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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2007
i am a big fan of the original night stalker series of the 70s ,but,this is carl kolchak back with a vengeance ! gone is his bad-tempered boss & he has a mission this time, kolchaks wife was dragged from their car & killed in the desert at night by something monsterous ,no creature was ever found & the f.b.i s case accusing him as a murderer was thrown out.
carl kolchak in the 70s series was always arguing with everyone over the truth , but in this he pushes harder ,its more violent & fast paced ,hes still investigating the unknown & when he finds an answer as before the police & newspaper cover it up ,the pilot episode was really good & the story revolved around a wolf-like creature who kolchak believed killed his
wife.this is like night stalker , x-files & csi rolled into one ! when you view this two dvd set of great new episodes try to remember the directors have updated night stalker for the 21st century ,if you look closely in the pilot you will see darren mcgavin in the office in a cameo ! for those who have never seen night stalker, try this,its scary
unexplained stuff ,of things that go bump in the night,i can see this gaining a cult following like the original, enjoy !
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Despite being widely loathed by the fans of the original series, the short-lived 21st century reboot of Night Stalker isn't exactly a travesty, but it certainly isn't The Night Stalker. Where that offered Darren McGavin's shaggy dog old-school lone wolf crime reporter eternally at odds with Simon Oakland's belligerant editor as he uncovered supernatural stories no-one would ever publish, this is more of an X-Files wannabe, with Stuart Townsend's young crime reporter haunted by the death of his wife at the talons of a supernatural creature teamed up with Gabrielle Union's sceptical partner to investigate crimes that turn out to have supernatural resolutions, all with the support of his softly spoken editor Cotter Smith and Jimmy Olsen-like cub reporter Eric Jungmann. Just to balance things out, John Pyper-Ferguson's incarnation of his sometime FBI source is no longer an ally but determined to put him away for murder...

There's none of the original's witty banter but plenty of X-Files hangovers - mysterious anonymous sources, an only hinted at conspiracy, keywords appearing on the screen in the titles, and similar music scoring included - which probably isn't too surprising considering executive producer/writer Frank Spotnitz previously produced The X-Files. Whereas the original took its monsters seriously while spoofing all the newspaper movie clichés and conventions and occasionally going off on quirky tangents, this takes itself very seriously with little time for cracking wise, and replacing the original's sense of fun with much brooding and monologuing tends to make it feel more like an impersonator than the genuine Carl Kolchak.

If you can get around that it's not a bad supernatural thriller show with some pretty good stories, and unlike the brief US TV run which ended in the middle of a two-parter after it was pulled because of bad ratings, the DVD at least includes the unbroadcast episodes, including the resolution to the cliffhanger. Along with PDFs of outlines for future episodes, the DVD includes a brief interview that does explain the mark that was the show's own unexplained mythology, although the notion that Kolchak is himself evil and fighting his own dark nature that would have taken the show even further from its roots is thankfully barely present outside of the final unbroadcast episode where it's only hinted at. Although it came far too late to do any good, it's a particularly good one that sees Kolchak held captive by a former fellow mental patient who is either dangerously paranoid or more dangerously right, implying that even if it wasn't exactly furrowing new territory it could have turned into an interesting enough genre piece.
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on 28 June 2011
First, the bad news - there are only 10 episodes in this set, which makes up the whole series. It was pulled by ABC after just 6 episodes on the basis of poor viewing figures (gee guys, you put it up against CSI, The Apprentice & the MLB playoffs...what did you expect)?

Most people know that the 70s Night Stalker TV movies & subsequent Kolckak series were a major influence on the X Files, and when that show finished Frank Spotnitz was offered the chance to recreate Kolckak for a modern audience. Now the original is usually spoken of in hushed terms of awe, but to be honest I always thought it was really a product of it's time and like other shows from the same era it has not really aged well. If you take this as a reimagining of the original (like Battlestar Galactica), rather than a remake, it works really well & I thoroughly enjoyed every episode. In fact, I thought the 4 that were not originally shown were among the best. There are also some helpful commentaries, plus an interview with Frank Spotnitz, which go some way to explaining where the show was likely to be heading had it survived.

In a way, things have come full circle & now it is easy to spot the X Files influences on Night Stalker rather than the reverse... a believer, a skeptic, some spooky stories & questions that are not neatly ticked off & answered at the end of an episode. Add this to a truly epic shootout, a few really scary moments & a really good cast (plus some decent guest stars) then you have a series well worth watching and yet again one which was cancelled far before it's time. OK, you have to suspend your disbelief on a fairly regular basis, but that didn't exactly hold back the X Files did it?

Finally, it is worth noting that episode 8 was originally intended to be episode 2, so from a continuity basis it should be watched after the pilot or the relationship between the 2 leads will not make sense.
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on 23 December 2014
Was a huge fan of the 70's Kolchak series and number of one off productions.Despite the low budget effects they still entertain.I was keen to see this new version though I was aware it was a not a success .However, I can see why .I just could not take to it.It was glossier than the original but that was not enough I felt the stories did not encourage the suspension of disbelief which any good supernatural ,horror thriller of this type should.
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on 17 August 2011
I agree with those who find this tv series to resemble previous shows, such as X-Files or Millennium.
Still, it's a pity it was canceled before it had the chance to grow and find its own path.
Honestly, while the first episodes were nothing out of the ordinary, the last ones were so dark and creepy that I would've definitely loved to see more.
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on 18 January 2012
I strongly say this if you are a person of some even reasonable intelligence that finds an American Tv Show you like chances are the American net work making it will cancel it as this show which is an updated version of Kolchak The Night Stalker which was a movie made for TV in the early 70's then it became a TV show with very well written stories & I suggest if you like X Files you by it as this was the show that inspired The X Files.
The updated version I purchased from an Amazon seller & wow is it good.
The story centers around a news paper reporter called Kolchak & the murder of his wife whilst they are driving together which has not been solved but leaves him with many questions & a search for the answer & along that search Kolchak (Townsend) is joined by his equally talented colleague Perri (Union) with the newspaper photographer they look into strange murders & find that they are not always ghosts & monsters other things too.
Shame they cancelled it as yes I still think the original was more varied in it's stories but this was cancelled before it got a decent run.
Buy it as you may well like it.
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on 15 April 2013
Great if you love stuart Townsend :) and a great price but make sure you have the right DVD player first
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on 2 January 2013
First saw a few episodes on the television, then it disappeared and it never repeated. So I bought the dvd. It's a shame that they only made 10 episodes, the network should have given it longer. The last two un-recorded episodes are on the second disc as scripts.
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on 28 November 2011
An excellent x-files style series, wherein Kolchak ( played by Mr Townsend of Queen of the Damned fame ) does battle with a variety of supernatural foes. Very watchable.
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on 24 February 2016
Excellent Product.
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