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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 16 March 2009
I'm sure that by now most of you know the story or have seen the film so I'll concentrate this purely on the quality of the Blu-Ray experience. King Kong is a magnificent movie made so much better by this stunning high-def release. The picture quality is breathtaking at times, especially some of the long distance shots across the rich jungle and the city scenes.It's just gorgeous to watch from end to end. The audio is also amazing, every bit as glorious as you want it to be.

The special features are pretty cool, particularly the way they are embedded into the main feature and are accessed by context-sensitive icons that can be switched on or off at will. I didn't notice much new in there, just a new way of watching them really, but it's great to see them again and really brill to see them so cleverly presented.

Oh, and you get both versions of the movie, the original theatre version and the special edition. Both look and sound utterly remarkable.
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on 15 March 2006
I must admit, when I saw this at the cinema I wasn't what you would call excited... In fact we only saw Kong as the film we went to see was not on!
But I was sooo wrong. I was absolutely blown away from start to finish. It is beautifully directed and shot and I love Jack Black in this film. Naomi Watts was perfect in her role, she has the doey eyed look of a female in distress down to a tee.
I know some people must be thinking "It's just another re-make" and I thought that at first but honestly, this is a moving, exciting and thrilling re-make. Most probably the best re-make I have ever seen. Three hours flew by and I wanted the film to go on....
Peter Jackson shows his strengths in this feature and I hope he carries on making pictures as truly wonderful as this.
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on 2 December 2005
I can't help shake the feeling we're getting the raw end of the deal this side of the Atlantic when it comes to King Kong. Over in the US the original King Kong has been finally released to DVD with a multitude of brand new extras, documentaries, recreated lost sequences - plus it's original sequel (Son of Kong) and belated follow-up from the same production team (Mighty Joe Young). The spectacular collectors set even includes a reproduction of the original programme from the film's premiere in 1933.
Here in the UK we get a rather shabbily designed box set with two of the fun but practically unrelated 1960s TOHO produced man-in-a-gorilla-suit Kong movies from Japan and - horror of horrors - the colourised version of the original film. We also get a 12 year old documentary which first saw the light of day on the 80th anniversary VHS release.
Yup, bit of a raw deal...
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on 29 August 2015
Jackson's masterpiece along with Lovely Bones. Forget the rest, here you can find his true spirit at the best of his cinematic skills. It's special effects and great and almost classic cinema values which totally serve the story and the emotions that it brings.
The best King Kong version ever, where all the hidden and hinted topics of the original subject are given more space and the right visibilty, from the contrast between modernity and nature to the idea of contemporrary society as an industry of entertainment, where everything, even the most incredible expression of nature, and feelings themselves, are nothing but a tool in the hand of capitalism and submissive masses. And while unfolding the story and revealing those concepts, you can enjoy a true example of great cinema, full of scary scenes, sense of mystery, adventure, big feelings, love, enchantement and sense of wonder. It is maybe the closest Jackson's film to Spielberg approach: great cinema, great stories. Not a sign of Jackson losing his personality, but a sign of maturity, with less "weirdness" and more balance.
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on 29 March 2007
Just thought I'd do a short review to stress that all the extras on this set are BRAND NEW for this release and arn't a duplication of the stuff on the 2-Disk release. In fact, if you want the whole lot you'll have to buy the 2-Disk release, this set and the Peter Jackson diarys but its recommended for film students and anyone interested in how a film production works because never before has there been such an indepth look at a film is made, from its conception to final release and lots more besides. Also theres loads of fascinating info about how the film was planned to be made BEFORE Lord of the Rings but fell through thanks to another studio making Mighty Joe Young, the original ideas Jackson had for the first Kong film were so different to the one he eventually made and its amazing to hear all about it.

Also theres a featurette all about the homages to the original Kong movie which are present in the remake, did you know that Jackson owns props from the original film and dotted them about the set on his movie, watch the featurette and see what they are!

Personally I liked the new Kong film and think it got a quiet reception merely because it was, understandably, overshadowed still by the Lord Of The Rings films, its a most enjoyable romp and although theres not a great deal of footage added to this directors cut, the scenes that are added are really good and theres loads of additional scenes to watch in the extras which werent included in the directors cut, so basically this dvd has loads of extra footage...but Jackson decided to stick most in with the extras instead of pad the film out too much.

Its a very nice set and whilst I agree with another reviewers comments that the packaging isnt as nice as the Lord Of The RIngs special editions, the Disk contents are just as good and the box, inlays have lovely artwork..still head and shoulders above many special editions!

Kong is STILL King!
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on 14 November 2006
Now, I'm one of the people eagerly awaiting King Kong at the cinema. I loved the original as a child and was very excited to see a re-newed version of the original monster movie! I wasn't disappointed, I wouldn't say I cherished Peter Jackson films. I tend to think he over does scenes a bit and although I agree that the details in films, make them. He focuses on details that are really irrelevant. I think you cold loose a lot of this film and it would still make sense. Scenes like Ice-skating on a frozen pond, a lot of stuff on the boat and some of the senes that try to build up the 'eerie factor' with bit characters like 'Hayes' and 'Jimmy'.

However, I always enjoy the film and now we have an extra 13 minutes. Luckily, there aren't any extra talking. Pure action baby!

The scenes added, are as followed.

One excellent scene is with a Piranadon!!! A enormous carnivourus fish. This is one I was really looking forward to in the cinema, but for some reason was cut out. One thing a bit lame about it, is Peter Jackson's rubbish underwater shots. You can tell the actors been held up to a fan machine, completely dry, pretending to be swimming. Mr. Jackson did this in one of the Lord of the Rings movies. It's just lazy, yet probably cost them more money! The Piranadon is really really really cool though!

Another is a scene involving a Triceratops! Which mangles many of the sailors that ventured out into th jungle to save Anne.

Then there are a sattering of extra bits and smaller scenes that feature - Dodo's, water scorpions, a bit more bugs and a bit more kong. overall, great additions!

I would advise any fans to get this, although they probably already have. This is a very good film before, now its even better! One thing I was disappointed with was the packaging! LAME! come on Universal, do something special! Anyway, Buy it!
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on 28 December 2010
This is my first Blu Ray disc, played with the LG LE475300 (47" Full HD 1080p, LED TV 100Hz) with an LG Blu Ray Network player, via HDMI and using an optical lead via the TV to an older Toshiba DVD 5.1 player and surround system. The level of detail is awesome for the film - it truly is stunning and I believe does high definition justice. There are some scenes where the film crew and captain are out looking for Ann, they are on makeshift tree branches as boats, as they glide on the river the detail is brilliant. Also, scenes where the crew are walking through the jungle and the daylight is coming through, there is realism to the detail, it looks fantastic!! Vivid bright colours, good definition of darks especially on King Kong, so Id give this 5 stars. Although I cant really comment on the sound as I've hooked the film up to a theatre system and its not coming directly through the blu ray player, it still sounds good. Go out and get it!!
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on 13 December 2006
I waited a long time for this movie to be released in an extended edition with extra material, and now its finally here. The movie is not significantly better with the extra scenes, but they are interesting to see if you are a fan. As usual the extra material is excellent with hours and hours of interesting documentaries and artwork.

With that said, I find it irretating that the movie is split up with the first 72 minutes on the first disc(plus some more extra materials), and with the rest of the movie on disc 2(plus more extra). Disc 3 is devoted entirely to extramaterials. Why not put the entire movie on disc one, and all the rest on the two remaining discs?

On top of that the packaging is awful! You could easily mistake this for a National Geagraphic documentary on gorillas, since the cover is just a picture of Kong on a black background. There is no booklet either to guide you through chapters and the tons of extramaterial.

I had hoped for something like the LOTR-Special Edition packaging, but unfortunately not!

But as said before, the movie is fantastic, exciting and scary, with great actors, special effects and another directorial job well done by Peter Jackson!!
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VINE VOICEon 14 March 2009
As a newcomer to the Blu-ray format, and not having this film on DVD already, I thought this would make a good purchase, and I was proved right last night. The film looks absolutely stunning in HD, and the sound is equally superb.

The disc comes complete with two versions of the film - the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version, which adds about 20 minutes of additional footage not in the Theatrical release. The Blu-ray also boasts some cool new types of feature, notably the ability to make your own clips and watch "My Scenes", as well as making your bookmarks, so you can jump to your favourite bits of the film. The extra features come in the form of "U-Control", which enables you to see original concept artwork and/or "picture-in-picture" clips of footage of the film being made, both of which you can watch without interrupting the film, or access from the main menu. There is also the obligatory Feature Commentary with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens.

For those who haven't seen the film, I can recommend it whole-heartedly - performances throughout are excellent, and the CGI is convincing and (especially in HD) sometimes truly amazing (particularly the early scenes including Kong himself). The film is a tad long, and it is a bit slow getting going, but the flipside is that you get more involved in the story and understand just how and why this bunch of hapless filmmakers find themselves in their dire predicaments later on...

All in all, a great purchase - I can't say whether movie purists will approve entirely, but in my opinion, this is one remake certainly worth having. The quality throughout demonstrates Jackson's obvious passion and love for the original, and I think he's done a superb job in 'restoring' a classic.
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on 22 December 2008
Peter Jackson's labour of love is a spectacular, if overlong, remake of the movie that filled him with wonder as a small boy and inspired him to become a film maker. He may play fast and loose with the viewer's ability to suspend disbelief, giving us, as he does, indestructible people who are impossibly lucky when avoiding being trampled and can strafe their entire surroundings with machine-gun fire and only hit the monsters, but this is OK because it's part of the film's glorious sense of fun. And there may be plenty of ripe dialogue and facial contortion but Jackson puts so much heart into his production that this is perfectly in keeping with the tone of the work. Jackson has made a thrilling homage to the original Hollywood blockbuster, while successfully maintaining the emotional core of the plot. Self-indulgent it may be but it's all the better for that.
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