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4.6 out of 5 stars
Secret Wireless War
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on 24 August 2016
If you are interested in Bletchley Park and the British Secret Service, this is information here which isn't given elsewhere. There are interviews with the actual radio operators who listened to enemy broadcasts and quite a lot of interesting information about the ways the secret service used to influence the enemy into surrendering by feeding him false or misleading information. The interviewer Ms Debra Rixon speaks well the clearly throughout both films. A lot of the equipment used is shown The Dvd is divided into two documentaries, one entitled 'Beyond Bletchley Park', the other 'Black Propaganda'. Both documentaries are about one hour long. It would have been interesting to hear more of the actual propaganda broadcasts to the enemy. But only a few short examples are given.
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on 19 March 2010
The secret wireless war is two films about the secret war waged against Germany during World war two.
The first film is about the work of the amateur radio enthusiast who were asked to help in the fight against Germans spies and more, and ties into the work at Bletchley's Government code and cypher school along with some details about 'Station X'. It discusses some of the work done there, but it also covers the work done by agents in Europe.

The second film covers the work of the propaganda stations against Germany and the vital work done to demoralize the Third Reich's forces and civilian population. This was a real eye opener covering much information that has only become available recently.

Both of the films were entertaining and very informative. A very good source of history on the subject and well produced. I only wish there was a similar film covering the duties of the various 'Y' stations around the country to fill in the gaps. We now know much about Bletchley park, but not too much about the people who listened and fed the information to GCCS.

Recommended if you are at all interested in Military History and/or the history of Radio.
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on 6 July 2016
This dvd is brilliant. Got it yesterday. Didn't get chance to look at it straight away so put it on this morning. Was trying to finish the last page of a magazine at the same time when I heard Arkley View off Barnet Rd. I grew up in Barnet and my attention was riveted. Magazine now ignored I restarted the dvd again. What a fascinating, informative and interesting true story covering the outskirts of London, in the Home Counties. Never read about it in Barnet's history. Never saw it in Barnet Library in Stapleton Rd either but I will be watching it again and again. Well done Debra and the Rixon family. 20/10 for content sorry but it knocks your Footloose vids, which I love, into the long grass. More of these please!
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on 15 October 2012
You can order this video from the U.K. Amazon site/store.
Have seen both videos, the original 2002 and the newer remastered version of 2014.
The new remastered version has been enhanced with additional footage and many more photos showing how all the sites look at present. It is now optimized for widescreen viewing too.
It is divided in two parts: Beyond Bletchley Park and Black Propaganda.
Both videos show how all the pieces put together by the operators and Ham Radio enthusiasts who, for more than 60 years didn't know how big the work they were doing was. Now they finally know how it fit together as part of a huge intelligence work and organization. They knew their job was important but since it was secret they never talked about it untill many years later, when they started getting together and meeting yearly at Bletchley Park. They found how all those little pieces joined to form a big intelligence machine that started by the Ham Radio operators listening to the enemy radio traffic from all around the U.K., sending their intercepts to an office that will put them all together then will sent them to Bletchley Park for decoding. Once sense was made out of the messages they would be analyzed and the results were then transmitted to the top field commanders of the allies by military operators of the Special Liason Units.
On the Black Propaganda side, we take a look at the organization and work done by a group of very special people to give the enemy a big dose of their own medicine. The result had a big effect on enemy morale. The work done by both, the intelligence organization shown on part one of the video and the Black Propaganda team on the second part, is believed to have shortened the war for about two years. The responsibility and master mind of these big organizations was Mr. Winston Churchill himself.
If you are a Ham Radio operator, Short Wave Listener or radio history enthusiast, you surely want to watch this video. It is marvelously produced by David and Debra Rixon. They have made a big contribution in recognizing the job done by recording the testimony of the guys who were participants during those obscure years of WWII; sadly, many of them have now passed away.

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on 12 January 2018
Bought for my 94 year old father, who thoroughly enjoyed it. (He was a Leading Telegraphist in wartime.)
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on 30 September 2017
Excellent service, very good condition and interesting story...many thanks.
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on 3 December 2015
This film is a top-notch true story of how radio communications involving amateur radio operators helped turn the tide of WWII in favor of the Allies. Brilliantly presented, this documentary film is a must see for everyone. Amateur radio operators will find the film particularly fascinating, with transmitters and receivers shown that were used in intercepting German communications. The story is compelling, and of course true. The dedication of all involved becomes evident in the careful presentation. Highly recommended, do not miss!
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on 28 January 2016
I bought this DVD many years ago but somehow managed to lose it. I am glad I have replaced it as I had forgotten how excellent it is. But of course all Debra & David's tours are excellent. My wife & I have been fans for years. Have all their DVD 's.
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on 10 January 2018
Excellent DVD, narration & video Quality also excellent.
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on 19 July 2016
Quite a good account . Very swiftly delivered. However would not play on one of my DVD players. The one integral with my Bush TV would not play it. My separate Toshiba would play it.
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