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  • Kill
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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 23 September 2017
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on 17 July 2017
This is a brilliant album, would highly recommend. Great from the get-go - first song will get you going instantly!
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on 29 September 2014
Brutally aggressive.
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on 8 May 2006
Brutal as hell about sums up this album. The guitars have a different, rawer edge to them, with some fantastic, complex and very catchy riffs. The overall guitar sound is very rough sounding, think serrated, cutting, excessively aggressive....

Vokills are the usual guttural attack and I feel this only adds to the intensity of the album.

There a varying tempos, some tracks are approaching mid tempo in parts, although as usual break neck speed bursts are utilised by the Corpse. Tempo and direction changes only serve to highlight the immense complexity of Kill.

Production is top class with everything sounding ultra clear, in your face and nicely balanced in the mix.

Compared to all their previous releases (I own them all), Kill I feel, represents a raising of already high standards with regards to the technical skills and also sheer unadulterated brutality.

Personally, CC's use of shock tactic type lyrics, real bottom of the barrel stuff, doesn't appeal to me, their music certainly does. Once again suffering, mutilation, torture and gore are the subject matters, but hey this is brutal death, not mainstream charts crap!

Overall Kill is just that, pure violence. If like me you love brutal death metal then I would definitely recommend this one.

If you have an aversion to the lyrics, simply don't read them.

The bottom line is this album is way too good for brutal death metal fans to miss.
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on 27 March 2006
When it comes to Cannibal Corpse, there will always be a contingent who will predictably -- as they do with every act capable of shifting more than five hundred units of an album -- roll their eyes and thumb their noses in a show of ill-conceived elitism whenever the band bring out a new album. Yet, for all the accusations that Cannibal Corpse have become a caricature of their former glory, few can argue over the resolve with which the band continue to stick to their original mission statement: heavier and faster with every album, and never, ever wimping out. It has made them an oddly comforting commodity in a scene where so many fall by the wayside as they desperately try and cotton on to the next big thing, as Cannibal Corpse continue to ramp up the intensity on every successive release and toss in just the necessary number of tweaks along the way to keep things interesting.

So, while In Flames and Arch Enemy continue to ham it up to the delight of the masses, "The Time to Kill Is Now" wastes no time with tawdry introductions as it sets the stage for an unequivocal lesson in the art of true (literally) blood and guts death metal. That the long-serving Jack Owen no longer features as a member doesn't ever enter into the equation, as the band's familiar hallmarks are instantly and continually apparent. There's the nigh on certifiable technicality of "Necrosadistic Warning", the rumbling groove of "Death Walking Terror" and the dense, ominous atmosphere of "Infinite Misery" -- all led by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's imposing roar, who quite frankly has always bettered that of his predecessor Chris Barnes, and never more so than here.

Notwithstanding Hate Eternal mainman Eric Rutan's distinctly rawer production job, the differences between _Kill_ and its 2004 sibling, _The Wretched Spawn_, are finespun and unlikely to be evident to anyone who isn't acutely familiar with the band's back catalogue. This won't win over the hearts and minds of their detractors, but it hardly matters in the face of such a solid effort. Cannibal Corpse will never experiment with clean vocals or quasi-folk guitar flourishes, and I can imagine that Alex Webster would probably break out in hives at the sight of a keyboard. What the band's tenth opus confirms, if any doubt still existed, is that until the day they decide to call it quits, this Buffalo quintet will remain a staunchly uncompromising vanguard for relentless aural carnage.

Personally, that sits just fine with me.
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on 15 February 2011
I genuinely think this is their greatest album to date. The production is flawless, allowing you to hear every strum of the guitars, the growling is the same as ever but the production really makes it stand out. Fast paced from the start, the first word you hear is 'KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!' and from there onwards, from the very first second this album has you in its vice like grip, refusing to let go until the dying seconds of the album. It demonstrates a greater technical ability than ever before, with extremely catchy riffs and songs you want to thrash your head to, I'd say this is the best album for newcomers to death metal. Very enjoyable, and lyrics that are nowhere near as shocking as the 90's with Chris Barnes. An absolute 5 star death metal monster of an album, I hope that with their new albums they really do keep up this intensity, it's incredible.
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on 4 May 2006
Cannibal Corpse eh?
Who would have thought that after 17 or so years this highly provocative and gore obsessed outfit would still be going strong after many long years of media turmoil concerning the content of their songs, album art, Germany labeling them the anti-christ of rock music, and various bans to playing live in said Germany, Australia and God knows where else. Add to that, for combined sales they are a platinum selling group, and you've got the most improbable story of a death metal band ever told. And my Dad said it "was just a phase" back in 1990 ha ha ha...
Kill IS Cannibal Corpse. It sums up the band's out-look on the death metal world quite perfectly. A more brutal and revamped "Wretched Spawn", with more close knit playing, slabs of unrelenting blasting and Fisher's death growls abounding, punctuated by his super long screams of torture.
For those who like their death metal straight to the point this is the album for you in 2006!! No intro type fade ins, no accoustic preludes, and no build ups, its just straight in, start to finish, bludgeon you into the floor and keep kicking death metal. Of Course, you may be someone who likes it all a bit mixed up. Fair play to you. Go and get your Opeth cds out and listen to them. Kill is for those days when you've had enough of being happy, and you just want to let go.
As usual the lyrics are suitably nasty but not half as shocking as previous outings. The majority of the words on the Kill are more to do with bad feelings and very very angry violence. The most typical "CC" songs on here are 'Necrosadistic Warning', 'Five Nails Through the Neck' and 'Brain Removal Device'. All with their fair share of gore, hacked bodies and buckets of blood. Take them or leave them, CC's lyrics have never buckled under the pressure of censorship. I personally don't really care what is being said, so long as it sounds good to my ears. I'm 30 now, and gore and butchery isn't all that inspiring any more.
I have given this album 4 stars because the difference between this and the previous Album are minimal. And I actually prefer 'Wretched...' but thats not to say that if you are a a true CC fan you won't love this to death !!! I mean a band that gets no air play, has no real MTV promo vids to speak of and is hated by the worlds music media, and still goes platinum for combined sales... JUST CAN'T BE WRONG !!!!!
The DVD is a nice touch, but the gig is a little stale, and Jack Owen looks bored to tears. I guess he was already thinking about jumping ship to Deicide by then. The case itself is a ponderous thing, as it slides out both cds at the same time in opposite directions !!! You can't beat a good gimmick.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 April 2006
I have been a fan of Cannibal Corpse for a long time, enjoying their Death Metal music and unquestionable talent as musicians. I'll admit that I was initially drawn in as a young teen by the often comical lyrics and imagery (however childish people claim it is, its still entertaining) and have since grown to know every album well for its musical merits.

During the last decade; Cannibal Corpse released three of my favorite death metal albums ever; the trilogy of 'Bloodthirst,' 'Gore Obsessed,' and the more melodic and catchier 'The Wretched Spawn.'

Their next album 'Kill' released in 2006, and featuring Rob Barret on guitar for the first time in many years, was light-years ahead of those albums however. It was Faster, Harder, better produced and awash with guitar solos. The blast beats that weren't too messy or to puny sounding and George Corpsegrinder Fisher laid down an unbelievable vocal performance right from the very first few seconds of the album, signaling the band's intent from the opening squeal of 'The Time To Kill Is Now.'

Not only was it heavy, but the songs were great too, maybe a little repetitive but not a bad one on here. Highlights include the single 'Death Walking Terror,' and 'Necrosadistic Warning,' with its odd time signature shifts.

The album has everything you'd want from the band. Great musicianship, a sound that seems vicious and just unrepentantly heavy. Kill is well written and well produced. It may not be for some fans, because it doesn't bring anything particularly new to the band, it is view by some as just another Cannibal Corpse album. If that idea doesn't bother you, definitely give it a try.

***The bonus DVD includes a 17 song concert from Strausberg, which features a fairly strong performance from the band, professionally filmed and edited but which was given away free as it wasn't just good enough to be sold on its own as a live DVD. A fine addition to the album. ***
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on 16 March 2012
What do you want?
Killer sound? It's here.
Frantic performance? It's here.
Groovy tunes and death metal classics? It's here.
This band is at the top all this time and still has
a lot to offer.
The album is like mountains explode!
Tempos have gone faster and faster.
Slow cuts give groove to some songs.
Solos from another planet.
I can go on for hours.
Amazing album.
The dvd is raw and we like it that way!
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on 26 September 2014
Amazing band brutal music cannibal corpse are one of the top most butal death metal band in the death metal scene there music is very violent so it is not for faint hearted people also the cover art is not very gory like there other albums
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