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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2017
very good
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2006
Prison Break continues in the same vein as other well-funded American dramas - it's glossy, fast-paced and tense, with flashy camerawork that reminds you of 'CSI', and a sexy, infallible male led who brings to mind (though doesn't quite rival) Jack Bauer from '24'.
Prison Break's basic starting point is this: Lincoln Burrows has been sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit. His younger brother Micheal commits armed robbery to get himself thrown into the same jail as Lincoln, in order to break him out. He actually has a decent chance of doing this, seeing as he is a structural engineer who designed the prison, and he has tattooed the blueprints onto his body. Micheal is also a certified genius. Gradually he builds up a group of helpers from his fellow inmates, some who he chooses, and some who force themselves into the group. Meanwhile on the outside, Lincoln's ex-girlfriend struggles to prove that he was accused as part of a government cover-up, while the Secret Service attempts to quieten her for good.
There are loads of good points to this show. The most obvious one is the gorgeous, charismatic Wentworth Miller who plays Micheal - you warm to him instantly and he has one of those brilliantly intense stares that increases the drama of any situation. Also, as Micheal is supposed to be a genius, much of the show involves very clever plots which usually result in Micheal succeeding to progress in his escape plans and get one over on the prison guards, which is very cool. The potential romance between Micheal and the cute prison doctor is also a plus point, as they have great chemistry. The back-stories of some of the prison inmates are really interesting too.
There are, however, some parts of the show which I didn't like. Lincoln doesn't have much of a personality and as such the only reason you care about him is because he's Micheal's brother. In addition, the fact that a good 80% of the show is set in the same prison means that at times it can feel a bit same-y, even if there is loads of action going on. The overall look of the programme is quite grey and oppressive, which may be realistic but tended to leave me a bit depressed. Also, there's a lot of shouting, a lot of unpleasant violence, and a lot of disturbing sexual innuendo involving the younger males at the prison. Again, this is probably very realistic, but I found some of it a bit icky to watch. If you're prepared for it to be quite hard-hitting, though, then this won't matter and you'll no doubt enjoy it anyway.
So all in all it's worth giving it a try if you like tense action-drama with the occasional prison riot and torture scene. There's not much humour to lighten the show and it can feel quite heavy, but I think it's worth perservering with, especially if you enjoy watching complicated plots and conspiracy theories develop. I give it 4 stars - more gripping than CSI or Without a Trace, but not as good as 24.
Bear in mind too that this DVD only includes the first half of season 1, and that they will probably soon release a full season boxset which will be cheaper than buying parts 1 and 2 separately. It just depends on whether you can stand the wait...
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on 1 June 2006
This is one of the best things I've seen on TV for years, and is another US masterpiece. If you love US dramas like the Shield and Oz, then this is a 'must watch' for you! HOWEVER I would not buy this boxset. Why buy only 13 episodes of a 22 part series? If you watched this you would be tearing you hair out because you would want to see the other 9! Therefore if you weren't as clever/or tight as me and haven't been recording the series I would wait for the whole series to come out!
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on 18 May 2006
I have been waiting a while for the release of this DVD and finally it's here. When Lincoln Burrows gets put in prison with the death penalty Michael Scofield manages to get himself locked up alongside him, intent on breaking free with his brother. He has a keen eye for detail, and has tattooed his body with the blueprints for the Fox River State Penetentiary. However, not everything goes to plan ...there are certain things that keep on popping up to slow the plan down. Wentworth Miller delivers a stella performance in this epic drama, it has me glued to my seat as I await the two last episodes. It has an intense plot and will definately have you begging for the next season, this one right here is a must see!
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on 9 April 2006
I don't like watching TV.. most of the stuff out there isn't all that but Prison Break definitely exceeded my high expectations. The plot is original and addictive - Wentworth Miller (definitely TOOOOO HOT for his own good) plays the part of Michael Schofield.. Michael and his brother share a complex relationship, but when Lincoln (the older brother) is put on death row for a crime he claims not to have committed, Michael sets out to rescue him.. he too commits a crime ensuring he's placed into the same prison, and thus an elaborate plan of escape commences... No one's ever broken out of Fox River before.. but Michael has one advantage. He helped design the place. Now he has exactly one month to get himself and his brother out of there. But it's not as easy as he thought it would be - he may have the blueprints hidden in an elaborate tattoo on his body, and he may have the brain of a genius.. but he never accounted for the actual prisoners.. how can he get his cellmate on his side? How can he get the tools he needs to escape... and how can he keep his plan hidden from his enemies? At times Prison Break feels a little like Shawshank Redemption, but way better as the suspense keeps you at the edge of your seat..
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on 7 March 2006
I started watching this series as it looked quite good when i saw clips on the tv about it. IT IS BRILLANT. This drama focuses on a prison designer who gets himself thrown into one of his own prisons to help his falsely accused brother escape death row.While in the prison he meats bad guys, good guys and guys your not really sure are good guys or are bad guys and this is what makes it exciting. Every epoisode has twists and turns which you do not exspect and when you do think you know what is going to happen you find out your wrong at the end and then start to fingure it all together in your mind. You need to watch the very first epoisode and all episodes after to keep up with it and to understand what is happening. This is because one minute a person who is trying to help them in the prison or who arent turns around and does the complete opposite in the next episode. I am even thinking about buying this set because it is that good. The characters are realistic and have great stories behind each one. Wentworth is also GORGEOUS! watch it and find out.
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on 5 April 2006
Gripping, Brilliant, Innovative - Prison Break is what it says on the tin - a TV series about a Prison Break.
Lead character Wentworth Miller as Michael is the genius masterminding the whole operation, and does a great job at the introverted non-prisoner type. He's on the mission for saving his brother, who has been framed for murder. There are many more prisoners who get in on the ride either through greed or for their skills in this the first part. (YES - the UK gets jipped again with split-season releases)
Throw in some office politics, government corruption, a non-romance with the prison doctor and another narrative developing as the lawyer team hunt down the lie, and you find yourself with a very addictive new show.
Whereas Lost has lulled in Season 2, Prison Break looks only to get better - with the theme already identified as 'Manhunt' you can tell this won't go the way of a boring, repetitive, stalemate...
An exciting addition to the 2005-06 season and dangerously worth a risk investing in should the show propel to further cult status.
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on 16 December 2008
The silly thing i am referring to is buying this,i bought the first half of series one to see what it was like,now i will have to buy more,hence pouring out my wallets contents to feed what is likely to become an addiction to this snazzy piece of brilliance.
Prison break has a simple enough format,two brothers,both in prison,one of them will stop at nothing to free the other brother who is on death row,throw in a supporting cast all with interesting personalities and there is a conspiracy theory that will only get more complicated and there we have it,well not quite,the show is tense and fast paced and very edgy at times,the show doesnt use violence that much and there is little in the way of swear words,so it isnt like oz,mind you i didnt like what i saw of oz,prison break is awesome from start to finish,but i am far from finished,far from it,lets check that bank balance!
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on 6 August 2006
I think prison break is a really good catchy drama! It's about a man called Lincoln burrows (i think that's how to spell it) who gets wrongly convicted of killing the vice presidents brother. As it was the vice presidents brother, he gets the death sentence. However, Lincoln's brother Michael Skofield knows on his innocence and decides to get into prison to plan an escape to save his brother. Michael knows the prison as he helped design it.. Therefore, he has a pretty good idea of the escape route. He also involves other inmates who are crucial to the escape as without them, the escape can not take place. A few unwanted inmates get involved but it kinda works out for it's self. There are a few twists along the line, which keeps you glued to your telly vision set. I recommend this series to everyone as it was a very clever, well planned out show!
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on 3 June 2011
brilliant series. Some very strong characters that u just love to hate! Edge of seat stuff that u just have to see the next episode cos u just cant wait. Best series in ages. If u love this try Dexter also, another cult show!
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