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One year in the life of New York's emergency services - focus here on the police, paramedics and firefighters of the 3-11.00pm shift. Prepare at once to be swept away by the pace, depth, sheer realism of it all. The first few episodes are a bit hard to take in with so much happening, so many people involved. Soon the central characters become more familiar - all totally believable and extremely well acted.

Each episode provides much food for thought and is completely involving - viewers destined for laughter, tears, at times unbearable tension and the occasional very real shock. Here there is no such thing as an ordinary day, especially with so many guns around.

Characters forever surprise, showing unexpected aspects. At first Bosco seems just a "Jack the Lad" - ultra right wing, homophobic, but revelations about his childhood increase understanding and there are many instances of a more caring side. Yokas, a thoroughly dependable cop, at one point is goaded beyond endurance and deals devastatingly with a jeering gang leader. We grow to care what happens to them - and to Doc, Kim, Bobby, Jimmy, Carlos. The relationship between new recruit Ty Davis and veteran Sully is of special interest - Ty the son of Sully's former partner, shot dead in front of him ten years earlier. Nobody thought Ty would last but he emerges all the stronger. In a way, so do we.

Episode 17 deserves special mention - for once, no frenetic activity. The crews are on standby as Presidential hopefuls debate. They reflect on callouts never to be forgotten, politics, religion, the death penalty. Here is a script to treasure. Absolutely superb (as they all are actually).

This is television of a very high order - unsurprisingly as it comes from the creators of "The West Wing" and "ER". What DOES surprise, and greatly sadden, is that it was never given a prime viewing spot over here.

Thank you, Amazon reviewers. Your wholehearted praise alerted me to a series I would otherwise have missed.
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on 18 April 2017
Perfect, thanks
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on 16 August 2006
If you are a fan of ER you will love this.Its fast paced with loads of action.Basically its a show about the third watch shift, police,paramedics and firefighters who work the 3pm-11pm shift.It has some wonderful, colourful characters, one of the best is a police officer called 'bosco', he is a bit like Romano in ER,funny, straight talking, and doesn't care about anyone or anything.The relationship he has with his work partner 'faith' is really funny, shes a cross between his mother and his wife.Jimmy the firefighter,is good looking and boy does he know it, he gets into loads of scrapes, mostly with women, and lots of them.He was married to kim the paramedic, but the relationship ended when he slept with her sister.

Moving on to the future of the programme,for those of you who don't know it was shown on tv, in a silly time slot for 5 series, and then it stopped. Lots of episodes were cut because of the content. I think it began in 1999/2000, but has only just come out on dvd. I believe there was a problem getting copyrights over the music/soundtrack,and thats another thing, the music is really good.What i will say to those of you who have bought series one, or who are considering it, is it just keeps getting better.The characters really develop and the story lines get better and more hard hitting.I think later on in another series, there is a special episode relating to 9/11.

Needless to say i think this is brilliant, the packaging is also good and a little different to other box sets, as each disc comes in its own case.So what are you waiting for, give this a try.I think you will love it!
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on 15 December 2006
I found this by accident when channel hopping whilst bored one night and have been hooked ever since. Would recommend it to anyone - great characters and fantastic storylines.

Only one negative note - why are we not able to purchase a box set of all 6 series as available in USA?
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on 25 July 2007
I bought this series on the back of many enjoyable US boxsets, without expectations. Third Watch has proved to be a splendid view, well worth the price and delivering with each episode.

I was please to note that many of the production/writing team from ER were involved in the show. Combining the three parts of the NY emergency services into one idea showed inspiration, and it is admirable that no one service is neglected in order to concentrate overly on another. The humour is plentiful, as is the engaging American ability not to take themselves too seriously. I consider the writing on the show sustains the pedigree of its peers.

I hope that the remaining series will be released soon. It would be a shame to miss the other 5 boxsets when the other reviewers are enthusiastic about the continuing quality of Third Watch. Enjoy - I'm confident you'll be a fan from the first siren.
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on 24 July 2006
What a show! From start to finish this one of the greatest dramas ever to make it to television. Fantastic characters with the unheralded molly price, skipp suddath and michael beach to name just a few putting in heart stopping performances. The star of series one is the magnificent JASON WILES who plays Maurice Boscorelli with such raw enthusiasm and energy. This guy should be a star! High octane police chases along with brave rescues and life saving from the guys on squad 55 and Adam and Boy 553 of the fdny! What can i say this show grabs you by the throat from the minute you hear the opening music and you see "bosco" racing down the street after a bad guy!

Mesmerising show with a great dedicated cast that in the end were ruined by nbc and their total ignorance and sheer stubborness to always have this show on at desperate times!

NBC were the true losers!

"Cmon ...... a little bedstuy with bosco?"
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on 25 May 2006
I just got my DVD set from the UK, and I love this show. I never saw the first season I began watching on the 2nd season. Well here in the usa they are not selling this on DVD yet, but I got it as a gift and all I need was Region free DVD player. This was one of the best shows I have ever watched. Having a husband who is an EMT for the FDNY it is amazing to watch what it is like to wrok on the streets of NY. This show gets 5 stars from me.
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It was very humbling to discover this box set. I had never seen nor heard of Third watch. I saw this on sale on Amazon, with a picture of Kim Ravers (24) and Eddie Cibrian (sunset beach), I felt I could not go wrong as I like both actors. What a cracker! An eye opener into the world of EMS! The series followed the heroic acts of a group of police officers, firefighters, and paramedics in the fictional 55th Precinct and Fire Station 55 whose shifts fell between 3 pm. and 11 pm, the so called "third watch

It is a great depiction of the life and work of these men and women who put their lives on the line in the service of others -the emergency medical services staff. What was so touching was that these men and women were constantly thrust into dangerous situation and they never balked, but just did what ever they had to do to save lives. Were it possible to award medals for the conception of this series and the crisp writing, I think this should be given a double gold award.

As a hospital staff this was even more poignant as my respect for the ambulance men and women rose to new heights. I could relate to the fact that they were often not appreciated as depicted in some of the scenes with the character Dr. Morales - the attending at the hospital who constantly criticised them and found faults in whatever they did.

The series did well to depict the personal lives, home situation and everyday problems encountered by this men and women as a result of the nature of their job, how they cope after loss of their colleagues in the line of fire, how they support each other in good times and in bad times. I enjoyed the love triangle between Bobby (Bobby Cannavale), Kim (Kim RAVERS) and Jimmy(Eddie Cibrian). Bosco's quest for glory and irresponsible antics, and Sully's even temper and responsible policing.

I really enjoyed this series as it broadened my view of the EMS and gave me a new insight into the lives of fire men, emergency police and the paramedics.

Sadly there is no news of release of the subsequent series (S2 -S6), we live in hope. You can't go wrong with this set if you like action, thrillers or police and medical drama.
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on 6 April 2007
hi, i forgot all about this tv series after waching it on tv. i brought it staight away. it follows the stories of the new york police department, fire department and the guys in the ambulence. there is action in every episode and it also shows the characters homelife which makes you feel for the characters. one of the best tv series out there. i want all the other seasons to come out. there are at least 4 which puts this out of the cheesy section of tv. thanks.
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on 20 December 2007
This is the most fantastic show ever. If you are a fan of ER this won't disappoint you. I am very sad that I cannot buy the full series. I love the action and the personal and professional lives of the characters. I will never be able to understand why this was given a late night showing or mid morning, axed to death. It is a shame; it deserves better and then there would be even more viewers.
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