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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2006
Another cracker from NOFX. The last couple of albums have been somewhat experimental, with mixed results - good on War on Errorism, poor on Pump up the Valuum. This album takes elements of those and adds a healthy dose of the classic sound of the likes of White Trash... and even Ribbed. It isn't as good as So Long..., but it's one of their best and deserves a place in any punk's collection.
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on 24 November 2006
I've been a NOFX fan since they released punk in drublic and love this band, they're one of the most consistently great bands in rock music releasing one great album after another until now that is, don't get me wrong, this album is pretty good and definitely one of the better punk releases of late so worth getting if you're a NOFX fan but certainly not a NOFX album you should buy if you're just getting into the band. There are some really decent songs on it like USA holes or leaving jesusland and seeing double at the triple rock. It annoyed me though that some of the songs on the ep never trust a hippy which was released before the album are better, why didn't they put that stuff on the album in place of some of the weaker songs?

Not near as good as their last one war on errorism or their previous studio album pump up the valuum both great. If you want supreme NOFX though buy punk in drublic or white thrash,two heebs and a bean both classics
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on 17 August 2012
I think mikes writing ability has grown in recent times, with this album and now coaster. this album shows that these guys just never seem to get old, or just seem to be doing it for the money (As said on "60% reprise"). for some reason i cant seem to get "instant crassic" out of my head, which seems to piss my girlfriend off nicely. Genious as ever, thankyou nofx.
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on 24 October 2006
uhm person below be, NOFX are NOT a new band, been around since like `84. i really like this record, though it doesnt quite stand together, it has many great songs.

Track 1. 60%, good song, slow at start, but like many nofx songs break into a pretty awesome ending, catchy

Track 2. USA-Holes, fast, bassy and catchy this sogn talks about america today. would of fitted well on War on Errorism.

Track 3. Seeing DOuble at the triple rock, fun, fast addictive, a classic nofx song in clasic nofx format.

Track 4. We March to the beat of an indifferent drum. ok song, not my favourite, still good though

Track 5. THe marxist brothers, i loved this song on the never trust a hippy ep, full of great lines, bt not to great musically, but a great song. (the ppls revolution, is gonna be a podcast) does have a little awesome part at the end.

track 6. THe man i killed. CLever idea, fat mike fantasizes about killing someone, im thinking a certain priesident...

Track 7. Benny GOt Blowed up - apparently a friend of nofxs gave up heroin and joined the army. good fast song

track 8. LEaving jesusland - probably the best track on the cd, a perfect by the book nofx song.

Track 9. Getting high on the down low, pretty good i guess, not great for nofx but great for any other band

Track 10. COol and unusual punishment - funny and great song about the japenese

Track 11. WOlves in wolves clothing. a bit like 60% starts slow and cuts into awesomeness.

Track 12. Cantado Es espanol. El hefe does some singing in spanish, meh. i likes it better when i understand. but hey the lyrics might be awesome if you know spanish, so give it a listen.

track 13. 100 times fuckedeer, good fast catchy nofx song

track 14. INstant crassic - only (kinda) love song on the cd.

Track 15. You will lose faith. a great song about christian (well all religion reall). prepare to be offended or agreeing, though if ur a nofx fan ull hpfuly be agreeing

track 16. one celled creature, heavy on the drums song, i like it, deosnt sound tht much like nofx. i think mel sings.

Track 17. A tribute acoustic song about some friends of nofxs

track 18. 60% REPRISE. first song with some diff lyrics. lotta fun.

xtra track, lots of the songs played acoustic
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on 2 May 2006
I'm a massive fan of Nofx, seen them live 3 times, own all their albums... fat mike is my hero, the band are legendary... all fact!

Unfortunatley, this album just doesn't hit the mark, I thought it might be a grower... but after 5 listens, its just not getting any better. There is no stand out track, its Nofx... simple as that, same old same old, nothing new, and unlike other albums, just nothing no make you wanna jump around, or bring a great dirty smile to your face!

Buy any other album but this one if you're a new of Nofx. 'So Long & Thanks For All The Shoes', Heavy Petting Zoo', Punk In Drublic', White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean... even their last effort 'The War On Errorism', which I think was an ace album... just don't buy this if your going to buy your 1st Nofx album... although to be fair its far superior than most supposed "punk" which come out these days.

Maybe Fat Mike has been stretching himself too far... with releasing a new 7" every month with the 7" of the month club.

I dunno... I just feel a bit let down, should have been better! I expect more from Nofx I guess *sad face*
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on 17 May 2006
I don't know what the other reviewer is thinking saying this is a 'poor effort'. It really is quite possibly their best release to date. I always find myself skipping to this album when listening to it on my PC out of all the other albums!

I admit it is different substantially to the other albums (with the exception of War on Errorism).

The sound is not traditional NOFX; It's not as Lo-Fi and old school punk as previous albums. It's more more nu-school.

The lyrics and subject matter in this release are funny and thought-provoking.

Top songs to look out for on here are 'Leaving Jesusland' 'USA Holes' and '...Tripple Rock'.

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on 31 January 2008
Good songs - nothing stands out.

Half of the songs on this cd were already available on the 7" singles and Never trust a hippy ep that preceded this release(some in slighlty different formats)

I like it better than Valuum and less than Errorism

Also the double cd set doesn't inlcude two cd's of NoFX music

The second disc is a Fat Wreck Chords sampler - although this isn't mentioned on the packaging
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on 20 March 2016
Dan , chief6
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on 8 June 2006
After being left very dissapointed with the rather lame "War on Errorism" i am glad to say this is a big return to the NOFX we all love. They have beefed the guitar sound back up again which was lacking in the former release. I can honestly say there is not a bad track on this album even the rather odd "Cantado En Espanol" is catchy as hell.

Stand out track for me is the superb "Leaving Jesusland",I would put this is the top 5 NOFX songs of all time!

I'm already looking forward to album number 12, lets just hope they hurry up while the momentum is there.......
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on 1 August 2015
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