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Customer reviews

2.6 out of 5 stars
2.6 out of 5 stars
Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins (PC CD)
Price:£6.81+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 26 June 2017
Put this on my pc and it buggered my whole pc up. DO NOT use on any new pc or any pc newer than windows xp
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on 23 April 2017
I loved this game when I first had it. But this time round it installed and then my laptop wouldn't turn on. Now having to reset it completely. Game is going back. Such a shame as it was a great game.
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on 28 April 2017
Should have read the reviews really before purchasing but won't install because of starforce.
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on 26 September 2007
It looks brilliant and seems like it would be very fun to play, if you manage to get it to load at all. Games don't normally crash on my system, so I expected this one would work just fine as my computer meets or exceeds the recommended system requirements. My first problem was getting it to install. It took 5 reboots and several tries with pulling the disk out and reinserting it before it finally decided to complete the installation. I thought this would be the end of the trouble, but alas it was not.
The game uses StarForce copy protection on the disk, which is usually not a problem for me. Unfortunately, every time I attempt to run this game it comes up with a debug error and refuses to go further. From what research I have done, this seems to be an error generated by StarForce rather than by the game itself. The usual advice is to update drivers, etc, which I have done, but the game still refuses to work. Thus, I am rather disappointed with the poor quality of this product and would caution people to think seriously about purchasing it. It is possible that you may be one of the lucky ones who can actually run the game without any trouble, but do you really want to risk it?
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on 7 April 2006
I bought this cd-rom after successfully completing the first one and being very impressed by it. The system requirements for both games are exactly the same on the back of the packaging so I thought fine it'll work as I had no problems with the first one. How wrong I was! I couldn't even get past washing the horse and never got to compete - don't even know what that is like with this game!! Everytime I went to wash the horse it would stick and my computer would crash. Obviously I couldn't skip the stage as it doesn't let you! Comparing the system requirements in the booklet with the first one, they are completely different- you need a really new computer with an amazing graphics card and loads of memory to support this game. Such a disappointment and waste of money as I now own a game I can't play! Such a shame after how good the first one was - avoid this at all costs as everyone I know who owns it has had oodles of problems
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on 27 July 2006
This game is actually very good. Although it has it's slight "problems", so did the first Pippa Funnel game, and this one has better looking horses.

You are a teenage girl who has been acepted to a riding school, along with four other pupils. The first thing you do is exciting, and get's you gripped right away! After completing the first task, you're given your timetable, which has set tasks on it for the first few days ( a day has four subjects. You can do as many days at a time as you want) and then you get to pick your own subjects.

As you progress threw the game, your horse becomes more able, and you start doing harder courses. After every week, there is a competition, and to get into it you have to have met the standards for that week. The standards are Popularity, Horse Level, Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country.

Show jumping is the funnest part of the game in my opinion. The jumps are nicely painted, and ti feels good to get a clear round (no faults).

The glitches in the game are after competitions or during cut scenes. However, if you play the disk again straight away, and re-do the bit you just did before it crashed, the game should continue without another problem at that bit. However, if you go away for a while, then load the disk again, it will crash again.

Overall, I would say this game is very good. Have a notebook on you though, as you need to write some things down!
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on 2 September 2007
I had really enjoyed the first pippa funnell game, although I found it difficult first time round and it took me a while to complete. Once I got the Idea I was away, it was challenging but it made the game last for a long time and I can still go on it 2 years later and have great fun out of it.
Take The Reins is a completely different box of frogs. Like others my computer just would not stop crashing. It took me forever to get through it and when I finally got to the last competition, I couldn't because it kept crashing in the same place. The game wasn't really difficult at all, the only thing this game tested was my patience. I seriously think if games are going to be released and we have the requirement, then crashing should not happen. We've payed good money for it, and what do we get in return? A game we cannot play. I've tried sending it back and the place I got it from won't accept it. It really isn't good enough and it happens with to many games not just this one. Admiteddly, the golden stirrup challenge wasn't so bad on the crashing but it still did and the loading was so slow I could go outside, get some tea ready and come back in and it'd only just loaded.

I sincerely hope ,if there's another game, that the standards of playing will improve. I'm not into how great the graphics are, i'm into how good the actual game is to play.
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on 1 April 2007
yes, this game is much better than the first one, and like a lot of other people have said, it does crash with the debug error pretty often, especially in competitions (very annoying when im at the top of the leaderboard!!!)but who cares - this is a great game, and with everything good, there has to be some kind of catch, hasnt there?! so, overall, if you like horses and computer games, buy this game - i can assure you, you wont be dissapointed. =D
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on 30 December 2007
I had no problems loading this and my computer isn't exactly new, so I'm not sure why everyone seems to be having issues. Don't let it put you off buying it- it was the most realistic and interesting equestrian game I've ever played.
It has the usual mystery solving storyline, running alongside being a student at a top riding school. There is even a handsome love interest for your character! As well as superb graphics, realistic rules and layouts, it is extremely easy to navigate, and covers horsecare and getting to understand horse behaviour as well as actually training and competing in dressage, cross country and showjumping. There is a challenge every week that can sometimes be tricky to complete but this only adds to the fun. You can go shopping, like in other horse games, only it is via the character's laptop, making it more realistic and up to date.
Unlike some horse games, it takes a while to complete which is good, and also you don't get bored with one environment either, you get taken to Scotland (complete with very realistic rain!), Morocco and the USA.
I loved it and definitely recommend it.
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on 17 January 2007
I got this game given to my by my boyfriend for christmas as I asked for it, the big kid that I am!! I had enjoyed playing the first PF even though the tasks were sometimes a bit time consuming, like riding to and from the village every 5 seconds etc, so I thought great this one is all set in the same place there won't be any of that!

Only to find out the first few times I played the game I got to the bit where we met the new students etc and it came up with the debug error and crashed.

Frustrating!! So I emailed Ubisoft, and what a waste of time after 3 days of waiting for a response they wrote back saying I needed to update my drivers, and pointed me to a webite, I tried that and it said I had the most recent drivers already. So on the offchance I tried to play the game again, I managed to get through to the next screen but once again a few hours later it crashed.

I have realised now thank god it isn't just me having this trouble, and that you just need to keep saving everytime you go into the day schedule page, luckily though I haven't had it crash on me mid-challenge or something, purely just when it tries to load up a new "chapter" screen in a new setting.

So frustrating but if it did work it would be an ace game!!
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