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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

VINE VOICEon 19 January 2012
The Seiko SKX781 (or "Orange Monster") has been around, along with its stable mate the SKX779 (Black Monster), for about ten years now, and in that time has become something of legend among certain circles. It is intended as an affordable automatic diver's watch, and internet research will demonstrate that it regularly appears in "top ten diver's watches for less than £250" listings.

What's the attraction then? - Let's start by saying that this is quite a big and heavy lump of stainless steel to carry on your wrist. Build quality is generally agreed to be good, and you certainly get the impression that this watch will be with you for a few years to come. The aesthetics are slightly different from the myriad of "Rolex Submariner lookalikes" available in this price range - Whilst the "black monster" is probably the more conventional of the two in it's appearance, the "Orange monster" is rarer in the European market and slightly harder (although not difficult) to track down. I understand that the orange face provides better visibility if you are using it underwater, if I'm honest I haven't been diving for a few years now, either way the orange certainly stands out from the crowd.

The uni direction lapsed time bezel is unusual in that it sits within the casing of the watch. It has a brushed finish with markings etched into it, and deep knurls to assist easy rotation when wet or wearing gloves. As with other Seikos I own, the bezel has a firm positive movement with 120 clicks per full rotation.

The heart of the watch is the "Seiko 7S26" 21 jewel automatic movement used in a few other similar models. It's a tried and tested movement, and whilst not as refined as those used in Swiss watches for ten or twenty times the price, its a rugged and reliable, if slightly bulky movement which is generally good for +/- 15 to 30 seconds a day. On this note, an automatic movement will never be as accurate as an electronic quartz one, but they are often favoured for diver's watches as the lack of need to replace any battery means that you don't have to constantly pay to have the seals renewed each time. Personally I prefer them anyway - there's something about an entirely mechanical set up in the same way that steam trains and classic cars appeal to many. The only downside of course is that because the power is provided by the motion of a small rotor inside the watch, which uses the motion of the wearer's wrist to wind itself up, if you don't wear it - it will stop. Typically, and in common with most automatics, this watch will give around a 40 hour power reserve from "full".

The watch is available on a bracelet or a rubber strap. Personally I'd pay the extra for the bracelet every time. It really is a good one, which receives acclaim in most reviews of this watch. It's comfortable, quiet, and compares very favourably with the bracelet on a couple of Omega watches I have, that cost several times the price.

Possibly the most striking feature of this watch is the lume. The markings are Seiko's "lumibrite", and the quality is outstanding. It is another feature which most reviewers are very impressed with, and easily the best of any watch I own (and there's a few). I think I can say with a degree of certainty that you will not find better lume at anywhere near this price range anywhere else... and possibly not at all!

In summary : A awful lot of watch for the money. A bit unconventional in many ways, and possibly not to everyone's taste in appearance... but it looks far better in the flesh than in photos I think. It is really well built, represents great value for money, is a bit of a legend in certain circles, and I would recommend it as a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to spend less than £250 on quality automatic diver that should last them many years to come.
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on 3 January 2014
Hi I purchased this watch from Yorkshire Watches.It arrived promptly but had a tendency to stop while being worn on occasion especially at night I contacted seller, who advised he had sold hundreds with no problem and that I should persevere and I should also purchase a watch winder which I did.After continuous use for approx six weeks the watch was still faulty.I returned the watch at my own expense to Yorkshire Watches.After less than a week Yorkshire Watches phoned and advised that they could find no fault and when I disagreed he suggested that I had only wanted a change of style of watch.I advised that I would accept a replacement,he then stated that since the watch had been worn he could only replace the watch body,this I accepted,he backtracked and would only replace the movement .I asked if the watch was so reliable why did he keep movements,he let slip he would take it from a new watch.I was not confident he would do this and refused.I received 2/3 value of watch as refund from Yorkshire Watches.
Buyer Beware I am totally disgusted and would never buy from Yorkshire Watches again
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on 20 August 2014
I bought this for my husband and he was over the moon. It is such a sturdy, solid watch and it looks great too. Very easy to see the time even in the dark with the luminous dials. :-)
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on 16 May 2013
This watch is great. I thoroughly reviewed it before buying, yet it exceeds expectations! There really isnt anything like it in Europe, it is very different. I was worried that accuracy would be a problem, but its fine - the automatic movement is lovely, makes a real change. It sits on my wrist very nicely, and I have slender wrists, and doesnt feel too big. I wear it all the time, even under work shirts. Honestly, it just makes me chuckle and smile as it is a bit crazy. I recommend taking it to a good jeweller to adjust the strap, it cost me £7 and was well worth it. Love it to bits.
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on 17 December 2011
This watch is a true classic and in the internet there was written everything about it already. However when buying it check with the seller if you going to get box and user's manual, as you might get just the watch in grey card board box. Not good if you buying the watch for a gift or as a collector.
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on 8 June 2008
The Orange Monster (OM) is a cult watch amongst "watch watchers". The quality of these watches is very good for what really is a good price. They are automatic so battery free for life. The watch is robust enough and obviously waterproof enough to wear all the time (even in the bath for a shallow dive). Once owned you might (like me) find yourself insisting that maybe the Seiko Black Monster a.k.a "BM" might be a good companion to be joining Orangey.....and you will be ordering one next chance subject to funds when the wife isn't looking and you think you can get away with it. I do think the BM has the edge on visibility and looks but the OM has a quirky quality. The only downside is that I think Monsters can tend to run a couple of minutes fast a week, this can however be an issue with many self wind automatic watches and could be no doubt adjusted at some cost by a jeweller. The fact of the matter is this is no Oris, Rolex or Omega so for the price you can definitely live with this and yet still have a very classy looking wristwatch. Remember however to fully re-secure the crown at the 1600 hrs position when you adjust the time as you don't want any leaks creeping in. The stainless steel chunkiness of the watch is honestly first rate. Just look up the watch on the internet and see the finishing quality on the bezel. Do not hesitate to get one of these I promise you will receive compliments and enjoy owning one....or two. Don't even talk to me about the yellow or blue or even red Monster versions! Two is reasonable 5 would be pushing it.
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on 30 August 2008
This has got to be one of the best dive watches around for the price . The automatic movement is crisp and unbeatable. Once you get used to the size and brash colouring you begin to realise what a classic you have on your wrist. Seiko have released some other monsters with different coloured faces, but this ones by far the most pocket friendly. The same watch virtually but £200 pounds or more cheaper. Look and you tell me the difference. This watch has been on my wrist with it's sweeping second hand smoothly taking it's inevitable journey round the face for months without one fault. It also has the day and the date on the 3 oclock position. A real chunky mans watch that you know you are wearing. Absolutely superb.. I like it by the way....
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on 13 February 2013
If you didn't like the looks, you wouldn't be reading this. A well-made, solid watch. Gets up to speed quickly, ie no lag when you start wearing it after it's run down. Very accurate. Fine for swimming etc.
Downsides- well it is damned chunky and despite the cleverly offset crown it grazes the back of my hand. It's heavy enough to alter my gait so my left arm doesn't swing as much- and I'm a heavy six footer.
One warning- this watch is not officially sold in Europe. I would guess the vendor I bought it from had it sitting around on a shelf for a long time, because it just did not work when I got it. A local Seiko main dealer sent it back to Seiko to service, which was expensive. The service was very thorough, and I got back a certficate showing depth-testing, so kinda cool. I should probably have sent the watch back to the vendor, but I liked it too much and had been slavering after it too long.
I'm happy with the watch itself, but ideally would have bought from the Far East/Pacific states where it's officially sold.
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on 30 September 2013
Great watch, a true classic from Seiko. Nice big and chunky. Orange dial looks stunning and the lume is superb.
Great looking bracelet with part brushed and part polished stainless steel links and solid end links. It also has a divers extension on the clasp so easily fits over a wet suit. If you need any links removing from the bracelet then I would recommend taking the watch to a competent jeweller because they are a pain in the ass to do yourself, the links are held with a pin and a tiny collar which are easy to lose and without the collar the watch will fall apart!
The watch has a ultra smooth 120 click unidirectional bezel. Accuracy is pretty good, but it has a non hacking movement so setting the seconds dead on is not that easy, but if your that bothered about that then you would need a quartz watch.
Overall I would recommend this watch it's a classic.
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on 25 June 2012
Excellent service from the seller.

Some call this watch huge! And it's name would suggest so, but it's not all that big in reality.

Sturdy and functional. The winding mechanism/crown is a little graunchy compared to some of my other watches, but they cost rather more.

The orange dial is very striking, and easily readable with the lumed hands.....the lume on this watch is outstanding!!!

I took 2 links from the bracelet and I have 7.5" Wrists, so if you are worried about the size of the bracelet....don't be. It's quite easy to remove the links too.

I'll definitely be getting a rubber strap for this watch too. again, it'll be an easy swap to give another great look.

This is my only Seiko, and it's impressed me.

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