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Gerber Multi-Tool Suspension, Grau, GE22-41471
Package Type: Regular|Change
Price:£35.69+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 30 October 2017
This is overall a nice tool. Everything seems tight and well put together. If I were to compare it to something like the leatherman wingman I would say this is lacking in terms of size of tools and bulkiness. The wingman has a large knife and scissors on the outside of the tool which don't have to fit under the pliers. This is also unnecessarily wide and bulky. If they had got rid of the saw on one side and the serrated knife on the other, aswell as removing the brass separators between the tools then this could have been as thin as the wingman.

The positives are the fact everything locks, the tools are good, especially the scissors and overall the quality is high.
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on 10 June 2015
Been using this thing for a month or so. I'm a sound engineer, so I come across a reasonable amount of things that need screwing/cutting/plier-ing. It's an absolutely fantastic tool, it has all of the things I need and none of the things I don't:

- The knives arrive sharp and seem to stay sharp, I'll update this review when they need sharpening.
- The screwdrivers are good enough for most screws (the pozi-drive slips on stiffer screws, but at that point you should be using a proper screwdriver anyway). The small flathead isn't quite small enough for adjusting the gain pots on some older-style wireless mic packs I come across, so I keep a teeny screwdriver on my belt for that.
- The bottle opener has opened every bottle I've thrown at it so far, a not insignificant number.
- The scissors are a little uncomfortable to use but they do cut competently.
- There's a sturdy tie-off point which is absolutely essential if you're working at any kind of height; You wouldn't want to drop a sharp knife on people below.
- The belt pouch seems fairly half-assed but it does keep the tool attached securely to my belt.
- The pliers/snips are sturdy and predictably cut/strip VanDamme Tour Grade cable, and guitar strings. I've also used them to extract hex bolts, a task which they perform amicably.
- The tool in general feels well-built and sturdy. There's no wobble or slop in any of the mechanisms, and the blade locks feel secure.

This tool is becoming my new daily driver multitool, after the hinges on my Gerber Compact Sport (an absolutely fantastic tool) finally gave out. At £19 it's an absolute steal, and I would definitely recommend it to those looking for a multitool but don't want to spend £90 on a Leatherman Wave.

Keep in mind that knives with locking blades are not legal to carry on your person in the UK, so please consult your local police force before making the purchase: I've spoken to mine who agreed that locking blades are safer for the user and advised that provided I kept it in my bag/tool case when not in a venue I should be alright. YMMV however, so do your due diligence and don't pull any stupid stunts.

I use a bottle of 3-in-1 oil to keep the tool lubricated. The only time I've had to add a few drops is when I cleaned some contact cement from the blade with acetone. In normal usage, you should only need to lubricate the mechanisms every 3/4 months, or when the knife mechanisms feel "rough".

TL;DR: Great tool, buy it if you're considering it. Not legal to carry on your person in the UK, keep it in your toolkit and you should be OK.
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on 20 October 2016
Solid build and very comfortable grip. Very well put together and does not feel cheap in any way.

Premium quality multi tool which includes all parts.

There is a locking feature on the blades for added safety and it will not unlock by mistake, it will need significant force to unlock and close the knife part.

The knife is also very sharp, I have a terrible habit of testing the sharpness of a blade by rubbing it with my thumb and when I did so I ended up with quite a deep cut with very little pressure put on the blade so take a lot of care.

Very well made and useful tool however the only reason I have rated it 4 stars is that the sheath that comes with it is not the best material and easily rips. This is the only inferior part of this product. Other than the sheath this is a great buy.
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on 11 January 2018
This is the second Gerber suspension I have bought, they are used on a daily basis several times a day. First one I had the knife stops fell off and it was time to bin it. This one is the same model bt manufacture is slightly different. However something that is consistent is the poor quality pouch, the Velcro just does not really work after around a week. Other than that I would give it 5 stars, but knocked one off for the very poor quality Velcro fastening. What I do like about the Gerber is the feel in the hand, it is very comfortable. Shame on Gerber that the main knife blade is so blunt from new, once it had been sharpened it has been ok.
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on 7 May 2014
Arrived within 2-3 days, so I would use the seller again. I've been looking for a decent multi-tool for a while and this seems to fit my requirements. Price wise it's good value for money, has good build quality and feels solid. Comes with a lovely black pouch/sheath with a velcro cover plus it has two different belt loops which gives the user some variety depending on how they want carry the item. I'll be using this as a daily go to multi-tool. Taking the tools can be a wee bit fiddly but that's just a case of getting used to it, but saying that as it has a skeleton frame you can push out the tools that you require from the opposite side if (you'll understand what I mean when you get one). Gerber always seem to thrive on it's reputation that it's products are made in the USA, whereas this is made in China, not that should put anyone off buying this multi-tool, I'm just a wee bit annoyed as it feels a bit like hype/false advertising on Gerber's part. In addition, Gerber's full lifetime warranty is only valid in North America and Canada, anywhere outwith that area it's only 25 years.

Pros: Good value for money, good selection of tool, blades are sharp, feels and looks well made, ergonomic, sturdy locking mechanism for tools when in use, comes with a good handy sheath, 2 different belt loop settings on sheath

Cons: 25 year warranty if bought outside North America where it would have a full lifetime warranty. Saw had a slightly wobble, can be easily rectified by tightening screw. Lanyard ring is a bit redundant if using other tools as it gets in the way of other, unless you attach it to an releasable lanyard clip.

Will update product review if I have and more good or bad feedback.
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on 14 August 2013
I would agree with most reviewers that this tool seems like good value for money. It feels solid in the the hand (perhaps a little too heavy at 9 oz) and appears to be well made, although the tools are chunkier than those on my old Gerber multitool and Victorinox SAK, and don't seem to have quite the same quality. The saw is not a patch on the Victorinox's and the scissors, while capable, are not as good as the old Fiskars on the Gerber. However, for ~ £25, it looks like a good buy.

I'll update the review when I've given the tool some serious use...........

UPDATE: After a bit of use, I'm growing to love the tool. However, the blades, while useful, are a bit shorter than I'd like. The Velcro on the pouch failed completely after a day or two, the Gerber falling out and almost getting lost. I seem to have solved this by cutting a larger piece of the 'loop' portion from an old, better quality, Velcro strap and gluing this over the flap 'loop' Velcro with Neoprene adhesive - the 'hook' Velcro patch on the pouch seems OK.


After just a few weeks, the pouch has fallen apart - the only bit still holding together is the Velcro repair I did. The tool is still worth the 4 stars I gave it based on the use I've given it so far.
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on 25 December 2012
I need a multi-tool for my job (not a contractual obligation thing, just useful to have). I work on the Motorway in some grotty conditions which can involve crawling under cars & having to run across three or four lanes so I wasn't prepared to lose my £80+ Leatherman or Gerber. Been looking at the Suspension but at the time they were still around the forty pounds mark so I bought myself the Stanley look alike version. (Stick with it, this isn't a review on the Stanley)

Knew I'd dropped a clanger as soon as it arrived - THE BLADES DON'T LOCK !!! If you're thinking of buying one of these types of knives/multi-tools for the first time, think very carefully about the use you're going to be putting it to. My Leatherman & Gerber both have locking blades which doesn't sound like a big deal - until you're out in the pissing rain, trying to prise a towing-eye cover off & the blade folds close. The other annoying thing is that to access any of the tools you have to open the handles, which isn't a biggie but not the best.

I'd look at the Suspension every so often, then, one day the price was down to under twenty quid so I grabbed one. Build quality is better than the Stanley - not by a lot, but it just felt "better". However, the tools are all accessible without opening the handles &, more importantly, lock into place. The lock mechanism is very easy to operate, the tools all have thumb notches to assist opening, although the scissors are a bit fiddly. The blades are a little short, and the inclusion of a file (just in case I need to do a spot of manicuring) would have given it a five star review.

All in all, you can buy better, but what do you actually need & how much do you want to spend!! For the money, this is a value item
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on 28 July 2015
This looks and feels sturdy and certainly is heavy. It is comfortable to use as pliers. A bit more awkward to use some of the other tools.
I like the locking function. It does make it illegal to casually carry it around in your pocket, but having a screwdriver or knife that constantly folds onto your fingers as you are try to mcguiver some repairs is very frustrating.
Good selection of tools (I can never quite get a combination I like for a price I like). The position of the keyring is rather in the way and is a waste of a tool slot, given that you get a nice carry case that can attach to belts or straps..
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on 15 November 2013
Having had a variety of Wengers, Victorinoxes, Leathermans (Leathermen?) and others, I bought this Gerber because it was on sale, and almost half the price of an equivalent Leatherman. It is not as strong or as sturdy as a Leatherman, but it is probably more comfortable and lighter. The quality is also slightly more inconsistent than the Leathermans with the smooth knife being slightly looser than the serated one, and twists slightly.

However, because it is lighter, it gets carried more often and thus gets more use, and is thus vindicated.
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on 10 June 2016
Handy multitool to have in the car or backpack for those days away. I wouldn't use it everyday but for something small, compact with plenty of uses its well worth the money and comparable to the more expensive leather man
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