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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2006
OK. I'll give this game credit. It is more original than many a FPS out there, and I guess it deserves some of your time.

But not much.

You start off playing thinking it's a bit weird, and then it gets better...

Beautiful graphics, original storyline with challenging but not overly hard puzzles, cool guns, cool locations with innovative ideas (the gravity belts and room rotating etc etc) and strange but impressive enemies.

So far so good I hear you say.


And why the poor rating then?

Well, I just got bored of it. It's ever so samey.

Walk into room. Kill bad guys. Activate something to solve puzzle. Enter more bad guys. Kill bad guys. Exit room.

Walk through corridors.

Enter room. Kill bad guys. Activate something...... you get the idea.

You get bored of the rotating rooms, the funny paths that lead up walls and ceilings that you can walk up.

Even the 'spirit world' ends up being a bit tedious.

It just doesn't seem to evolve very much the further you progress into the game, and I kinda wish it did.

Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad game, but it's just not as great as some of the reviews I read before buying it. I guess maybe all the hype made me think it would be exceptional. And it isn't.

Download the demo and give it a try. Just don't expect the full version of the game to add much more to it.
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on 26 March 2007
Despite some negative reviews I think this game is well balanced FPS with some puzzles thrown in, but maybe slighty too easy for experienced players. The graphics are great and I loved the fact you can walk on the walls and that enemies can spawn above you. This keeps you on your toes and is fairly unique? (Tribes Vengence only other that springs to mind I have played). Get yourself a second hand copy and you wont be disappointed! I'm running P4 3.6Ghz, 2Gb Ram, Sapphire x850xt.
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on 22 July 2006
Well I got the game three days ago in a FNAC store. Went home eager to try the game out.

The first impressions are marvellous, with stunning graphics and a smooth feeling to the game mechanics it grips onto you immediately. The story of being a Cherokee indian is a very intriguing one and one cherokee Indian who finds out later on in the game that he has special powers.

Essentially though the story is quite similar to other games and, apart from the fact that you want to move out of Texas and that your girlfriend wants to stay, the main story is the same old formula, become a hero and save the world from aliens. Although this story is considerably better than most shooter's out there, a story of a shooter is by and large not what makes a good FPS.

There are around nine weapons to choose from and you may carry all of them at the same time much like in a Quake game, however you will have to pick these weapons up as you progress through this game, they are thankfully not all available to you from the start.

This game is happenning in our space of time but since your character was took by aliens into a spaceship the weapons, apart from your melee weapon which is a simple screwdriver are quite futuristic and the weapons do remind you slightly of quake with a rocket launcher and chaingun. Some of these weapons are quite interesting such as a weapon which can freeze enemies with ice to kill the alien.

There are several creatures in the game whch you must kill, unfortunately there are not many different types of creatures, only around 5 which is not bad but soon enough the game does become fairly repetitive and the game is no longer as interesting as before. No boos fights, but nobody really expects that foma FPS.

Many people noted that Prey had special features, well yes, at first these special features are quite revealing and interesting but soon enough the surprise factor wears off and you no longer feel like it's something that special. I'll try to explain a bit more on these special features which only Prey has to set itself apart from other FPS's.

The first special features is the fact that you can turn gravity around... This isn't easy to explain, basically there are ways in which you may make the gravity come from another direction so instead of standing on the floor you stand on the ceiling or on the wall. There are many area's where you may do this. And there are also some staircases of anti gravity... basically these staircases will be a route or trail for you to follow and these trails go up walls and ceilings and this is the only way for you in some cases to reach another part of a game, if you jump off the trail though you will immediately fall off and land on your feet but right underneath where you were walking. OK, it's hard to explain but basically this feature is probably the only really interesting new feature of Prey.

The other feature are the "portals" if you may. These portals are basically doors whch lead you into a completely different place and not just the next room of a corridor. Now this could have been much more interesting unfortunately they didn't capitalize on this feature. Since the game is extremely linear there are normally no more than one portal to go into and I just have this huge feeling that Prey could've been perfect is only there could be some type of problem solving involved with these portals to have to enter two worlds to do two things before moving on instead of the typical enter this, kill this, move to next. 2K games might as well have made these portals doors in my opinion.

The third and final special feature is the fact that as an Indian you may use the special spirit powers which could have also been made much better... These powers only ever turn out useful when there's a "forcefield" which you can only enter in your spirit form or if you die. Yes if you die you don't annoyingly start the entire mission over but instead go to your spirit land and kill some birds to regain health, luckily this will only take you twenty or so seconds and it is probably more entertaining than starting the entire mission from scratch. This does however reduce the fear of dying and makes the game feel so simplistic and easy that there are basically no penalties for dying...

As for multiplayer, well don't buy this game for multiplayer, it is nothing like most of the current active multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, halflife or Unreal. And if you buy this game just buy it for the ten or so hours of single player campaign.

Ultimately, prey was a game which was mega hyped and which everyone wanted. And a game which in my eyes could have been so much more. Instead it is still a rather fun play through but when those "special features" aren't that "special" anymore the game is just another FPS to finnish. And without any real value in keeping this game for multiplayer it is still an OK game but no better than say, Sniper Elite. Prey is a game which could have been ground breaking and which had the potential to be ground breaking but unfortunately Prey didn't use the groundbreaking features in a groundbreaking manner.
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VINE VOICEon 26 May 2008
This excellent game sees you playing the part of a modern day Native American who gets kidnapped by disgusting aliens. You have to rescue your girlfriend whilst destroying the Death Star (again). Been here before!

In many senses Prey is an old style, traditional shoot 'em up, with cardboard cut out bad guys ever ready to impale themselves helpfully on your weaponry. But in several important aspects the game play is innovative and fresh.

First there are the gravity tricks. The game is set in space, right? So, gravity is optional to begin with. Developing this idea leads to glowing magnetic walkways that take you spiralling overhead into the ceiling. Jump off the walkway and you flip back to the floor. All the while getting shot at and shooting back.

Or the switches that flip the gravity centre of entire rooms, allowing you to send baddies plunging to their doom.

As well as effectively quadrupling the available game play space, these mechanisms set up some wonderful puzzles. How do I get that box over to that ledge whilst that force field is in the way? Flip the room, push the box, and flip the room back. That kinda thing.

Then there are the portals - an innovation closely related to Valve's recent Orange Box puzzler Portal, with which it shares a common development heritage. In Prey the portals are pre-set, but mind-bendingly fun nevertheless.

As if that wasn't enough, your character can become a spirit and pass invisibly through certain obstacles (such as laser surveillance and force fields), allowing you to get access to otherwise unreachable goals. You replenish your spirit energy by sucking up the glowing souls of your dead enemies, and when you die it isn't "game over". You get sooked through to a swirling spirit realm where you take pot shots at your disgraced ancestors to get your health back.

Sounds confusing, don't it? But it all makes perfect sense in a game that is paced to lead you through the various mechanisms.

The game looks great, being based on an updated version of the Doom 3 engine which allows much greater scope for rendering extremely large play areas. Metallic textures and organic alien sliminess are delivered with equal fidelity. Perhaps the only minor quibble would be the occasionally unconvincing character animation.

With a soundtrack by Jeremy Soule who composed the music for the likes of Oblivion and some convincing voice acting, there is hardly a weak element in the game.

The scope is breathtaking, matching the likes of Half Life 2.

It's closest relatives are Doom 3 and Bioshock, with a nod in the direction of the aforementioned Half Life 2. If Doom 3 disappointed you, then you may well love Prey. It's everything that game should have been, and more.
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on 11 September 2006
After all the good reviews that I have read I was really looking forward to Prey. Unfortunately in my opinion it just did not live up to all the hype. On first inspection the game seemed to tick all the right boxes, it looked great and the game play was ok with a few interesting facets such as the wall walking, spirit walking, and portals leading to various different rooms. However after a couple of hours running around exactly the same landscape fighting aliens that just don't seem to do anything different and a plot line that doesn't progress anywhere my interest definitely started to wane.

Most games try to vary the look and feel of each level to stop boredom; the guys that developed this didn't even attempt to do this, resulting in a game that feels like one never ending stage. Prey does redeem itself slightly by having some fairly decent weapons but not enough to raise it above two stars; all in all it's pretty disappointing.
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on 7 July 2006
more a warning, as the normal review does NOT state this and it really *should*. this game requires internet activation. if you dont have it you cannot play. for this reason I had to cancel my order.

this is 3d realms own site.

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on 15 October 2006
I have played a lot of FPS games; Half Life 2, Doom 3, Quake 4 and Fear to name a few and this game has some great new ideas. The truly 3D environment is totally original and the spirit world is a clever twist to avoid redoing levels. However it rarely seems to provide a challenge. It just was not hard enough. I finished it in a week which I think is too quick and once you get the idea of enemies being in any direction the novelty quickly wears thin. I felt it could have been so much better and the levels should have been more varied. Overall I felt this was a disappointing game but had some great new ideas.
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on 18 November 2014
Brilliant game, quick and light hearted, great story and deterioration into madness. Well worth checking out even in 2014, retains it's playability and ok graphics.

Was gutted to hear they've trashed the sequel.
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VINE VOICEon 3 August 2006
Ok its not that bad, some parts are fun and exciting, but its just same old FPS... We have seen it all before.

To be fair to the creators there are some new and rather cool additions to the FPS like the wall running, which isnt realy wall running so to speak, you can use gravity pathways to run along walls etc but cant do it everywhere and the out of body experiences you use, sending your soul on a mission muahaha!

Graphics - Well they are a strong point for this game. Although crisp and well done, it runs fast on a mid-high end setup. I wouldnt advise buying this if you struggled with Doom3/Q4 or anything after them.

Sounds - Same old RAT-ATAT-ATAT and BOOMS from the FPS LP sound effects archives.

Gameplay - Now this is the mixed bag of the bunch. The first few minutes of this i was bored and put off. I turned it off after 9 minutes i think and went back to another game. But giving it another try i found i was harsh.

Its a solid FPS but thats it. Its not mind blowing like most make out, its not a game which will make you go back for more at all after your done or stuck. The gameplay has lasted me 5 hours give or take a minute in which to complete this. In my eyes thats an extremely short game.

It realy reminds me of Doom3, a game with so much potential and great ideas, forced into a flat and short linnear game.

Overall - If this goes budget soon, buy it, its worth a budget game price. But this definately isnt a top notch FPS and wont ever be remembered as one. A fun at times but short lived boring FPS.....
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on 15 July 2006
This is a great game. especially if you are a little tired of fighting against swat and military style opponents. This game has none of that, but instead has lots and lots of aliens. And because so much is happening all the time you never have any time to get bored.

This game seems to have captured some of the spirit of some of the earlier fps games. The story is also despite what some reviewer are saying very good for a fps game.

This game can be pretty hard at times, and you will probably die more often than in a normal fps game but the spirit shooting mini game that brings you back to the action very fast without having to do stuff over again more than compensates for that.
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