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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 13 February 2012
Ready an Willing is a great album of bluesy rock the front cover is as nice little black and white picture of the band which is less classic than the love hunter album cover but since its only the cover it doesn't really matter it actually does suit the music a bit though as it has a quite a laid back sound to it.

the album opens up with the now classic fool for your loving no more which is not the version that most people will remember it is the calmer and more laid back slower tempoed version which I prefer it feels more suited to the lyrics.

the next tack is sweet talker a faster paced good old fashioned sounding rock and roll song, with lots of stabby organ and boogie status quo sounding rhythm and also a COWBELL!!!!! woohooo the Drums onthis trac suitably rambunctious and stompy pounding the beat out for the rest of the band to build on it sound powerful and precise

Ready an Willing, this song opened up with absolute class and swagger a very groovy rhythm that just has SEX written all over it you can really dance to it, it then has the breakdown that sounds a bit funky which then explodes in to a solo of guitaring pleasure. its a top track and one of the best on the album possibly oneo whitesnakes best, should be a classic I can here the sort of funk, soul influence in it as well.

Carry Your Load, this song is quite straight forward, and sounds like classic whitesnake, its quite subdued in tempo, and is a good love song and has some good piano and organ accompaniment, it has lots of harmony and vocal melodies which is good for singing along too. Nice little solo too

Blind Man : this song opens up with melancholy jangly guitar and David coverdale crooning over the song with some nice airey 80's style synth, and then comes in with nice tight solid rhythm section accompaniment, its got a very good chorus in it and the emphasise on this song seems to be the Organ which is nice it add to the variety of sounds and styles on the album making it that much better, more importantly it feels like a really Oh YEAH type of song in the sort I can feel ever note i am playing type of oh yeah, some nice bass playing on it too.

Ain't gonna cry no more: Opens up acoustic guitar with more singing, its less of a ballad than the song before as the tempo is faster, its a feel good song, everything stops and then the organ comes in with an really pleasant happy sounding riff over the acoustic strumming and then coverdale sings again and airey keyboarding start too,this just go to show the variety on offe in one of the best bands in history, its not all about being heavy and loud sometimes being dynamic is good, of course the song then opens up into another funky groovy riff and is loud and really makes you want to dance and sing along.

Love Man:this song is a much more stereotypical classic blues song with a very traditional rhythm and blues guitar playing over the top showing the bands influence, great lyrics and singing too singing he would do anything to please, over some really classic blues licks. and of course the raunchy Solo, 'GETDOWN' as coverdale says underneath it.

Black and Blue: in terestingly this song seem to have been recorded live or something as it has lots of clapping at the beginning it is quite a boogie driven status quo sounding song again which is great lots of piano Bashing and lots of fun with David coverdale proclaiming he want to love his baby until he is black and blue so a very long time then, absolute classic

She's a Woman: this track is just cool its a good little rocker with an organ solo in it and plenty of bashing crashing drums, rumbly widdly bass playing and hard guitar playing
I won't do a track by track of the bonus material but suffice to say it is an excellent addition to an already excellent album
Love for sale
ain't no love inthe heart of the city ( live)
Mistreated ( Live)
Love hunter ( Live)
Breakdown (Live)
all in all a fantastic album with fantastic musicians and musicianship and music that makes you feel great great great buy it its a must
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on 25 September 2017
This Album and to a lesser extent, 'come and get it' . Represent a peak for the band, Pre thier MTV makeover.
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on 3 March 2017
Good Memories
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on 18 June 2017
As described.
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on 16 March 2017
If not the best then certainly one of the best Coverdale's albums. Blues and hard rock of top quality.
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on 12 November 2011
Great band and album, unfortunately the remaster is apalling and another release where the dynamic range has been strangled to the point it makes your ears bleed. If you're an audiophile and have half decent equipment then avoid this.
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on 31 December 1999
One of the best collection of rock recordings ever put together in my opinion.There is not one single track that does not match up in quality and lyrical finese to any other rock recording you could think of.From the classic Fool for your loving,to the haunting Blindman and the stomping tune of Ain't gonna cry no more.Coverdale & co have never matched this album for musical content and powerfull lyrics since this recording.I have personally seen Whitesnake eleven times in the past at various venues in G.B and every time i saw them they were fantastic !! Andy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 July 2010
Was there ever a better Whitesnake album,im not sure,a fantastic release in its day and the remaster adds 5 bonus tracks.The eagle eyed fan will have spotted that the cover is a rejigged version of the photo on the back of the Trouble original album,hastily substituted at the time for a rather risque sleeve presented to Mr Coverdale by the artist that produced the Love Hunter sleeve.

Anyway,this is supreme 'Snake and indeed the album doesnt have a poor track,the original disc was nine glorious slices of Whitesnake from the opening hit single 'Fool For Your Lovin' which just struts out of the speaker followed by a double helping of sassy blues via 'Sweet Talker' and the title track,followed by 2 glorious Free/Bad Co influenced masterpieces in 'Carry Your Load' & 'Blindman',the former featuring superb vocals,the latter a reworking of a track from his first solo disc WHITESNAKE(1977),it was excellent then,sublime here before the wonderouss acoustic led 'Aint Gonna Cry No More',a truly epic Snake track with harmonies to die for,these six tracks as good as it gets and should always form the backbone of any Whitesnake set list,are you paying attention Mr Coverdale.Although almost impossible to follow what went before the last three tracks are excellent in their own right 'Love Man',tongue in cheek rythmn and blues,'Black and Blue',with quo riffin to the fore,and a typical declaration of his love for women on 'She's A Woman',fantastic stuff.

Bonus tracks: 1 studio track 'Love For Sale' an average work in progress if truth be told,the lyrics would be salvaged elsewhere in future releases.

The icing on the cake is the remaining 4 live tracks ,30 mins live from Reading 1979,excellent versions of 'Aint No Love...','Mistreated','Love Hunter' &'Breakdown',it really is time someone released the complete 1979 and 1980 radio recordings from Reading so we can retire our ageing copies,mine are still on cassette,that ages me!!!

As before the remaster is a little sharper than i remember my original CD,the bass seems a little further in the background,the booklet as usual excellent.
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on 8 July 2016
I own the original CD, but use Deezer to listen to music at work. That gave me the chance to compare the original and remastered versions. The difference is so stark it begs the question about the credentials of who performed the remaster. They should be shot. Anyone expecting a remaster to offer a better sound quality will be throwing their money away. The original is way more dynamic, punchy and has a much better separation of the sound stage. For an example, compare Blindman. The original has so much clarity compared to the destroyed remaster.

I have now also had the chance to compare the CD versions on my home set up. In short - don't waste your money on the remaster - hunt for the original.

This gives remastering a truly bad name. I will now be more careful about spending money on re-releases, and I'm going to try compare some of my other collection to see what other atrocities I can find. I suspect Whitesnake won't be the only victim!
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on 9 March 2000
Blows the socks off the stuff Whitesnake did in the latter years when image became more important than the music. One of the best blues-rock albums ever made.
It had been a while since i had listened to this old gem. When I saw it on CD, a limited edition, completely remastered plus extra tracks from the original it was too good a deal to miss.
Best tracks are: Fool for Your Loving Ready An' Willing Blindman Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Forget the hairspray stuff Whitesnake did for the US market in later years....get the original best.
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