With these connections the TV is also future proof.

I noticed a huge difference in sound over the previous model I owned. The sound on my other set definetly wasn't bad but in comparison to this one it seemed "flat". This model does a good job of replicating surround sound which is a difficult task from just two front speakers.

Two or three months with this new Philips and I am very happy. I've had no dead pixels as I did the previous set. However, the only bad thing I can really note is occasionally it seems to glitch. Twice in the last few weeks when turning on my XBOX 360 the screen has turned green. This is fixed simply by flicking onto the channel again.

I couldn't recommend this TV more. Excellent for people new to HDTV and plenty of connectivity to satisfy the technologically minded on a budget.
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on 15 December 2006
I ordered this TV to use with my Xbox 360, DVD and Video Player. I am extremely impressed with the picture quality when watching DVD's and Videos, but the Xbox 360 is absolutly Fantastic!! The picture is so good and clear.

It also comes with integrated Freeview. I wasn't expecting this to work very well in the area that I live, especially after having tried many different set top boxes to find I could get the main 4 channels only, and even they were breaking up. But for some reason, with this TV, I can receive about 25 of the channels at good quality so I was even more impressed.

The connections available are 2x HDMI (HD Sky, PS3 etc), 1x Component (Xbox 360), 2 Scart, 1 Composite, S Video.

I have wall mounted this using a universal wall mount bracket which can be brought on amazon and this looks really good in my room!

One small problem I have with it, there is no audio out sockets, so I am unable to connect it to my home theatre system. You can use the headphone socket I suppose and get a splitter adapter for it, but thats my only gripe, not enough to knock it down a star though!

Recommended buy!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 15 September 2006
A real top TV for the home, that not only looks smart, but boasts clear images, stunning sound quality, and a nice freeview option.
Suprisingly, its the sound that impressed me most. Get a dvd on, and the quality is just superb - you'd wonder how you managed with older tv's. The buttons are tidy to, located on the left side of the TV, and the remote, although rather unsual at first, being long and thin, is easy to grip and use. The only issue I had was the start up times. Its been unpredictable - sometimes the TV comes on staight away after pressing the button, sometimes takes a long time.
According to the item description, their are 2 versions of this model - one having slightly better features than the other. The one I got didn't include HD component cable sockets (only standard HD socket - beware Nintendo Wii buyers) so you may just want to check that out before you buy.
But great stuff from Philips as usual, and excellent quality!
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