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The story behind Tha Hacienda is quite sad, considering it played such a huge role in creating the Madchester scene, and the development of the 80's/90's club music. For starters, the club was stranded in debt when it was first opened, and struggled to make money. It was only during the late 80's and early 90's that it was the scene to go to, and thats were all the good memories come from. The club closed voluntarily around 1997, after much drug use and crime that surrounded the club, and a death or two..
Hooksy said "The wierd thing about The Hacienda is that it has alot painful memories, as well as good ones". And quite right he was too. The small book that comes with this album has a sad to end to it - the final page has 20 small CCTV photos, all ordered in a square, that shows New Years Eve, from the pictures of it opening, to the final closing, with an image of the shutters down.
Its credit to the 3 dj's who mixed this album. The songs all reflect the good times that was the late 80's and 90's period, and although the sound system was bad (the music bounced off all the walls) it was still an incredible place, with its industrial theme. Cd1 and 2 are my favourite cd's, that have some great rhtyhms, and a good variety of sounds, from the rap lyrics of 'Don't Scandalize Mine', to the beautiful feel good sounds of Papua New Guinea. Ride On Time just had to be here as well!
The mixing is kept simple, and suits the album, as its not over-produced. I think Cd2 didn't have the same impact, apart from the 1st 2 songs which are fantastic (especially Good Life). But the best tracks include the likes of Pacific State, Berry, Weekend, Space Face, Ruined in a day... the list goes on.
Besides this, its easy to point that the music inside The Hacienda itself was alot more varied than this tracklist. New Order, Happy Mondays, Oasis, Joy Division, all bands that played their, and even though these wern't the dance acts that we see on the album, why were they left out? The introduction of rock/indie music played a big role in the club, and during the early days it was the main theme of the club. A true representation would have alot more variety - check out the cd "24 hour party people".
So, while the club left with the unfortunate scenes of drugs and violence, many of the good memories live on in this excellent quality album, presented in not just your ordinary 'classics' album case, but with a good, chunky and superb quality case that matches the pride of the club. A real classic in itself!
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on 27 January 2015
Very satisfied,very quick delivery.I read several reviews before buying this c.d for my Son,who remembers the Hacienda 'time' and he was delighted with the c.d
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on 12 April 2013
was ok bought back few memories from a while ago though doesnt seem almost twenty five years ago worth trip down memory lane though.
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on 10 April 2006
Sheer brilliance.
Why it has not been done before is beyond me, but amongst all of the "Classics" compilation mix CDs to be had - and I have most of them (along with a glorious stash of those "bought at the end of the night" mix tapes) - this shines brighter than the lasers you reached for back in the day.
Along with some lucky others, I lived the religious birth of house, dancing, baggy trousers, wooley hats, stussy t-shirts and, of course, ecstasy, in the UK in the late 80s and 90s. There is not one of you there with me back then, whose spine will not tingle, and whose guts will not flutter, at 90% of the tracks on this collection.
Do as I did and listen to all three discs in succession, at an elevated volume, and timeshift back to an era when the tracks were simple and creative, and copping off at the end of the night was forgotten for the pleasure of chilling out in the company of loved-up mates.
Too many gems to single one out, so I won't dare try, but here, in no particular order, are a few that still give me the uncontrollable urge to lift my hands in the air and shout "come on!" to anyone and everyone near me:
Rhythm Is A Mystery - K-Klass
You're Gonna Miss Me - Turntable Orchestra
What U Need - Soft House Company
Love Can't Turn Around - Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk & Jesse Saunders
Hallelujah - Happy Mondays
Don't Scandalize Mine - Sugar Bear
Pacific State - 808 State
Alright - Urban Soul
Voodoo Ray - Guy Called Gerald
Stakker Humanoid - Humanoid
Where Love Lives - Limerick, Alison
Good Life - Inner City
Salsa House - Richie Rich
Can You Feel It - Mr. Fingers
Dreams Of Santa Anna - Orange Lemon
Carino - T-Coy
Come Together - Primal Scream
Know How - Young MC
Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight - Kariya
Do You Want It Right Now - Degrees Of Motion
Plastic Dreams - Jaydee (1)
It Takes Two - Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
Let The Music Play - Shannon
Space Face - Sub Sub
Berry - TC 1991
Is There Anybody Out There - Bassheads
Juice (Know The Ledge) - Eric B & Rakim
Hashim (The Soul) - Al Naayfish
Everybody (All Over The World) - FPI Project
Love Sensation - Holloway, Loleatta
Promised Land - Joe Smooth
Papua New Guinea - Future Sound Of London
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino
Back By Dope Demand - King Bee
Strings Of Life - Rhythim Is Rhythim
It's Alright - Sterling Void
You Got The Love - Staton, Candi
All right, I know: I should have listed the ones that didn't bring nostalgic tears to my eyes.
Do you get the picture?!?
"If your name's not down you're not commin' in!"
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on 18 April 2006
I've been waiting quite a while for a great, concise compilation of older house music to hit the shops. For me, there's far too many cheap, tacky and unworthy mixes that are churned out in gaudy packaging which contain mainly filler with the odd great song.

Thankfully, this has filled the gap in some style. This 3 CD set really encapsulates the time when the Haç was THE place to go in the UK. Every single track chosen are worthy entries, with not one tune which you'd class as 'filler'.

The collection begins with CD 1, and the early days of the Haç with classic 80's house tunes from the likes of 808 State, K-Klass and Mr Lee, seemlessly flowing into each other, like a family reunion. CD 2 joins in on the fun with some more early to mid-80's gems but interspersed with some of the indier side of things like Primal Scream and Happy Mondays. CD 3 begins with the hard house stomper, Sub Sub's "Space Face" before ending on the emotional "You Got The Love" by Candi Station, which sort of leaves it all on a sad note, probably for the best considering the sad death of the Haçienda.

The most remarkable quality about this anthology is how it dates well with current music. Drop ANY of these tunes in a house club now and you'll literally see the place explode, such is the power of it. I had the fortune to go to the Haçienda in the later years, once in 1995 and again just before it closed its doors for good, and there was always an amazing aurora around the place. I've never been old enough to see the magic of what the Wigan casino was like in its pomp and prime but that was the closest I could have imagined it to be.

This compilation is like the greatest Northern Soul compilation for the modern era. If you cannot like it, you simply have no soul.
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on 12 September 2014
Very good compilations, mixed well lots of great tunes!
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on 31 October 2016
Not bad, some great tunes.
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on 8 November 2016
Absolutely Brilliant
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on 3 May 2016
Hacienda Classics!!
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on 2 January 2016
all good
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