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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 January 2013
This is a review of the original-edition slimline set of season two, a season where Geordi becomes Chief Engineer; Diana Muldaur as Dr Pulaski is a refreshing change from Dr Crusher; Whoopi Goldberg makes her first appearances as Guinan (as does 10-Forward as her `bar'); Riker has a beard that suits him well; Worf now wears yellow; Colm Meaney has a regular role as Transporter Chief; and Data demonstrates his interest in Sherlock Holmes.

The crew are now settling down into their roles and appear more comfortable as a result. Stories are better too. As Rick Berman says in the accompanying extra, `Mission Overview', "the show started to click". Unfortunately there was a writers' strike in Hollywood during this second season, and I understand this is why there are only twenty-two episodes. Indeed, the last episode is more or less a rifling-through of Riker's memories from previous episodes.

The best thing about TNG, for me, is Q. And here he returns to introduce the crew for the first time to their future adversary, the Borg. However, I had to wince when at the height of his first battle with the Borg, Picard decides to ... have a conference. What a difference from Kirk! Episode twelve for me replicates the final circumstances of Bowman towards the end of the film `2001: A Space Odyssey', caught in an alien power's concept of `Casino Royale'.

A wide variety of contemporary matters are addressed, from issues relating to abortion and an immaculate conception in episode one through to a definition of what constitutes life in episode three and the perils of genetic engineering in episode seven. But present-day scientific knowledge has already made the world of genetics depicted in episode eighteen obsolete. In episode six, strangely the mind of a great scientist is sacrificed for the life of Data, an easily-replicable android! In episode nine, consideration is given to whether Data is the property of Starfleet.

Episodes also juxtapose regular members of the team with strange surroundings. Thus we see Riker as second-in-command of a Klingon vessel (episode eight) - we even have Wesley in love (episode ten). Also, we meet Riker's father, Troi's mother, and Worf's old flame.

Extras comprise five short documentaries, all dating from 2002 - 1. a fifteen-minute `Mission Overview', with comments from the likes of Rick Berman, Gene Roddenberry, Maurice Hurley, and the stars; 2. a thirteen-minute `Selected Crew Analysis', in which the stars comment on their characters' development; 3. a seventeen-minute look at production issues (writing, costumes, propos, music); 4. a sixteen-minute look at `Memorable Missions'; and 5. Penny Juday showing us the Star Trek archives held in stores at or near the studios. (I believe most if not all of the items have since gone for auction in New York.)
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on 23 July 2014
Let's face it, for someone like me who classes themselves as a hardcore Trekkie, I was going to enjoy watching this series. However, unlike the rest of TNG, there were episodes which just felt...forced. And some episodes where I just felt there was no reason really to it at all. Sometimes, this season is boring.

You could forgive a few minor issues with scripting - there are also some great moments where you can see the characters being set on the path they will follow up to season 7. What is unforgiveable however, is the character of Pulaski. There's no real surprise that Gates Mcfadden was rushed back in for season 3. Pulaski is just unlikeable, yet it feels as though the writers are trying to forces us to love her. She's horrible to Data - even sarcastic (to the point where she scans him in an effort to ignore his request that she pronounce his name right), for no real reason other than she considers him inferior. Yet there are several moments where unknown characters gush over how renowned she is, how she's the only person they'd trust to do a certain type of surgery, how she wrote the book yada yada yada. Any time she was on screen, I wanted her off screen.

It all adds up to making this season one of TNG's weakest. But even a weak series of TNG is worth watching...
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on 3 August 2015
great contrast in story lines from superb to utter rubbish
refering to very last episode in season 2 great episodes
with matter of honor, the borg , sins of the father
one really awful line from sins of the father from picard
" ensign, set course for the first city of the imperial klingon empire"
what a really stupid thing to say blame the script by the script writers

the ferengi made a return, they were meant to be a new adversary but according
to the shows creators werent very credible hence the borg menace

great picture sound quality and more extras than season 1
well worth the upgrade
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on 9 August 2015
Only three stars as I am disappointed by the set as a whole. The package was purchased to complete the seven series' set as I have already own the series on VHS. The DVD discs all appear to be OK, but, so far, I have only previewed them and not yet watched the full discs (only arrived three days ago). This is an old set, having been released some time ago. However, despite a cellophane covering, I found the box slightly (finger)marked and scuffed, with no corresponding cellophane damage. On opening the box I found the booklet was missing. Not a major disaster, so far, but very annoying for something advertised as 'New', which it clearly isn't. I will miss the episode listing, whilst limited, I found it useful in the other boxsets. As for the episodes themselves, all show a willingness to develop the characters and storylines well, although some are better than others. For science fiction aficionados, this is a 'must have' boxset of DVDs, shame about the rest of the package.
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on 30 July 2013
Fist of all: I'm not rating the show quality here. This rating and review pertains to the Blu-ray Disc release and its masterful accomplishment in image and sound quality, and overall presentation of said show.

Season one had already dazed me with its astounding re-mastering of ST:TNG. I never thought such amount of image detail could exist. It was like being blind all my life and suddenly starting to see. There's no better reason for BD to exist than to bring to life old recordings previously only available in "standard definition". This is the new "standard".

That said, they seem to have gone into further pains with the release of Season 2: there are more extras, more interviews and original content, such as deleted scenes, alternative cuts, and audio commentary (there's at least one episode per disc with alternative audio track with technical commentary, something that Season 1 was really missing). As with Season 1, all the original extra content previously released for the DVDs is here too.

I hope Season 3 comes with even more stuff.
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on 31 May 2015
Is what it is, extras are a bit mixed up and would be better on one disk, would also be nice of the correct spelling of DISK could have been carried over,waiting to get to the menu is hard enough, ten unskippable minutes later and youre there.

Sound should never have been remixed, it should have been left alone as stereo, or at least have restored stereo version rather than vhs audio!
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on 30 June 2017
quite simply i needed this for a fathers day present, my dad and i love star trek and this was the only series missing looking forward to a few hours catching up with TNG again
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on 27 March 2014
Having the entire TNG series on DVD I had to think twice before double dipping, series two is my first TNG Blu ray purchase & it is worth the upgrade. I would say that 3 stars is about right for the story lines & picture quality on series two I have the sampler TNG Blu ray & the picture quality on that is superior. From what I have read series two does fall slightly short on PQ compared to the rest of the series but even so its a huge step up from the DVDs.
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on 26 July 2015
Dvd in perfect condition. Disappointed in it. Some episodes were laughable! Hope it gets better. Actors act so wooden at times! And so much of my ready room my ready room to discuss this and that instead of acting! Give me Kirk or Janeway anytime. Patric Stewart is great actor but his character is so tame. Well... Only my opinion.
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on 3 October 2011
Product:- Super, I love star trek TNG ! 5 stars. Delivery :- fairly quick 4.5 stars. Packaging :- The cheapo jiffy(type)bags of different sizes, could be better (the internal bubble wrap of the bag was of poor quality), the smaller tighter bags offered better protection 3.5stars. .....'IF' this product is going to be pushed through a letter box (& mine was...I thought it would be handed to me at the door !) then packaging needs to improve, to reduce the impact with the floor & possible damage (& return) of the product. After I realised this, each night I placed a multi-bin loaded with foam under the letter box.....this did the trick & the remaining box-sets were fully protected from any damage. Bear this in mind when ordering, (a pillow placed under the letter box each night would probably suffice) . Rating based purely on Star Trek - TNG season 2 - 5 stars.
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