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on 2 December 2006

Just received this thermometer. Exceptionally robust build quality great easy to read dial with very small temperature increments - so good for knowing the EXACT temperature.


The clip is terrible, its so wide to the point that it doesnt fit on a single part of our oven, we have to leave it standing up like a picture frame on the shelf. another problem is that if you could hang the thermometer, most likely because of the protruding fascia of the thermometer, when you close the oven door it will push back the thermometer so the face is not visible: hard to explain but its a definite design fault of the product.

Overall because of the two quite inconvenient problems with the product design which could have been easily overcome with testing in a few different ovens I have to give this only a three star rating, yes it works brilliantly to tell temperature but the premium you pay for this products design just does not come through. Also note that use over 225 C will discolour the silicone, and consistent use over 250C will harden and damage the silicone although the thermometer will still remain perfectly usable.
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on 13 May 2009
I am very disappointed with this product. The clip is almost two centimetres behind the face, so when I hook it on the front of the shelf it just tips forward and falls off. If I could overcome this then my next problem would be that there isn't a two centimetre gap in front of my shelves, so the thermometer would be jammed up against the window.

Other thermometers have hooks that can hang from the front to back rails of the shelf, but this is not possible with this model.

I can just about balance it on top of the shelf, but it is needlessly wide (8.7 cm), so it is difficult to slide a tray past it without knocking it over.

I find the numbers on the dial are too small. They look crystal clear in the picture on Amazon, but they are difficult to read through a darkened oven door window.

I don't know how accurate this thermometer is, but I have noticed that it is remarkably slow to react to changes in temperature. It seems to take about ten minutes to catch-up.

The main reason I bought this product was because I trusted the brand. I have had several sets of bathroom and kitchen scales from Salter which have been very well designed, but unfortuately the design of this product is not in the same league.
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on 6 March 2012
I bought this thermometer (from our local hardware store) because, like several other reviewers, I did not trust my fan oven thermostat. Since having a new kitchen and oven installed, all my baking has been a bit of a disaster (but still edible!). Recipes advise that for fan assisted ovens you should 'reduce the temperature by 20 degrees', but to no avail. To 'preheat your oven for 10 minutes', using this thermometer, takes 30 minutes to reach temperature - so how accurate is it? We then had a look at the thermometer and, just as an experiment, removed the orange silicon flap that is slotted on the back. We put the thermometer in a cold oven, turned on the heat and hey presto, 10 minutes to reach temperature, cake came out perfectly! I e-mailed the manufacturer asking if this flap was to be removed before use, as it said nothing about it in the instructions. Their reply was rapid and, in no uncertain terms, I was told not to remove the flap on the back. To quote them:-
"Please be advised that your input in operating and getting the right and non erratic readings of this device could not be advised as recommended, as we do not really hope customers to remove the silicon cover from this product in order to get to full working conditions".
They did offer a replacement, but seeing as other users have the same problem, I don't think I will bother. Fuel bills are costly enough without having to leave an empty oven heating up for this length of time. On the plus side, I now know how variable my oven dial is, so will go from there.
I would not recommend buying this item.
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on 15 March 2011
Like Mr. Ware's wife, I also bought this thermomenter to double-check that our new oven was operating at correct temperatures.

I was horrified to discover that - according to the Salter thermometer - our new £900+ oven was not reaching any of the set temps (and was usually off by 30-50 degrees, which is a hell of a lot, if you need precision when baking!!).

Luckily, we were covered by an understanding manufacturer's warranty, and - when checked with a professional dual probe thermometer - our oven thermostat was found to be spot-on. The engineer who attended our call-out informed us that this was a regular issue for him and his colleagues, and suggested that the Salter product, in particular, should carry a tolerance disclaimer on it's packaging, stating a +/- 50 degree margin of error!!

In short, not only is this product a pain in the bum, in terms of getting it to sit or hang securely (as already noted by others), but ours at best is also highly-inaccurate, and is essentially unfit for purpose.

Would certainly NOT recommend this thermometer.
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on 6 February 2009
Just the product for someone whose oven does not appear to be cooking to temperature. It enable me to recalibrate both my main oven and second oven, I now have a cross reference table which enables me to set my oven temperature accurately and both ovens now cook to perfection. May not be the cheapest oven thermometer but it certainly delivers.
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on 13 July 2010
First off, I know it's accurate because I checked it against my ETI Thermamite 5 (although I did melt the Thermamite's probe handle in so doing). I've just dropped mine and broken the glass, hence the need for a replacement. My oven is actually accurate against both the above thermometers, but lies about how long it takes to get to temperature, hence the need for this additional thermometer. The time taken for the thermometer to warm up should not be an issue, since you ought to be popping it in when you switch on not directly before you use it - and also taking it out when you put the would-be food in, so as to prevent it getting covered in baked-on grime: thus, not being able to slide things past it is also not an issue. It's definitely hard to get it to stand up and it's not too reliable on its shelf clip either but, as a pro, you'll be sticking it just anywhere and getting on with other things while the oven heats up before giving it just a quick glance to confirm you're at temperature as you take it out. Main thing is, as I said to begin with: it's accurate.
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on 28 November 2006
Bought this item on the run up to christmas to ensure all would be well with the main meal. Interesting to see the difference between our ovens temperature gauge and the actual reading on the thermometer. Nice big dial and easy to read numbers, loses a star for having a slightly annoying clip to attach to the oven shelf (it can also just stand up) but nothing too serious. If you cook alot, try one.
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on 7 April 2008
From other reviews, I can see that the clip doesn't work well for all ovens, but it works fine in ours. As long as you leave it in the oven (as it takes a few minutes to "acclimatize"), it provides accurate readings and is much more accurate than our oven's built in thermostat (and it's a top of the range Bosch!).

Particularly useful for things like Meringues, if you want that perfect color, or for any budding Heston Blumenthals. You'll be amazed how much the temperature in your oven can vary
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on 1 February 2012
Like all other oven thermometers where I have read reviews, this item worked with temperatures up to 180 but after that it seems to, well not work. The shelf clip is useless, as it dosen't fit shelves and the unit falls over when positioned on the oven base. I just don't think much thought was put into this product
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on 29 December 2012
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