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on 23 May 2016
At first you might be a bit underwhelmed with the look of it but it absolutely grows on you. The feeling of typing on this thing makes you just want to find things type instead of playing games only pressing the same 6 keys. Its just buttery smooth and sounds amazing. The only issue with going with topre switches is the fact that you might have a hard time finding different coloured keys, artisans and things like that (they do exist if you look hard enough), so if you want to heavily customise the look of this keyboard be prepared to wait for custom runs of keys that meet your expectations. The keys that come with keyboard itself are of super high quality (you can actually dye them crazy colours and it doesn't affect the legends on them) so you might be keen on staying with them anyway. There is loads of options with the dipswitches round the back of it that lets you choose different functions for certain keys which is really cool as well. And for gaming itself this keyboard is super nice because of how small it is. You can have both of your hands super close to each other so that it is really comfortable rather than having them spread out with a full size keyboard. You may miss having a numb pad or arrow keys so make sure you're ready for abandoning that. I especially miss the arrow keys for moving back and forth through text to correct mistakes but I guess it's not really an issue at the moment because it gives me an excuse to delete it all and type it all out again with this amazing keyboard.
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on 13 April 2014
Being a fan of compact keyboards, this one provides great typing, has a great layout and great feedback of the keys. I have Japanese colleagues using this model for years and years. You can expect great durability. The only thing less positive is the lack of independent arrows keys. You need to press a function key to access the arrows. Apart from that, this is one of the best keyboards I've used so far.
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on 15 March 2017
Not for me
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on 11 May 2016
I am a programmer and this has been my main work keyboard for more than two years. I learned to touch-type on a version with blank key caps. The feel of the keys is nice and definite so you are never uncertain whether a keypress has been registered. I have configured it so the modifier key is on my left thumb and CTRL is where CAPSLOCK normally is (there are switches on the back that let you choose this layout). Cursor keys, page up/down, home/end are all on my right hand, so I can navigate without moving my hands. The small size means the mouse is closer. It takes a while to get used to but really is the most ergonomic set-up.
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on 14 January 2015
Literally one of the best keyboards ever made. Topre switches are a joy to type on. And the layout and format of this board is sublime. Yes it seems expensive but once you own one you'll understand. I go out of my way to do more typing on this board. Its an utter joy to use!
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on 28 April 2015
Two years on, still love this keyboard. Fantastic key response, fast typing and reliable. One down-side is lack of direction arrows. Pressing the Fn key all the time is a life choice.
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on 3 September 2015
Let me break this down into pros and cons, the biggest pro for me, as already stated is how well the layout and form factor compliments typing with all fingers fantastically well, this is coming from a full size keyboard with cherry mx browns.

- Amazing layout, backspace so much more comfortable to use, built off of ANSI layout which in my opinion is superior to ISO UK
- Really light and portable
- Topre switches (45g activation force), whether you prefer them to cherry or other mechanical switches is of course personal preference, I personally do prefer them though cherry switches are also great. Topre is more linear with a 'thock' sound on the downstroke, and a 'clack' on the upstroke
- Dye subliminated PBT keycaps (the best keycaps I've ever used)
- Aesthetically pleasing
- Supported controllers exist for it to make it fully programmable (additional cost)

- Bad grip on bottom, you are left with only two black rubber grips which aren't very grippy at all. The feet do not have grips either. It is an easy thing to remedy just by buying self-adhseive rubber feet where you can situate wherever you want.
- No dedicated arrow keys. Not everyone needs these, if you are accustomed to text editors such as Vim this is not much of a disadvantage, but for most people it is inconvenient. You use arrow keys by holding the function key and pressing [ for up ; for left ' for right and / for down.
- Price, Topre boards are the most expensive boards and the VAT/import fees are not nice.
- Manual is all in Japanese, support available online though, this board is pretty popular
- Hard to find custom Topre keycaps due to it being an uncommon switch. The stock keycaps are seriously good though.

- Plastic case (case mounted). On one hand this makes the keyboard lighter, on the other it makes it less sturdy. Make no mistake the build quality for the HHKB is still great.

I give it 5 because it is the best feeling keyboard I have used and did not buy it with the expectation of it being used for gaming or activities where dedicated arrow keys and numpad are especially useful. This board is certainly not for everyone, for a more standard layout I would recommend the Realforce 87U. That also has Topre switches, excellent build quality as well as dedicated arrow keys and the like at the expense of being less portable and (in my opinion) a slightly inferior layout for pure typing.

If you buy it and end up not liking Topre, people are often on the lookout for this used, with all this in mind the upfront cost may not be such a bad investment after all.
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