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on 28 June 2013
Perhaps the best of the modern RE games. I originally played RE4 on the Gamecube and am now enjoying it all over again on the PC. The game has been ported to the PC well and any fears of camera angle problems have been quashed. This is not a game for the keyboard and mouse though. The standard PC controls are horrible. This is a game that is best played using a controller. I am using the XBOX 360 from Microsoft and it is proving to be perfect for RE4. It is "Plug and Play" and installed on my PC in literally seconds.

Ironically, it was Resident Evil 6 for the PC that reminded me of the great time I had playing RE4 on the Gamecube. I played RE6 which was great compared to the dreadful Raccoon City. I also played RE: Revelations on PC, which was OK, but a very ugly game and not as good as RE6.

I have Resident Evil 5 to play on PC still but for some reason that game just hasn't grabbed me, despite me starting to play it at least half a dozen times.

Overall, I think Resident Evil 4 is the best of the bunch. If you like Survival Horror games on the PC, then don't pass up the chance to play RE4. It may not be the best looking game due to its age, but the graphics are passable and the atmosphere and immersion that oozes from the game soon makes you forget about such trivial cosmetics.
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on 19 September 2014
This is still a great game despite the flaws listed here by other buyers. I have managed to get it running with Vista in XP Service Pack 2 compatability mode. It has crashed a few times but it is definitely playable on Vista. Having said that I haven't completed the whole game so who knows if there will problems later.

It definitely does look rather ugly on the PC. The main characters look OK but some of the backgrounds are pretty awful to look at compared with later games in the series. However it is an older game so what can you expect. If you have a more powerful PC you may want go for the HD updated version. I have never seen any other versions so I can't compare it to versions available for consoles.

I would say that it is worth buying as the actual game is great.
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on 17 September 2014
Great classic console style game with lots of atmosphere but with rapid key tap elements which prove impossible on the pc until you work out which keyboard keys represent the controller buttons. The help only give the controller numbers, and the opening setup screen doesn't associate keys with these numbers. Here are the ones I have found:
Movement = WASD
Look = Arrows
1 RIGHT CTRL = Run / cancel
3 ENTER = Action / confirm
5 LEFT CONTROL = Ready knife
6 RIGHT CONTROL = Ready weapon
M = Map
F = Coms / pick up in inventory
I = Status / Inventory
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on 4 March 2007
& not worth a minute of the months of waiting. No mouse support, exit game by getting killed or ctrl-alt-del, average graphics, complete anti climax, what a waste.
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on 22 May 2015
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on 22 March 2016
all time classic, addictive game play
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on 28 January 2011
I have this game on wii It was one of the first games I purchased for it, and it has been so much fun since, I've even ordered it on PC so I could play about with some mods but I bet it will be just as good on PC as it is on Wii :D
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on 4 June 2008
As alot of the other reviewers have noted the game does have some flaws and I don't need to repeat the things already listed here. However despite all this I still say this is a great game on any format. I have played it on both PS2 and GC as well and I would say that the PC version is still worth playing.
The storyline is interesting and it is a very large game taking upwards of 10 hours to complete on easy level. The hard level also adds a few extra areas to the game and so extends the gameplay a bit longer.
There are loads of weapons, all of which are upgradeable, plenty of varied enemies etc....
I would say that this game is well worth playing on the PC despite the flaws listed by other reviewers.
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on 5 March 2012
do not buy this game if u have no experience modding games, the bare game is as they say, but u can have an absolute tonne of fun with this if u know how to mod it
i dont think its fair to slam this game for being a terrible port when clearly the buyers havent tried any solutions at all, i play it in full hd widescreen, with my mouse and good controls ... with a moderately fast aim xD
you will enjoy this game if u can mod it . otherwise dont buy it
im a giant fan of the resident evil series and have moderate knowledge of pcs so im sorry if this seems a bit biased
thanks for reading
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on 28 August 2007
Why is it Capcom and Ubisoft only seem to be capable to porting console games onto a PC without utilising the full potential of the platform. Having played Onimusha 3 for the PC (see my review) I should have known better than to expect sweeping changes. The main frustrations are lack of mouse support which makes aiming difficult and in-game instructions which tell you what gamepad button to press. This last is made maddingly annoying because some bright spark in development switched two of the keys, the result being that when the game tells you to press button 1 you need to press the key that corresponds to button 3 and vice versa (it took me 20 lives and half an hour to work that one out). Also when I first installed this game it refused to start, saying that it could find a dx something.dll file. One quick call to Ubisoft support and I discovered that the installed hadn't installed the updated DirectX that came with the game. This was easily solved and the game runs fine, although with the odd freeze that sadly we've come to expect in these days of rushing games to the shelves.

Right rant over.

All that being said, as with Onimusha 3, what we end up with is a game that still shows flashs of pure brilliance. The graphics seem fine to me - not ground brecking and some higher resolutions would be nice but they do the job. The sound is great and adds to the gameplay and tension - the chanting of an enemy in the castle is very creepy when you can't see them (it's behind you!). The ganeplay is challenging and varied enough to stave off boredom - the aim and shoot feature is particularly good. There is a certain satisfaction to be had to blowing two enemies heads off with one shotgun blast. Hardcore fans of Resident Evil may be disapointed with the change in scene and apparent lack of zombies, if capcom had kept too much with the previous titles there would be complaints of a lack of originality - you can't please all of the people.
The gamplay would be much easier with a gamepad as this is the medium the game was designed for - however a little practice with the keyboard controls is all that is required.

There is a patch available online that apparently improves the graphics and fixs some freezing problems with the game. I haven't downloaded this patch as yet so I can't comment. Some previous reveiwers have stated that they can't exit from the game with shutting it down from the taskmenu. For myself I just select exit from the main menu with no problem - it really is that simple.

All in all a very good game with flashs of pure genius but I can see that the console versions would be so much better. If you have the option get one of the console versions. A personal message to Capcam/Ubisoft - When you next port a console game to the PC PLEASE make use of all that the PC has to offer, better graphics and a mouse to name but two.

Edit as of 05/12/07
Having played through about a third of this game I am starting to agree with the other reviews here who say that the game requires a gamepad. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is unplayable I would say that using the keyboard makes aiming 100 times harder than it has to be. For this reason you end up useing way more ammo because head shots are harder. Therefore by the time you get to the castle section your running out!! I'm now looking at pc gamepads which you can pick up on amazon for about £10.00. Otherwise this is stil a very good game.
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