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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2009
This DVD is ok. There IS a lot of room for improvement, but as it's really the only Sweet DVD out there at the moment, it will have to do.
Out of the tracks that are listed on the DVD cover, these are the only ones that are full clips/performances:

"Poppa Joe"
"Hell Raiser"
"The Ballroom Blitz"
"Teenage Rampage"
"The Six Teens"
"Turn It Down"
"Fox on the Run"

there are other tracks, but if you're really wanting decent performances of these, you'll be disappointed:

"Funny, Funny" (about 30sec)
"Little Willy" (features for about 10sec!!)
"Wig Wam Bam" (again, about 30sec)
"Blockbuster!" (another short performance, although it's been performed this way)
"Love is Like Oxygen" (chopped up TOTP performance)

There are thre people interviewed throughout this DVD; Nicky Chinn, Andy Scott and Phil Wainman. All of them give a lot of insight to the band and really make this dvd worth buying.

All i can say is that a proper dvd made up of rare TV performances and ALL of their promos is desperately needed.
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on 23 August 2007
the first band i can really remember seeing on TOTP's were the sweet(or to give them their proper name SWEET)it was the make up,the glam,the siren (on blockbuster)just being on TOTP's,steve being steve and brians golden hair,i was only 7 but after that i wanted hair like brian,the first record i bought was blockbuster it cost ten bob (50p),i could go on about me but won't
this DVD is a weinerworld production and is basically a video anthology/biography of sweet from their beginnings as wainrights gentleman through sweetshop then sweet in their glam heyday upto the early 1980's.....there are great contributions from phil wainman(first manager)nicki chinn(one half of the chinnichap song writing team)and of course andy scott,all the hits art here from co-co through their definitive single (some say their best)ballroom blitz right upto love is like oxygen and beyond.the only sad thing about this DVD is that there is no input from steve priest,i can only assume he was asked but was to busy or perversley he refused.....who knows? the one constant i found about the three contributors was that they all spoke warmly about brian none of them had a bad word to say about him (thanks for that guys) and at one part of nicki's interview i even thought i saw a tear in his eye.if you like sweet or are just from the seventies glam era then get this DVD you won't regret it.are you ready steve?huh huh,andy?yeah,mick ok,well alright fellas well lets go...........thanks guys GOD BLESS BRIAN AND MICK
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on 20 April 2006
More of a documentary than a pure music DVD - and why wasn't Steve Priest interviewed? Putting that aside this DVD demonstrates what a great talent Sweet were - unbelievably underrated - more than a sum of their parts - a very tight band -close emotionally as well as musically - it's only when you see them play (ok sync) the tracks that you gradually realise that they could really play - some of Andy's guitar work and Steve's bass was as good as you'll find anywhere and Mick's drumming was perfect for the tracks. Brian's voice was also just made for singing rock music of the type they specialised in (ok - maybe that's a bit chicken and egg). I used to get irritated by the extremely high harmonies - but once you accept that was just a part of the Sweet "sound" you can get past it. A lot of their stuff was derivatice (Sweet does "Alice Cooper" or "Slade" or "David Bowie" etc.) but they (or Chinnichap) did come up with some great original riffs - and if it was a Chinnichap song noone could execute it better than Sweet - once they were allowed to play their own instruments. All in all a well-told tale (except for the glaring omission of Steve) of a band who should have been recognised for the four talented musicians they were.
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on 17 November 2015
I only recently found out about this dvd although it was released in about 2005. Its part documentary, part TV performances on various shows like TOTP. The only band member who talks on camera is ANDY SCOTT but remember 2 of the band wre dead by then and the other lves in the USA and doesn,t want to know. Its a great doc, as it tells of the band from 1966 to the end and it tells it warts ans all. They had great single success but were dismissed as a Glam Rock band and when they become more of a Rock Band the hits and success overall dried up. They brought out some graet rock albums SWEET FANNY ADAMS for one but got too stuck up in Glam Rock and when that became old hat somehow SWEET did which was and is a great shame. Buy this dvd if your into GLAM ROCK, ROCK, 70,S MUSIC or just want a dvd of how success can be a ass in music.
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on 27 August 2009
Somehow after reading the reviews I figured that this would be the video collection with interview from Scott, Tucker and Connolly from 1989, which I used to have on VHS years ago (I really would like to have it on DVD but it doesn't seem to be available - if it is, I would be grateful if someone pointed me to it). This film, from 2006 is OK. It's not great though. I have never been a great fan of narrators in rock documentaries, especially when they sound like they are not really that interested in what they are narrating. The narrator's text is rushed and quite superficial. For a separate DVD I expected something more detailed. The cuts from the interviews by Chinn and Wainman and even Scott seem quite superficial too, with rare exceptions. I wanted more story! As for the music clips, very disappointing too. For one, some songs are included in full, and some are cut off for no apparent reason. Also, Sweet fans will know that there is a handful of video versions for each big hit available, and the choices for this DVD are frankly the worst one could think of. And as for the quality of the clips, I have seen better resolution and clearer image of the same clips on youtube!
All of the above sounds quite negative, but I did enjoy the dvd nonetheless. Since there are so few classic Sweet DVD products around, a fan has to appreciate everything that's available.
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on 13 August 2013
This is DVD of original Sweet band. I recommend it to everyone, who likes them. Andy Scott, Nicky Chinn and Phil Wainman tell the story of Sweet. The group had many beautiful songs. Pity, one DVD can't contain all them.
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on 19 May 2011
Sweet were my favourite band for many years as I grew up, and their music matured as I did. This is a welcome opportunity to relive some of their greatest songs - although you have to admit that some of them aren't so great. With the benefit of hindsight it has to be admitted the first four - funny funny, Co Co, Alexander Graham Bell and Poppa Joe - are in fact pretty dire. (There does not appear to be any surviving footage of Alexander Graham Bell). Things then improve steadily through Little Willy and Wigwam Bam to the three great songs of 73 (Blockbuster!, Hell Raiser and Ballroom Blitz) before dipping with Teenage Rampage, reviving with Six teens, dipping with Turn it Down (which bombed due to a combination of being banned by the Beeb and not being very good) and improving again with Fox on the Run and Action. We don't get the four unsuccessful singles thereafter but do get the `comeback' single Love is Like Oxygen (surprisingly successful despite being inferior to at least three of the four that preceded it) before the wheels fell off with the dismissal of Brian Connolly and the last three albums - and flop singles thereon - are dismissed in a couple of sentences.

This is padded out with three talking heads - Phil Wainman, producer for the singles up to six teens, who has the manner of a pub bore and has little interesting to say apart from how good the mid-period singles were - Nicky Chinn, who looks to have surpassed even Arlene Phillips and Sharon Osborne in the use of Botox and also has little insightful to say and Andy Scott, who comes over pretty subdued and sensible and not very rock and roll at all. Steve Priest is the glaring omission from this, Mick Tucker and Connolly sadly being no longer with us and unable to contribute.

So, with the talking heads being fairly tedious this has to stand by the performances. Despite people testifying what a great live band they are both Scott and Priest just stand there playing and looking bored on most of the recordings which are primarily - and unsurprisingly - focussed on Connolly. I remember some of the TOTP performances being a lot more fun than this, but some of them were presumably not available.

With a fairly low budget feel to things (the interviewees just talk to camera in an office and the recordings are pretty dated in style, this being before the age of video/MTV), it all feels very 1970s and dated, almost like an old porn movie (without the sex of course).

Which brings us back to the songs. Some (notably Ballroom Blitz, Blockbuster, and Action) are still classics. Personally I would have liked to have seen Lost Angels and Fever of Love included, along with more from the mid-period albums, but I suppose they felt they had to go for the hit singles and may have been constrained with what they could access.

So, great to see some of this again, although it could have been even better.
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on 12 July 2009
this documentry about the sweet is excellent . taking you from the early sugary pop days , through the very succusesful glam rock days to the heavy rock days. though there was friction between management, this was dealt with sensitively . i get the feeling the group could have gone on further but for brian's alcoholism. this is a very interesting programme on band that defined the seventies.
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on 8 November 2013
Great for sweet fans.Interviews and chat were excellent to let you know lots of things you would not know/.Could have done with a bit more footage of concerts etc other than that worth the money to see them on dvd
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on 18 September 2009
More of a documentary than a music video. I do wish that 'they' had chaptered the music items.... Picture quality varies as it is sourced from various areas. Sound is basically mono although the music videos could have had a stereo track if 'they' had done a little more work. A valid item for music history buffs.
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