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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2017
Great album with a variety of good sing-along tracks. One of my favourites for the car.
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on 28 January 2016
it has to be (even including her Greatest Hits)! Every song on this album of hers is excellent, and there are like 16 of them!

Sexy Pink was outstanding with this release ;D
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on 14 March 2017
love her attitude , no one like her , great voice and most of the album kicks ass! its the first CD of Pinks and am looking forward to listening to more of her music
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on 20 May 2017
She made better music,but who am i.
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on 16 May 2017
great five starr
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on 25 January 2015
Great album
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on 15 April 2006
pink returns with this, her fourth studio album, and after her last effort (try this) which i was slightly disapointed in, i am glad to say pink is back with a bang.

the album starts off with the first single to be released from the album "stupid girls" this song is very fun and catchy and has pink poking fun, at her peers, and the video is amazing too

the second track on the album is called "who knew" this track starts of sounding like since u been gone, by kelly clarkson, but soon takes its own path into an incredable song, its fun and meaningful at the same time, one of my fave lyrics in this song is "that last kiss, ill cherish, until we meet again, and time makes it harder, i wish i could remeber" she is singing of a lover from her past, and while it is upbeat and fun, it still has a sadness about it. its her next single and one of my faves.

track three is called "long way to happy" this is also one of my faves, the lyrical content of this song, i think is talking about her losing her virginity! but i cant be sure. its a very rocky song, and sure to released in the future

track four is called "nobody knows" this song is just....wow the lyrics, the music, her vocal is just amazing!!! heat magazine compared this to whitney housten. trust me its nothing like whitney!!!! it is amazing

track five is called "dear mr president" this track is acoustic and has backing from the indigo girls. its a cool track, and i like it alot, but for me it kinnda interupts the flow of the rest of the album, would have been a cool b-side, or put nearer the end of the album

track six, is called "im not dead" and is also the title of the album. this song is great too, the verses are rocky and then the chorus slows down a bit! i dont really get what the songs about, she keeps singing about cracks, lol but its a top track on this album

track 7, is called "cuz i can". this is another amazing track the lyrics and music are great, and she is kinnda taking the piss out of her famous lifestyle, its a great track, and should definitly be released!!!

track 8, is called "leave me alone" this song is amazing also, when i first heard it, i just lauged at the lyrics. its about loving someone, but not wanting to be with that person 24/7 fave lines are "no you cant hop into my shower, all i ask for is one fucking hour" "cutting off th phone, leave me the fuck alone, tomorrow ill be begging you to come home" a great track

track 9 is called "u and ur hand" this track was going to be the first single but they changed it for some reason. this track is great, proper rocky pop song, deffo should be a single lyrics and music are great

track ten is "runaway" very good song, about running away, its quite sad, but its rocky so its not slow!!

track eleven is "the one that got away" this is an acoustic track, and i love it too! her voice and lyrics are great and i love the acoustic guitar and backing vocals from some guy, its a great song

track 12 is "i got money now" this song is cool, quite sad, but it does seem a little filler, it still is good tho

track 13 is " converstions with my 13 year old self" this song is a good ending too the album (excluding the bonus tracks) it has good lyrics and music but again is not one of my faves!!

tracks 14, 15 and 16, are all bonus tracks, there all good but too me thats all they are bonus tracks


the album is amazing get it!!!! if i could have created a perfect setlist for this album, it would have looked like this

1. cuz i can

2, stupid girls

3. who knew

4. long way to happy

5. nobody knows

6. heartbreaker (b-side top stupid girls single)

7. im not dead

8. leave me alone

9. u and ur hand

10. runaway

11. the one that got away

12. converstaions with my 13 year old self

and i would release

who knew

cuz i can

u and ur hand

leave me alone

long way to happy

nobody knows

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on 13 March 2007
If you like any of the singles released from this album i would highly recommend you buy it... Top class, there is not one song on this album which hasnt been created to perfection.. As usual pink is very passionate and doesnt hold back on how she feels (i.e Dear Mr President!) My fav album in along time, every song is different and you could listen to it again and again. Especially chuffed with the added song at the end with pink and her Dad, absolutely brilliant!!
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on 7 July 2006
I remember when I was working in the USA and I was buying dodgy CD's in a stall in Chinatown and I bought "Can't Take Me Home" by Pink. I had never heard of Pink or any of her songs but I bought the CD anyway and I put it on in the car driving home and loved it. Then came "Mizundastood" which I bought expecting more of the same and was surprised by some of the rockier tracks, but I also loved that album and can honestly say it is the first album I owned that I could listen to from beginning to end without skipping a track. "Try This" was next and I was a little disappointed with it but it did have some excellent tracks on it.

Now we have "I'm Not Dead" and Pink certainly is not dead, this is by far her best album, mixing the best parts of her first three albums to create a corker of a CD. Some of the tracks are amazing and have some really insightful lyrics and some great riffs. My personal favoutrite is "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)" which has made its way into my top 10 tracks of all time. Rumour has it this won't be a single - it should be, but I am sure whatever they release will be great as there is not one bad track on this CD.

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on 4 April 2006
Wow! What a fine CD from P!nk. In fact, it is quite probably her best album yet.
The album is quite an eclectic mix of styles - pop, rock, ballads, a bit of R 'n' B and dance-tinged tracks. I won't comment on all of the tracks, but here are some of my standouts.
Stupid Girls is a wonderful send up of superficiality and a brilliant pop song.
Who Knew is a another great rock-pop song, with a very catchy, hummable tune (and I would think it's a contender for the next single).
Dear Mr President is P!nk saying what she feels about her President and the issues that she thinks are being overlooked. This is a truly magnificent song, and is enhanced by the presence of the wonderful Indigo Girls - an amazing track.
The title track, I'm Not Dead, is also pretty special and a bit different.
Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) is dance-tinged and works really well, and U and Ur Hand is a great song for girls who are fed up with being pestered by men in clubs, when they just want to have a good dance!
To be honest, they are all great tracks, no duff ones, but it would take too long to comment on them all!
You'll like this if you like P!nk's earlier stuff, if you're a fan of great pop music, basically, if you're a fan of music, you should at least appreciate some of the tracks on this superb album!
The Dual Disc gives an added dimension with DVD extras such as the making of the 'Stupid Girls' video and a brief interview with P!nk. It also features all the audio tracks, which, if you have 5.1 Surround Sound will, apparently, sound better than the CD audio tracks.
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