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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Now, Diabolical
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 7 July 2006
Black metal - the music that inspired millions to change their beliefs, change their lifestyle, even resort to arsen of churches.

Satyricon are one of the fastest growing black metal bands around, with good reason. They have delivered masterpiece upon masterpiece of albums (Nemesis Divina, Volcano etc), and now they emerge with this from the 7th circle.

Now Diabolical is a revolutionary black metal album, it differenciates quite a lot from normal black metal, and from their older albums, but in a very good way. The pace is slowed down, riffs made more whole - more like conventional guitaring rather than just background sound. The strongest parts of this album have to be the drumming and the vocals. The vocals sound raw, evil....incredible, the lyrics are meaningful (for example King: "Bloodshot eyes/metal skin....Serpants toungue/Dagger claw....Dragon wings/Crooked horns" I.e the devil), just like any black metal lyrics should be.

The fact that this album differenciates from original black metal may scare away more purist fans, however while it is slower paced and more emphasis on the music as opposed to full focus on the lyrical content as with most black metal bands, now diabolical still manages to retain the dark, evil essance that makes up black metal. Purists won't be disapointed.

Highlights include the pentagram burns, rite of our cross, the darkness shall be eternal and to the mountains.

I have had the priviledge of seeing satyricon in concert, and the quality of the music remains as good as ever, satyr's vocals do not waver at any point, and frost never ceases his incredible drumming.

Overall, i give this album 5 stars.
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on 30 May 2006
You get Now Diabolical the best cd of 2006 ( so far any way ). Its dark , brutal and strangly catchy. I would recomended to any black metal fan and any heavy metal fans as it black but not as fast as there other stuff so appels to more people if it had different vocals could be taken for gothic rock music. Technicly its an amazing cd the drumming is out of this world and its so pricice with the guitarwork and vocals you could set your watch to it. highlight songs include K.I.N.G , New Eneamy , The Darkness Shall Be Eternal and To The Mountains by know you wont regret it!
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on 26 April 2006
It is very exciting to see that the most progressive genre around right now is also, by far, the least accessible and the one most people will quite rightly refer to as "scary". Norwegian stalwarts Satyricon have always looked to further themselves by leading the black metal scene.

2002's Volcano spawned a song that almost proved to be their breakthrough. Fuel For Hatred took an arguably more commercial route through the ruinous metal world by blending the edges with deeper, more rock 'n' roll-based grooves and lyrics that were less introspective and put across with a gentler inflection. This new direction appears to have been agreed upon and followed wholeheartedly in Now, Diabolical. While veterans of their audience may turn their noses up at the first whiff of evolution in their sound, many others will be able to appreciate how their esoteric sound rises above and beyond the majority of the tripe that is understood as Heavy Metal.

There is an unsettling brutality merged with riffs that have an intangible, immediate nature. The title track, opening the record, is far from frantic but the sound invades your senses with a sense of unyielding impending violence that follows through the first half of the album. The constant languid nature of this record is thankfully peppered with the ghoulish explosion of 'The Rite Of Our Cross' and the epic, marauding 'To The Mountains' closing the album after sending shivers through your mind. It would be unwise to suggest that this band is at the pinnacle of their career because, acknowledging the complexity and superiority shown here, they are untouchable in their field right now.

With their sixth album, Satyr and Frost have created an album that follows a most unpredictable route. Weaving a long and unwieldy musical path that takes you so very far without you realising it. It is often unclear where songs begin and end and while there is a disorienting feeling when the next song sounds much like the last, there are also frequent disconcerting moments where you expect the next track, but the edges blur and the same song almost begins again.

This record keeps you on your toes by making you really listen. Satyricon do not make background music for the weak-hearted and Now, Diabolical is a case in point.
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on 19 April 2006
Satyricon changed their style through the years. The first Satyricon release, 'Dark Medieval Times', which they released in 1993, was dark black metal with some influences of folk. Through the years the music changed, like the line up. Only Satyr and Frost are the true members of the band. When Satyricon released 'Volcano' in 2002, I was overwhelmed by the music. And the same thing happened to me when I listened for the first time to 'Now, Diabolical'.

But has the music changed again? Well, yes and no. It surely reminds me of 'Volcano', no doubt about that. But it is also refreshing again. When Satyricon was really getting groovy on 'Volcano' I thought that had to be the climax, it could not have been done any better. Well Satyricon did everything they could and produced an album which is even better, with more groove, more aggression and more power.

I hear you all thinking. "More groove? Is it still black metal? " Yes, because despite the groove, Satyricon still is able to create a dark and sinister feeling.

The song 'K.I.N.G.'.... how shall I describe it? Awesome!!! It makes you want to bang your head off, scream 'till your tongue begins to burn, and drink beer 'till you fall face down on the ground. It has so much energy. I love it. The drums are simple and right in your face, the guitar riffs are razor sharp and Satyrs vocals give me this chill in my entire body.

And let's talk about the 3rd song. Well, I was talking about energy. Where the song 'K.I.N.G.' ends, 'The pentagram burns' takes over. Again the fantastic grooves, and even more threatening vocals. And what's that? Horns? Wow. You just have to hear it. It gives the music this extra touch.

Then there is 'A new enemy'. Damn, great drumming by Frost! If you want to throw out all your anger, this is the song. Again it is full of energy, and it really has a dark atmosphere.

I could write a whole book about the new album but I really think you all have to explore 'Now, Diabolical' for yourself. But I have to tell you about the last song 'To the mountains'. Talking about dark atmosphere. Well this song really makes you think the horned almighty came upon the earth with his legions. The way Satyr screams 'To the mountains'..... Wow! The song is so threatening. And the horns are back again, and sound even better as in 'The pentagram burns'.

And all those people who think "Black metal is not my thing", well you really have to listen to 'Now, Diabolical, you really will be surprised in a very pleasant way.
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on 2 May 2006
Well this is an exciting new addition to my CD collection. What a brilliant album!

Dark, melodic, brooding, heavy and damn good...this is an album the whole metal community should sit up and take notice of.

It opens with an instantly appealing title track which I had stuck in my head for two days...that was a good thing!

Next comes the fantastic K.I.N.G which is a 3 and a half minute, high-energy explosion of sound. Black metal fans need not worry about Satyricon changing direction to much, with lyrics like "bloodshot eyes, metal skin, serpents tongue, dagger claws, dragon wings, crooked horns, KING" it is clear where their allegiances lie...

The album continues in this vein throughout - with heavy guitar work, Frost's energetic drumming and Satyr's perfect vocals - it is a match made in black metal heaven.

The album ends with the stunning 'To the mountains'. A definite personal favourite. It's effective use of horns is an imagination's dream, you can practically see the mountains during the song...a beautiful way to end a fierce album.

This album would be at home on any metal fan's CD rack (and not just black metal!). If you don't already have this album, buy it...and you might just find yourself becoming as obsessed with them as I am!
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on 5 July 2006
I agree with all the other reviews, this is definately Black Metal meets Heavy Metal. Black Metal with killer riffs, this is truely a magnificent CD. It goes through fast and slow riffs, demonic vocals (that you can iterpretate). My favourite songs so far are the first three, "Now Diabolical" "K.I.N.G" and "The Pentagram Burns". I totally recommend this to Metal lovers, this is the best thing I have heard for ages. A Punk rocker once told me in 1978 that Metal is dead, I said that Metal will live on forever, this is living proof!
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on 19 April 2006
Black metal is so often the butt of jokes from simple, narrow minded people. If this album doesn't change their minds, nothing will!

This album incorporates all of the fast, hate fuelled, insanity of the black metal genre, but it doesn't stop there. It contains incediary solos ('K.I.N.G') and progressive ideas.

Every inch of this record is gold, never before has black metal had singable choruses, but this does. The melodious nature of some tracks even contains elements of beauty.

But now the black metal fans are scared, progressive, beauty! What have Satyricon done, those sell outs! Well, progression is neccesary and to heighten the extreme moments of noise a contrasting beauty helps to tunnel the music forward, and emphasise the psychotic riffs which are still the main Satyricon bolster.

This record is simply amazing. Every music fan should buy this album. Every metal fan should already own this album.

This is the future of Black metal, marking this a landmark Album. Get it first time round and sit back to watch the brilliance unfurl!
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on 12 July 2006
"Now Diabolical" is the new release form black metal duo Satyricon. This is defiantly their strongest album. "Now Diabolical" is the perfect opener to the album. It has a catchy start and you will be hooked from that track onwards. In all eight songs, I couldn't find an error in any. KING is the new single, and a perfect choice at that, just like the opening song, you will find it hard to switch your CD player off. Unlike most black metal songs, Satyricon's lyrics are clear, not shouted down the mic all at once, you can actually understand what is being sung without having to have the lyrics in front of you, this means that you will be singing along, and because the songs are catchy, will have them in your head all day.

Im not joking when I say this, but listening to this will make you want to look at their back catalogue of releases. I done that, and saw how they have progressed from their earlier releases, and not to mention coming across some pure diamonds while doing so.

If you buy this album, I can promise you that you will not regret it, defiantly one of the best purchases ive made in 2006.
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on 22 April 2006
I know what evreyone else has said is a little negative, but i really think that this album is awesome.

I love all of satyricons music, right from when they started out and I know the sound has changed slightly but it is still very good, this is an album that you can listen to without thinking of turning it off.

It definitely is a must have and I would recommend it to anyone who likes any of the satyricon stuff and other similar stuff

I think that 'The Pentagram burns' and 'To the Mountains' are the best on there. (the "to the mountains" is the best part of the song and worth buying just for that line!)

All the way through the album frost's drumming is amazing!

I was really surprised when i heard it, and still am! it really is an amzing album! definitely worth the money. Satyricons sound might of changed slightly but they should be praised for this album, AMAZING!!
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on 2 May 2006
Black is not only my favourite colour but one of the best 'genres' of the god that is metal!!!!

They have been plastered in Kerrang and Metal Hammer which i don't remember ever seeing before....

Not that long ago they were completely unheard of and playing pub like venues! (which i missed! grrr!)

Now, it is Satyricon's time!

I was a huge fan of Volcano.... But this is true genious and from 2 guys....! Progressive, melodic, catchy! It is one truly great 'Metal Album'

This is a slower album than some but still hits with power.. and heavyness! To be honest the first time i listened to it i just didn't think anything of it... but after a few listens you really do get the true feeling!

My personal highlights are Now, Dibolical! (it rules!!!), K.I.N.G and The Rite Of Our Cross.

Great album hopefully pushing them foward to where they should be!
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