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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Price:£15.94+ £2.03 shipping

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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2006
O.k. Prey on the Xbox 360, this is a Sci-Fi, survival, horror(ish), action game. The basic idea is that you, your girlfriend and your Grandfather have been abducted by aliens. You will either be eaten, turned into a mindless drone to conduct repairs or experimented on. Fortunately you manage to escape and start to cause trouble on the Alien Sphere that abducted you.

Many reviews so far have compared this to Quake 4, that is fair as both are somewhat set in the same environment with the same characteristics, except that Quake 4 was an average game at best, with poor cutscenes, average game physics, mediocre graphics, and pretty poor gameplay. Prey on the other hand is a first class game. Heres why:

- The graphics, despite other reviews, are actually pretty impressive (admittedly I am playing on an HD capable TV) and are a step up from Doom 3. To give you an idea take the graphics from Oblivion (all shiny and polished), give them a slightly more dirty feel but the same definition and mix in much darker lighting and there you have Prey.

- The sound is very good with brilliant voice acting all around. The music really does add effect where it is used, the sound effects are good and there are enough to keep things interesting but not too many as to confuse you.

- The gameplay is fantastic, this is where Quake 4 came crashing down, it became monotinous and to be honest was just run and gun with no real inteligence required. Prey is very different, it can be run and gun, but the weapons aren't quite poweful enough to allow you to survive long if you do that. As such running taking cover using various weapons functions to eliminate particular enemies is the name of the game.

This is made interesting by the use of portals and 'wall walks'. Portals can be opened up by the enemy more or less anywhere and completely take you by surprise, 'wall walks' basically antigravity walkways that allow you to walk on walls and ceilings, also mix things up a bit and also can give you an advantage over the enemy if used wisely. The games physics are good, they have to be to incorporate these types of Gravity Defying machines, enemies fall down in various ways and can lose their footing on a 'wall walk' if shot and thus fall off.

-Some reviews have criticised the 'Spirit World' side of things. It is true that after about 15 minutes of gameplay (upon learning your new spirit skills) you can in fact Never Actually Die. Let me explain, you can be killed, you can take too many hits and die. However upon this happening you are immediately transported to an almost different dimension where spirits live. Here you have to shoot Wraiths with your spirit bow to cahrge up your health and spirit energy again. You have limited time to do this and upon that running out you are thrown right back into the battle.

This, I find, is NOT annoying, I find it very useful and simply aloows Prey to keep moving where other first person shooters are constantly stop and start. This makes Prey very Fluid and an enjoyable game on all fronts.

I won't say anymore as I don't want to ruin it, rent this game at the very least.
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on 28 September 2008
I really did enjoy playing Prey, the story's simple yet effective, the game play is fun, I like the range of weapons, especially the spider like grenades most amusing......but.....it just lacks that special something that some other games have, it doesn't prey on your mind, I wasn't itching to get back on the buttons. In short it just got to be a bit lack lustre in the end. That said it's certainly worth a go especially at the price you can get it now.
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on 29 August 2006
First off - I'm rubbish at FPSs. I've played most of them and it usually takes me months to complete them, if at all. Nothing bothers me more than having to repeat section after section because of a lack of ammo or a particularly hard boss. I just find it plane dull, and I don't have the time for it.

Prey addresses these issues. Its innovative way of dealing with dying is fantastic. It keeps the game and the narrative alive. Not once did I chuck the controller in annoyance or give up. I played it through (it still took me a good month of on/off playing) to the very end.

The graphics are superb, and the production design incredible. So many jaw dropping moments will take you by surprise. The wow factor is second to none. The only flaw is that some of the corridor sections are a little repetitive. But, everything else outweighs this - even the load times won't send you insane.

If you are a games fan and appreciate quality - grab this. Its the best game of its type that I've played since Half Life and leaves Doom 3 and the rest in its wake.
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on 8 December 2006
I'm not usually a fan of first person shooters, mainly because I find them too hard and don't like having to keep saving and loading to progress 30 feet. It's the whole issue of dying that exhausts my precious patience. 'Prey' has done something about this and created a first person shooter for people who aren't very good at first person shooters.

The story isn't overly original. Aliens invade Earth and beam up humans, then commit unspeakable acts upon them and there is only one man who can do anything about it... You.

You play Tommy, a Cherokee who is desperate to escape the trapping of the reservation, but his girlfriend, Jen, is desperate to stay. When the aliens abduct the both of you the race is on to save both Jen and yourself and get yourself back to Earth.

The game plays out like most other FPS games in the way that you have to run around shooting enemies and solving the odd puzzle. There are three ways to do this; in the Physical World, the Spirit World and the Death World.

The Physical World is exactly as it sounds, the physical, albeit alien, reality that surrounds Tommy. This is the world you will spend most time in and is where the various gravity effects come into play. In this game there are certain points where you can walk up the walls and on the ceilings, other points where you will need to completely flip the gravitational pull of the environment. At times this can become a little disorienting but that is all part of the fun. You need to use these gravity effects to progress, so they are not just a gimmick added on, but an essential part of the game.

As Tommy is Cherokee he can allow his Spirit to leave his body. This is the Spirit World. When you press the Y button the screen will take on a light blue hue and your spirit will have the ability to access areas that Tommy's physical body cannot. Enemies can't see Tommy's spirit unless you attacks them so it is very good for stealthily working out where you need to get to next. The spirit body can also activate switches, lowering force fields that are otherwise blocking Tommy's progress through the physical world. To me this is the best part of the game. I like the puzzle solving elements of any game, and although the puzzles in 'Prey' aren't particularly perplexing they add a little more enjoyment for me.

The most controversial element of the game seems to be the Death World. This is only encountered when Tommy looses all of his health. You then enter Death Walk and try to shoot Wraiths to gain back as much health as possible before being thrown back into the action where you fell. Essentially you cannot die. This element is why it is a FPS for people who are not very good at first person shooters. You can 'die' as many times as you need and will always be able to get straight back into the action, without using quick saves. While other people have slated the whole game for this one part, I would say that it has kept the game alive for me. If it wasn't for the idea that I could not 'die' I would have probably given up on the game a lot earlier, as it was I completed it in a couple of weeks.

It is not a huge game but more than adequate for the like of me, for whom games are meant to be fun.

You get the usual mix of weapons and enemies. The guns are all easy to use and the enemies are varied. Boss battles could have been a little bit harder though.

The online element to 'Prey' consists of either Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch. If you've played any sort of multiplayer FPS before you will know what to expect. The gravity effects come into play in a big way in multiplayer as not only do you have to keep an eye on what is giong on behind you, but also above you and below. There may not be all that many people playing 'Prey' online due to games like 'Gears Of War' now being on the market, but you should still be able to get a decent game now and then. It's got a bit of lag if you are playing with more than three other people which can be annoying.

Achievements are half story based and half multiplayer based, with three Secret Achievements. This gives it the balance that is so often absent when it comes to Achievements.

Once you have finished this game you will feel more prepared to take on more conventional FPS games. I enjoyed 'Prey' and will probably spend a good few weeks trying to get all the multiplayer Achievements. I wouldn't say it is worth £49.99 but if you can get it for under 30 notes you'll have a good little game on your hands.
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on 10 January 2009
Let's start by being open enough to say there are far better games on the 360, however Prey is a game I would advise you not to overlook.

The first is you'll pay good price, if like me you can't afford the latest releases time and again for £40 a time, this is a great example of budget gaming.

The second is it is a very good game. Some of the reviews already on Amazon do touch on the games pro's and con's. My personal view is I feel it attempts to blend puzzle gaming with a FPS, and it just about holds up to be a hit with fans of either. Fans of FPS's won't find this to be the blood bath they may crave, and it is certainly no Rainbow 6 or Lego Star Wars, but it is full of well designed fodder and in challenging environments and does feel authentic and I suppose unique.

As a casual gamer I throughly enjoyed it and for me being short was not a real concern as I often find I'm working through games for weeks with no end in sight. I had a week off work and thought I'd give it a go, I would recommend any casual gamer to do the same.
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on 12 February 2014
silly game! its a ok gamn eif you like that kinda thing but i ordered it on a whim and its crap!
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on 8 March 2009
I bought this when it was first released, and while it may not be of the highest standard like Half-Life or Bioshock, it really isn't much below those steller FPS titles. It's also very innovative, the way the gravity works is sometimes amazing and can be trippy (in a good way!), the graphics are solid even though it's nearly 4 years old now, and the story keeps you gripped.
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on 15 January 2009
I love shooters but can be exasperated,especially by PC ones,by their over reliance on being able to save anywhere,so when there's a difficult bit you're usually left looking at save/load screens for an eternity which seriously disrupts the game,there are a few exceptions-Half Life 2,Deus Ex and a few others but something like Doom 3,Daikatana and Evolva,had you constantly reloading as you were jumped on or surprised by some hitherto unseen enemy.
Prey gets round this with the Death walk,you die,you go all astral and shoot some wraiths to replenish your energies and are returned anew to the spot you died,in effect you are immortal,negative points?,NO!,it means you can be bothered,I gave up on The likes of Doom 3,Farcry ages ago as I was getting miffed at being killed or dying just because of some 'niggles'.
Still just halfway through,but I can see finishing this a few times,unlike Doom 3 which I will endeavour to finish but can't see replaying at all.
I've now finished it twice,once on each difficulty and still can't find any faults,on the harder difficulty there are no health packs/stations and the first bit until you get the Deathwalk can be tricky,your health does regenerate slightly each time though so it takes longer but it's not impossible,great game.
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on 5 August 2007
Before buying the game it might be a good idea to play the demo which is available at the XBox Live marketplace. Looks like many elements of the game are borrowed from science fiction movies dating back as far as 'Dark Star' (the bouncing beach ball in the movie). I think the story is nice and there is some surprising little puzzles in the game. If you like Scifi and saving the world from time to time then you should consider buying this game, I think it's worth the money.
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on 9 May 2010
On the face of it it has a lot going for it - fabulous graphics and some unique features for a FPS such as the upside down walkways, the ability to step, via strange portals, from one location to another instantly, and I like the 'Independence Day' type scenario, only this time it's set on the giant mothership which is 'harvesting' citizens of the Earth, and it's up to the American Indian hero to rescue his girl and save the day. And exploring this gigantic mothership you do get a feel of the massive scope of it and a sense of wonder as you progress through this strange alien world, and you can tell the designers put a lot of time and effort in creating something original which would stand out from the usual Half Life 2 and Halo shooters.

Sadly the developers, while putting this amazing world together, neglected the essential element: gameplay. Why we like Half Life 2 and Halo so much is not only do they look good, and you also get that sense of adventure as you progress through the varied levels, you get some cool weapons that are fun and exciting to use, and the shoot outs are, more often than not, an adrenaline rush. The weapons in Prey, frankly speaking, are just bland and boring with weak sounds, and the shoot outs after a while become a real chore. This for a FPS is a disaster.

And as has already been alluded to by other reviewers, the pattern to progress through this game is the same tiresome sequence of tasks: flip switches, ocassionally shoot a switch to flip the artificial gravity upside down so you can manouevre through a tricky section of the ship, go into 'spirit walk' to bypass a force field, negotiate through the various portals and walkways, while at each time engaging in mostly tedious shoot outs with various alien enemies using your crappy arsenal.

And on and on it plods in similar fashion... With Half Life 2 and Halo you don't want them to end, and after each session you feel you're doing something worthwhile. Prey by comparison is not a fun experience overall, it's more an endurance test. What could have been a serious Half Life 2/Halo contender is essentially just a bland and repetitive gaming experience that does nothing for the genre other than to showcase the rather nice enhanced Doom 3 engine.

By all means give it a go, but if you hate it don't say I didn't warn you.
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