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on 24 August 2017
After using Ernie Ball strings for years I thought I'd never need to try anything else, but I'm so glad I did, these strings have such a warmer and brighter sound than EBs, they feel better as well. And it could be just a myth but I've heard D'Addarios work better than most with guitars that have a floyd rose, and from my experience that is true, better than all in fact. I don't understand how that works because guitar science is on par with rocket science, but there you go. If you haven't tried these then you really must, even if you're sold on the strings you use.. Because I was!
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on 28 February 2010
I've tried many different brands such as Curt Mangan, Ernie Ball, Everly B-52s, GHS, Gibson all of which are relatively well-priced but have a very obviously short life.

I must say that there are times when using this set of D'Addario EXL125 strings, I sort of wonder why I bothered at all because at the fraction of the cost compared to so many up-market brands, the string life and delivery of tone from the D'Addarios is actually consistent and good. Do not expect "breath-taking" tone, which, also depends heavily on your guitar and playing ability ;)

Having a rather heavy hard-rock rhythm right hand coupled with a desire for wild bluesy bends, I chose this gauge to suit my style which covers anything from blues, country to jazz and rock and roll. I use these strings with a tele, strat, an SG and a firebird VII: all sounding good.

If you're tired of mucking around with experimenting or struggling to afford expensive strings which claim to last longer, just remember this: it actually helps to just wipe down your strings after playing. After all, strings are made of metal and they WILL rust no matter how expensive or boutique the make.

Just bear in mind that the strings wraps of the EXL 125s are NICKEL-PLATED instead of PURE NICKEL, hence the cheaper price. It is misrepresentation of some sorts, but: I've been using this set for about 2 weeks, approximately 2-3hrs playing time per day and they are still alive, and I expect them to last for another 2 more weeks of playing.
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on 19 February 2018
I bought these strings, as I wanted to experiment with Open C (CGCGCE) tuning on my electric guitars. As Devin Townsend is one of the best known users of this tuning, it seemed a good idea to use the same strings that he uses (apparently).
This set does seem to keep a good tension over all the strings in Open C and this is on both Gibson (SG) and Fender (Tele) types of guitars. I will buy again.
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on 3 March 2017
I normally opt for Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, but thought this time I'd give D'Addario a go, and I'm glad I did, the tone from these strings were gorgeous, not too bright, and vibrato resonance was gorgeous as well. I can't speak to the longevity of these strings, I've not had the that long. Finally I have to say, this product contains not two, but three sets of strings, making them excellent value.
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on 9 September 2016
For years I used Slinkys but recently changed over to D'addarios. I'm now converted I've just restrung my Les Paul standard T with a set of these, after tuning up I played a few chords and they did go out of tune. Not majorly but enough to hear. I retuned and then played for half an hour. Stayed in tune the whole time! They also sound good either clean or dirty! I won't be going back to Slinkys!
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VINE VOICEon 30 July 2011
Set aside your personal preference for string gauge, D'Addario are without any doubt, well any of my doubt, the best electric guitar string maker. Over many years of playing I've used Ernie Ball, Markley and Fender and time and again I return to the XL's

I've found snapping to and holding pitch happens reasonably quickly and easily. More important, as a sit at home and play player I'm interested in degradation, how rapidly do the strings degrade to the point of replacement. I'm not an especially sweaty player but none the less, sweat and oils from the fingertips will quicken the degradation of any string. I've found that the XL's seem less to hold up a little longer before the strings get to the point where replacing is the only course of action.

Finally, on the lower register strings the coil wrap, whilst not being flat wrapped like some jazz strings, aren't so rough that you're in danger of ripping your fingertips to the core. They're cheap, last a good amount of time, depends on your sweatiness and how often you play of course, keep to pitch and not too expensive.

Not much else to say - at this price try them out.
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on 1 March 2017
Love D`Addario strings , used them for years .
Bought a 3 pack and so far opened 2 sets mainly because I needed them Now and once fitted noticed that there was a fair bit of rust on both sets already although they were in sealed bags.
Not sure of 3rd set as not opened yet . First time this has happened with this brand for me .
4 stars because they play well "1 star" for condition .
Other than that lovely strings that suit my ears .
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on 6 January 2018
I am very happy with these.
I experienced long lasting brightness - 2 months like new and then over 6 months of acceptable brightness.
I changed afterover a year...
The last string tends to break after 3months when using the bend and vibrato like I do, but that's acceptable...
I'll buy again.
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on 16 March 2018
Arrived in good time. hard to get too exited over a set of strings, but they are as good as most and better than some. They usually hold tuning ok and they seem to remain fairly bright for a bit longer than some brands......which I do like.
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on 12 June 2014
I use these for drop D and Standard tuning on an Ibanez RG guitar. I like the strings to feel quite tight on the fatter strings and these do while the higher strings are nice and easy to bend. They can also manage Drop C# although begin to feel a tad loose on the thinner stings for my liking. (obviously the feel will differ a bit from guitar to guitar)

They are also pretty tough strings... never had one break on me and I keep them on for a good couple of months at a time. The tone does get a bit dull after a while but so does every other major brand string I have used (I don't clean them which probably doesn't help)
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