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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2006
Not being a tv addict, infact being a social reluse i have to say i dont really watch much tv at all,its all doom and gloom, but i watched both of these films on a 'girls night in' and have to say they are superbe and absolutuley refreshingly different. The Characters, the acting, the fight scenes, the car chases, you're thinking 'oh ive seen it all before' and i thought that too, but i was suprisingly shocked at the fact i actually pressed the pause button to make tea! Im not big on buying DVD's, very few make it into my small collection, but these two are a must have and the type you wont tire of watching time and time again.
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on 19 March 2007
Brilliant. Both movies are great, even if some of the stunts in #2 are a bit unrealistic (watch the bit when he gets the bomb off the bottom of his car). Apart from that they are both great action movies with a bit of romance in the first one and the makings of a great movie boxset.

My verdict: Buy this set
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Frank Martin (Jason Statham) lives a quiet and unassuming life in the French Riviera as a self employed delivery driver with a difference. He doesn't wear a uniform, you won't find him in the yellow pages and he doesn't work out of a depot. He delivers items that no other delivery company would dare to handle and there are no consignment notes or paperwork to fill in.

Frank has 3 rules; 1 Never change the deal. 2 No names. 3 Never look in the package. He adheres to these rules until one day he notices a package happens to be moving. Eventually he breaks rule 3 to find a young woman inside the package. The recipient of said package now has to make sure that Frank is silenced.

In the second film Frank relocates to Miami and is working for a wealthy family to transport their young son to and from school. The young boy is kidnapped and Frank sets out to recue him. The kidnappers have another plan to release a virus and Frank has to rely on his special forces skills to get the job done.

Both films have plenty of chase and fight action and will satisfy the needs of most action film fans and at the current price of 5GBP it is an absolute bargain to be had.
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on 4 May 2007
I really like both these films. Action all the way and Jason Statham is a really good actor he's got such a great acting voice aswell. If you like your action films they don't get any better than this.
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VINE VOICEon 29 August 2012
In Jason Statham's first starring role he plays Frank Martin, an ex-something or other who now lives in the sunny French Riviera delivering packages for shady gentlemen. He likes the quiet life and has imposed a set of rules upon his underhanded deals to maintain the tranquility.

His latest package contains Lai, an Asian lady who can only speak in broken, phonetic English. For whatever reason he opens the package and throws his work ethic into turmoil. A million bad guys with a bad aim come after him but he always manages to come out on top despite the fight scenes being a blur.

The plot is nonsense. The only thing worth watching (or so I used to think) are the fight scenes, but they are so poorly edited (as is the whole film) that you never feel the impact or the excitement.

The Transporter is good enough if you want to switch your brain off and veg over some tame action against a scenic backdrop. It certainly ain't no classic.

For number 2 the action is relocated from the French Riviera to Miami, a city often featured in bad sequel movies (2 Fast 2 Furious, Bad Boys II, Police Academy 5). Frank Martin (a skin-headed, forever grimacing Jason Statham) no longer takes dodgy package from A to B, instead he's temping as a chauffeur for a wealthy family. But when the kid is snatched by stereotyped Colombian villain he springs back into action, kicking ass in his own special way.

It turns out that the kid has been injected with a deadly virus. And everyone he breathes on will catch it. And so on and so on. An interesting plot device that soon crumbles into a massive pile of plot holes.

The action doesn't have the same edge as it did before. I can appreciate far-fetched action films as long as they stay within relative distance of reality. Transporter 2 goes way beyond reality in well into stupidity, turning Frank Martin from delivery man into indestructible super-hero. After a while you'll realize this man can do anything and will always walk out of the worst scenario alive. It totally kills the excitement.

And as if the plot wasn't flimsy enough, the narrative just completely shatters and will leave you disorientated and lost among the brawling and battling. Characters come and go with no explanation, sub-plots are abandoned and the film is totally void of a denouement or climax. There's no satisfaction in the silly story being wrapped up.

All Transporter 2 really does is showcase a bunch of totally far-fetched fight scenes, while failing at everything else that could have made the film a contender. Even the relentlessly silly Danny the Dog did better than this.

Even though it's made by a European director and producer and funded with European money, something that gave the first such a unique feel, this feels an awful lot like a Hollywood trash flick. It's a shame the series had to stumble so soon. Since the end hints a third, one can only hope that Leterrier and Besson get their act together. What began as a series made in the style of Taxi, Ronin and Kiss of the Dragon has ended up tumbling into world where movies like Stealth and SWAT live. And that ain't good.

The movies presented here are not the uncut versions found on the French Blu-rays. The first movie doesn't have a very good picture but the sequel looks better. Both are in 2.35:1 1080p. The DTS HD-MA soundtracks are good enough. There are a fair amount of extras.
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on 12 May 2009
Well, you know the story: dead-pan cool guy slightly off-side gets embroiled in complex plot leading to more off-side behaviour to deliver a just outcome? Well if you like action movies with enough plot to make the action slightly more credible than Top Gear, then this double is well worth the trouble.

On Blu-ray while the dialogue still suffers, the action is electric! Jason Latham conducts himself very well.
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on 2 April 2012
Transporter is a brilliant film!! i brought it at risk due to a cheap price, but i would have paid a tenner for it. i would highly recommend this to anyone who loves action, awesome car chases and a good-simple story line. The blurb mostly summons the plot up and i new exactly if i would like it or not.
The action and violence keeps you entertained well, some of the martial arts moves are even quite amusing. Normally a vast majority of action films are normally quite predictable in my opinion but Transporter hits the 5 star marks for me.
The actors are perfect for the theme. Its good to see Jason Statham in something a bit different from his useural films such as; crank or blitz where he acts as a mad and unorganised sort of person.
To conclude i really enjoyed this film and i would find it hard to see any negative points on it.
BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!
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on 12 March 2012
The Transporter movies are a slice of action adventure that was never intended to taken a s Shakespeare. It is a franchise that you can just sit down in front of and switch the brain off, allowing the exciting action, big explosions and the impressive stunts to wow you.

As such these twin pack does just that. Jason Statham proves that British action stars are just a capable as the American ones, but does it whilst somehow appearing a bit more dangerous than say Sly or Arnie...simply just because of his, well...ordinariness, being after all just a regular looking guy in a plain black suit.

Well worth a look for the give-away price, with very good PQ and bass rumbling action.
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VINE VOICEon 27 February 2014
Luc Besson is a talented movie maker who specialises in riotous car chases, explosions, good v bad and usually a good twist of sarcasm.

Transporter 1 and 2 are a 2 movie collection which introduce us to the suave and principled Frank (played by Jason Statham) who moves packages for money. Clearly, some packages can promote adverse situations, and that's where this series excels.

So much so that there is now a tv series following on from the films.

This is a good starter set for a good old fashioned gripping film with a slight hint of bond and so well written and acted, you really can't easily predict the ending!

Oh, if you like this, try a French film series called TAXI by the same team starring Sami Narceri.
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on 19 November 2015
Having seen the 3rd Transporter and the TV series, I though it was about time that I saw the first two films! and I was quite impressed. great fight scenes and car chases too. A franchise movie, that certainly made Jason a star worldwide!
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