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on 3 March 2006
I am an absolute HUUUGE fan of the Project Zeros. Project Zero 1, was I thought, the most terrifying game i had EVER played. Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly, was i thought more action-horror compared to the first. But this one...in the first 3 minutes, I swear I almost had a heart attack :S
I'm not scared easily, in fact i can sit through any horror movie and laugh. But the Project Zero games are i think the most disturbing games EVER. Tecmo REALLY know how to get under your skin.
The main quality I love about this game is that it resorts back to the original Project Zero in two ways: 1) the way it is set (i.e. more puzzles to solve, little scary mind-playing things etc) and 2) Miku is back! :D (The character fro PZ1).
However there is of course a difference, which i think makes this game A LOT better than the first two: its played in two different places: reality and in Rei's nightmares...
I won't blab on but if you REALLY want a game that is sooo terrifying, disturbing, psychologically scary, but such a unique, beautiful game (and you learn quite a bit about Ancient Japanese Culture and Religion!) then this IS the game for you.
What I have written so far probably seems like not enough "evidence" that i have actually got and am still playing it, so i thought i would give you a BRIEF and simple description of a place in the game that really did disturb me!:
a corridor...a room blocked off in the centre...sacred ropes hanging on the wall...outlines of people on the walls (thats just horrible that bit! :S)...harrowing moans from somewhere...
there you go.
I seriously cannot play this game (like the 1st one) for more than 15 minutes at a time! It REALLY gets under my skin...
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on 13 April 2006
The third of the well-received "Project Zero" (what was wrong with the original title of Fatal Frame, I'll never know) series carries on all the same gameplay as it's predecessors, but as the idea has proved to be such a good one, there's nothing wrong with that. Playing as a young female reporter called Rei - the most grown-up main character seen so far in the series - the player is once again armed with a ghost-busting camera and sent to explore a huge dilapidated Japanese mansion. And once again you will encounter vengeful phantoms that need to be dispatched via split-second timing of getting the best possible shots with the mysterious camera. This aspect is as fun as ever, as the best shots always come with the cost of putting yourself at most risk in order to take them (i.e. letting the ghost come as near as possible to attacking you). Also back are the many fleeting apparitions that you need to be lightning quick with your shutter-finger to snap on film. But it's all worth the effort, as these shots, along with your best "attack" photos score highly on a points system that lets you power up the capabilities of the camera, turning it into a more powerful ghost-buster for the later, harder phantoms...especially when it's sometimes not just one against one.

I had reservations as the game got underway, when I realised that all the spooky Japanese mansions were starting to get a bit repetitive, with the same old rotting cupboards and dusty kimonos at every corner, but the game has addressed this with a new slant on the gameplay, in that all the ghost hunting levels forms part of a recurring nightmare being experienced by main character. When she's not dreaming, she's awake and inhabiting her not-at-all spooky apartment. This splitting of playing time between dream trips to the forbidding mansion, and popping into the neat and tidy kitchen or stroking the cat, reminded me heavily of "Silent Hill 4", which used the same dual locations, and must have been an inspiration for this game. Cleverly, the game has Rei being up and about in her own apartment between both day and night times, and after the horrors of the dream adventures, even this neat and modern location begins to make you fell uneasy when walking around it at night. There are also two more playable characters in the game which adds variety, as they can go into areas that Rei cannot access. They also have certain unique skills, but much weaker ghost-busting cameras than Rei, so these stages can be tough. And once again those evil ghosts are no slouches, and getting the "fatal frame" shots can be pretty dicey, especially as these ghouls don't play fair and can vanish and teleport all over the place while you are swinging your camera around trying to keep them in view....you'll learn to hate those little girls with stakes and mallets!

Because of the fun to be had with the camera and the game in general, I'm prepared to once again forgive the same drawbacks that are still present as before - really clunky directional controls and the lamest "run" function ever witnessed - Rei runs like a little old lady hobbling after a bus. Despite starting off as a fairly easy game, the game keeps the reputation of the series up by occasionally throwing some really tough ghost battles at you, roundabout the halfway mark and onwards, so save often! Even so, the ghosts STILL don't live up to the creepy horrors of the first game (too many of the ghosts are smiling little girls, which doesn't scare me very much), but I think that this third installment actually has the most grown up theme; it's take on the rituals concerning death and the afterlife is handled very seriously and quite sensitively. It also has the most impressive ending movie of the series so far - effective and quite moving. Bottom line - while not really being very different to parts one and two, this is a worthy third installment to the series, and a treat for fans.
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on 3 March 2006
I love the idea of Two Haunting Worlds which is the nightmare and the real life. As the player moves deeper into the game, the line between the two worlds becomes blurred, creating fear and uneasiness in the player. It is a brilliant idea!
Also, PZ3 has 3 main characters which have thier own unique skills, and their background link to each other and the previous Project Zero; One and Two.
You can repeat it once you finish the game. You can unlock secret ghosts, goodies, skills and alterative ending.
PZ3 is creepy, scary and haunted. It's really worth playing. I bet you will love it. :-)
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on 25 January 2007
I have never played the two previous installments of the game but I am a huge fan of survival horrors and thought I handled them pretty well until I bought this and realised that the people who create this game must hate everyone because they have brought out a fantastic game with a brilliant storyline but have made it too scary to play. I can't actually play it for long periods at a time.

It does take a while to get used to the controls and the slow running can be annoying but the balance of two worlds make up for it but even though I am always happy when I return to the lovely light world when Rei is awake, it is also very atmospheric, creepy and a lonely place to be.

What makes it so scary is that ghosts can appear anywhere and at anytime and you could walk through a room and having nothing happen to you but then return later and there will be something there. There are also big build ups which are very scary.

Overall a very enjoyable game but I'm not sure about the rating because it says its 18+ but my copy is a 15 although parents I wouldn't recommend it to a 15 year old, its more of a 16+.
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on 7 April 2006
Game designers normally get it wrong when it comes to releasing the third instalment of a series....well thats my opinion anyway.
This is SO not the case with Project Zero...this game series is just one major advertising push away from being one of the all-time great titles.
Graphically awesome, the horror and tension ups a gear in this amazing tale of a girl on a search to discover her loved one.
Those who have played the first two titles are in for a real treat as the designers have interwoven the previous two games into this eminently perfect stand-alone title.
If you like your horror games...if you like being thrilled...if you like being tested to the hilt...if you like something different....this title deserves to be top of your wish list.
Lights...Camera...action....hats off to those creepy guys in Japan...keep it coming!
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on 3 March 2006
I love the idea of Two Haunting Worlds, the nightmare and the real life. The more player moves deeper into it, the line between the two worlds are getting closer and closer. What a brillent idea!! This serie has three main characters which have a unique skills and their stoies link to the previous Project Zero: One and Two. You can repeat it once you finish as it has bonus for the second playthrough. You can unlock some goodies, skills, secret ghosts or alternative ending. PZ3 is creepy and haunted. The graphics is really nice. It really worths playing!!
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on 28 February 2013
If you like survival horror games (and I mean OLD SCHOOL survival) and you feel that this generation didn't accomplished your desires go for this game without second thoughts!
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on 11 October 2007
On the whole though, Project Zero 3 is a truly frightening experience with terrifying moments of attack and also huge moments of relief. The sound effects really do work in favour of a horror experience creating, as to be expected a great tense and frightening atmosphere and when mixed with the intriguing storylines of all three characters, the game itself becomes addictive, despite the sudden disruptions of reality. Fans will love the Easter Eggs of characters and locations combined with the secret Ghosts inside the game to capture, replayablity with different endings do create a challenge for players of all abilities, but Project Zero 3 is nothing original. Compared to Crimson Butterfly the extra features on the Camera Obscura works well for this individual title, but the previous instalment is a better game, more coherent and better paced. Fans will love it, and true horror fans will see something amazing here but on the whole certain aspects of the game let it down to being nothing more than an average horror game. A scary average horror game though ...
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on 26 August 2013
This is a Great Game and arrive well packaged and in Excellent Condition. I would recommend this game
to any fans of rare horror genre video games, as a must have in their collection.
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on 25 November 2008
I love project zero 3 almost as much as I love project zero 2 (And that's saying alot). The nail biting switching between dreams and reality, the little changes in the room, such as a tv suddenly turning on or a window been open when it was closed before and the appearence of Miku (from Project 1) and Mayu/Mio's uncle (from project zero 2) add a sort of closure to what happened to the chracters from the last games.
The beginning movie is just amazing and just pulls you in from the start. I guess what really sets this one apart is the fact that Rei (the main character) can actually leave the mansion and return to her apartment. In the previous game the heroen's couldn't leave the area, let alone return home. This means Rei's health will go back up once she returns home, which is handy when ones health runs low and there are no herbel medicine on hand.
At some points one even wonders if Rei is losing her mind from grief (spoiler if I tell you why) since Miku can't seem to see anything.
The final day though is the best with the final boss following you around when ever the screen turns black and white and forcing you to run until you either find a way out the building or progress the story.

Buy, buy, buy this game if you like surival horrors.
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