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on 17 July 2014
The Fly/ The Fly 2 is a double feature with both films on separate discs. It's a great deal especially if you cant afford the blu-ray and you basically get two great films, both which have great transfers so no complaints there. The fly remake from 1986 is still to this day a solid and creepy picture, a remake of the original Vincent Price classic which almost surpasses it in every way. Canadian director David Cronenberg was just beginning to make some of his best work and this was made at his peak of his career, flirting with the bug thing that would become a staple of his career in later films like Naked Lunch and the goo-laden Existance. Forever the co-star, Jeff Golblum seized this title role and perfectly guided Seth Brundle's descent into Brundlefly. Veronica Quaife (Gena Davis) is a journalist for a science magazine, trying to find a break-through story that can make her career and happens upon Seth Brundle (Goldblum). Brundle convinces her to come back to his lab and check out his project. It's there he reveals his life-project; his teleportation chambers, only these aren't just any normal telepods, they can transfer things from place to place. Only it has not been perfected to where it can transfer a living creature and Seth offers Veronica or as he calls her Ronnie, to stay with him and film what will happen when he perfects it. There Ronnie and Seth fall for each other and begin an affair while trying to perfect the machines. There is one little past problem of Ronnie's, her ex and boss, Stathis played by John Getz, wants Ronnie back, but she refuses and continues the project. When she's gone away from Seth, he gets drunk and goes into the telepod not even sure of the results to come, unfortunately a fly accidentally gets into the machine with him and he telepods successfully! Everything seems fine at first, until he slowly transforms into a hideous creature/mutant fly. The Fly is a creative and gross but nevertheless awesome movie with great performances and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I don't think you will be disappointed. It's just a fun watch for a midnight with your friends and you want a good scare. The effects are cool and not cheap and the make up fx were truly magnificent. The Fly is a phenomenally well-made, exciting movie, light years ahead of the 1958 'original' of which this is only vaguely a remake. Cronenberg totally understands his material, and as a result gets everything just about spot on - he saves the best till last, with a final shot and fade to black which feel just exactly right. Extras include an original trailer, behind the scenes featurette and cast and crew interviews.

I honestly don't see what the issue is with the sequel. Didn't understand all the criticism as I really thought it was quite good and very underrated, the film was surprisingly even gorier than the first. The film was directed by the creature effects artist of the original - and sequel: Chris Walas. You might recognize his name, because he wrote "Gremlins 2" and did the creature effects for "Gremlins," as well. Anyway, he directs the film pretty good for a creature effects artist. Part Two begins as Veronica, the pregnant girlfriend of tragic deceased scientific genius Seth Brundle, dies whilst giving birth to son Martin under the watchful eye of Bartok Industries, the organisation that funded Seth's telepod experiments. Thanks to the unique human/fly genetic make-up he has inherited from his father, Martin experiences accelerated growth, and by the age of five, is a fully grown scientific whizz-kid (played by Eric Stoltz) working for his benefactor Anton Bartok (on the same telepod project that claimed his father's life) and romancing pretty computer operator Beth Logan (Daphne Zuniga). Bartok (Lee Richardson), however, is not as benevolent as he seems: with his own wicked agenda in mind, he has led Martin to believe that his rapid growth is the result of a very rare growth disorder, and has kept the lad under continuous observation, waiting for the day that his dormant insect genes fully awaken to transform him into a multi-limbed monster. Whether you watch this sequel immediately after the first film or years later, you'll soon realize that "The Fly 2" stands on its own merits as a crisp horror tale, as well as continuing a legacy with intellect and thrills. Maybe having Frank Darabont ("The Mist", "The Shawshank Redemption") work on the script helped bring the depth and arc this follow up required. A great followup that offers spirited performances from B-list stars Stoltz and Zuniga, a touch of pathos with a memorable key scene involving a mutated dog, and a whole slew of top-notch special effects, the most stomach churning of which see one poor guy having his head crushed by an elevator! Extras include an original theatrical trailer, cast and crew interviews and a making of the fly 2 featurette.
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on 3 February 2008
Before I get into it, I have just one warning for you. Don't eat anything while you're watching either one of these films. Now that that's cleared up, I would like to stress just how much of a masterpiece the first Fly film really is.

Anyone who has seen the original film starring Vincent Price will have some idea of what to expect from this remake; a terrible teleportation accident in which a fly gets into the same teleportation device that the main character is in. But while in the original, the result was that the human body came out of the other device with the head and arm of the fly (vice-versa for the body of the fly), the result in this remake is much more horrible.

Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) is the doomed scientist who is dabbling in the use of teleportation, and Geena Davis plays Veronica, the journalist who is covering his work and who is also Brundle's love interest in the film. Together, they perfect the teleportation sequence to transport organic tissue. Brundle becomes angry; however, as he believes that Veronica is still seeing her ex-partner and magazine editor, Stathis Borans (John Getz), and proceeds to test the "telepod" on himself and accidentally splices himself with a common housefly. What follows is a truly disturbing sequence of events as Brundle gradually decomposes into something far from human, while Veronica finds herself caring for him. Directed by the masterful David Cronenberg, and featuring a great cast as well as completely believable and grotesque special effects, The Fly is a terrifying romantic horror film with an underlying message in the form of aging and inevitable death.

As you would expect, The Fly 2 doesn't live up to the epic first film. Despite this, it is certainly a competent horror film in its own right. Unlike the first film, there is no underlying message, and there is certainly no strong romantic sub-plot. Instead, the film concentrates on conventional sci-fi/horror/gore techniques and in those respects it certainly succeeds and is therefore very entertaining at times. What effectively makes this film are the special effects, which have certainly been improved upon since the last film (in which the effects were great themselves) and makes the (infrequent) gory moments very convincing. The plot concerns the son of Seth Brundle and how he is being kept like some form of lab rat at Bartok Industries (the company that funded Brundle in the first film). It is not long, however, before his dormant insect genes take over, and he takes revenge on those that have kept him and lied to him over the years, making for some truly intense final scenes.

I highly recommend that you buy this set. There are very few special features aside from some satisfying audio commentaries, but the picture and sound quality of both the films has definitely been perfected, unlike many other DVD's of older films which just seem to have been copied and pasted onto a disk. Buy it for the films and not the extras and you won't be disappointed by this exceptionally good box set.

But be afraid... very afraid.
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on 23 February 2016
First of all i like all types of horror movies, especially the B-class ones.

I really liked and enjoyed The Fly with J. Goldblum and G. Davis. Although I'm always very skeptical when it comes to sequels, I decided to give The Fly 2 chance.

The main problem with this movie is the fact, that it lacks everything that made the first part such a great movie!
Both J. Goldblum and Geena Davies are great actors, I'm sorry to say that, but E. Stolz and E. Duniga are dull and not anywhere as good as the original couple. The script of The Fly was clever, intelligent and full of humor. There were elements of sci-fi, horror and even love story. Perfect mixture. in my opinion. The script of The Fly 2 was bad and had none of the things mentioned above.

I watched this movie to the end, as I very rarely decide to give up, but I'm sure I will never come back to The Fly 2.
I think this movie is only for horror hard-core fans, but even some of them will be disappointed.
Definitely, I do not recommend this movie. You better watch first part again.
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on 7 February 2012
I know The Fly is a theatrical masterpiece so i'm not talking about that i'm giving this one star purely because when I recived this Double Pack of The Fly & its sequel because I saw the first film on TV and really enjoyed it so I really wanted to watch this again aswell as the sequel (despite its bad reviews) because that also sounded interesting. Anyway when I took of the plastic wrapping I saw that it only came with The Fly II not the first one even though it clearly said on the cover The Fly I & II and it had the discription of both movies on the blurb so I was really disapointed, I don't recommend buying this just buy the two movies individually (plus more special features =)
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on 21 February 2013
As always,never as good as the first one but still watchable.
Is fly 3 on the way?!
Buzz buzz buzz!!
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on 8 May 2014
two great films as Geoff goldblume a scientist invents teleportation and turn into a flie,dont eat your tea as it may put you off,in the second part his son kept in a research lab makes friends with a dog that ends up deformed as they try to get the portation pods working again and as a multi millionaire shows his bad side,a sad par I thought for the dog but revenge as the flie stronger and larger gets the millionaire in the same situation as the dog the boy so loved
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on 8 June 2009
Seth Brundle is a scientist who has grown up with an inability to ride in cars, trains etc due to travel sickness. As such he has devoted all his research into creating the world's first teleports. Using the devices to transport himself, he is unaware of the fly which has found its way into the teleport booth. Before long he finds he has super-human strength, can walk on the ceiling and has a craving for anything with sugar in it. This is a superb re-imagining of the 1950s horror film. Jeff Goldblum is great as Brundle, there are strong performances from everyone concerned, some real edge-of-seat moments, brilliant effects including transformation scenes and barely a dull moment. The Fly 2 involves the rapidly-growing son of Brundle and a ruthless scientist's attempts to take advantage of both him and his father's inventions. Though not a match for its predecessor, Fly 2 is still a very enjoyable film.
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on 14 April 2017
This film kinda sucks and didn't need to be made. It pales in comparison to the Goldblum Fly. However, the gore is on point.
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on 12 March 2015
Turned up at my door really quickly we watched disk 1 had no problems however when playing disk 2 half way though we had problems it kept stopping after 5 or 6 times of tryning to restart we just had to totally skip 10 mains of the film where the problem was
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on 17 March 2018
Very much enjoyed and pleased, thank you
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