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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2007
I started collecting the Tomorrow People DVD's three years ago when the entire series wasn't available yet. It took me two years before I had the wholes series and I wish I could have bought them all at once then for this fabulously low price.
Anyway, I never regretted the money I spent on collecting them all as this series is just great. I was exposed to this series first in 1981 when I lived in the US for half a year. I was then 10 years old and rushed home from school every day to be in time for the day's episode of the Tomorrow People on the children's channel Nickelodeon. Now in my mid-thirties I still find them entertaining.
The whole premise of the series is that a new step in the evolution of man has come into being: The Homo Superior. Endowed with supernatural powers a few youngsters are the first of the new species to appear. From their headquarters in an unused London underground Station and with the help of their speaking computer Tim they protect mankind against its own evils and evils from outer space. The Tomorrow People are telepathic, masters of telekinesis and can transport their bodies through space (jaunting).
The acting doesn't compare to the child actors we have today and the special effects are not that special and probably weren't even for Seventies' standards. But a good story is a good story, both now and then! The DVD quality is about as good as a 30 year old series on DVD gets and for those that can't get enough: watching the episodes with commentaries from the actors will give you unprecedented insights into the making of the Tomorrow People. There are both high points and low points in the series. I would particularly advise watching:
-The Blue and The Green
-A Secret Weapon
-Hitler's Last Secret.
The series is best watched in its particular order, but this is not necessary.

Conclusion: if you either enjoyed this series in the Seventies (or Eighties, as in my case) or are just looking for good English Television SF, this box set will be a very worthwhile purchase. So jaunt back to the Seventies and enjoy!
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on 6 October 2007
First of all you have to realise that this series was produced in the 70's on a limited budget at a time when modern special effects such as CGI were not available. But what has made the Tomorrow People deservedly popular is that the plots and some of the acting were good enough to shine through those limitations.

Pros: 1. Author Roger Price who also got involved with some of the direction was a superb storyteller 2. Most of the young leads are pretty good including the serious John who nevertheless has a dry wit. Other highlights are the charming Elizabeth and Philip Gilbert, the voice of their computer TIM. Peter-Vaughn Clark as Stephen, while not the most accomplished actor, puts in some cheeky performances which provide light moments among the twisting plots 3. Frequent cliffhangers designed to get viewers to tune into the next episode means the action often has you on the edge of your seat.

Cons: 1. Some of later episodes started to lose their way in terms of plot content and cast changes which contributed the eventual termination of the show in 1979. Also some of the attempts at slapstick comedy in the series fall a little flat in the context of the show 2. Some acting is lamentable especially Kenny and the excitable whiny Carol in the early series 3. Don't watch the show for the special effects.

Having said that, the pros far outweigh the cons. What really made this show explode into a masterpiece was the chemistry between John, Elizabeth, and Stephen. It's generally acknowledged that the episodes with this trio were among the finest. I can recommend such stories as the Blue and the Green and Secret Weapon. These can hold their own against the very best of Star Trek or Dr Who, and this great value compilation is worth getting for those episodes alone. PM
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on 12 February 2014
I was 10 years of age when the original "Tomorrow People" debuted on ITV in 1973. Although the series had its budget limitations as well as the technological limitations of the time, some of the stories really surprised me in that they covered several themes that would be relevant to today (but must have mystified 1970s audiences).

The series was made as a "childrens programme" and shown around 4.45pm during weekdays after kids had got home from school, yet there are some stories that were surprisingly more "adult" than I thought. Secret government departments allowed to experiment on children, one of the youngsters being abused by one of his parents .... some of these themes must have left kids like myself a little confused, but it was always the nifty ability of the characters to teleport themselves out of trouble and the producers' knack in creating neat little cliff-hanger endings at the end of each episode that always made us come back for more.

The clothes and fashions of the time may be hilarious, but I think those in their late 40's early 50s like myself will find themselves appreciating this series a little better than we were able to when we were younger.
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on 21 April 2013
John played by the lead cast member Nicholas Young and his team of telepaths called the Tomorrow People are Earth's only hope for a better and safer future...

I have just seen the first series entitled The Slaves of Jedikiah and I am halfway through The Medusa Strain. In the first episode, we see a new entrant to the team, Stephen who is just starting to 'breakout' with his new found powers and later with the help of the Tomorrow People, he learns the abilities to engage in telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. These powers and special abilities make advanced people like Stephen, a formidable team to encounter and beat.

The original cast which also stars the empathetic and caring Carol (Sammie Winmill), the inquisitive adventurous and Stephen (Peter Vaughn-Clarke), the ingenious and gifted Kenny (Stephen Salmon) along with the help of their advanced biological computer called Tim (Voice of Philip Gilbert) makes the concept of the Tomorrow People both ahead of its times as well as being thoroughly entertaining.

I first saw episodes of the Tomorrow People when I'd come back home from school and switch on the telly. I still remember the opening credits theme music from then with memories of the clenched fist opening up into an open flat palm-which I now understand signifies humanity's potential ability to open their minds into broader and more enlightened thinking.

Having revisited some of the clips of the episodes from YouTube, I listed the Tomorrow People DVD collection on my favourite's list for quite some time till I recently got the chance to buy it. This series is far better than the 1992 reboot which loses most of the original appeal of the 70's smash hit teen series. However, I am glad that a new team attempted to bring back this great concept for a new generation and perhaps we could even see a future film based on this great British Sci-fi series of the 1970's.

The Tomorrow People - The Complete Series [DVD]
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on 28 November 2014
The series is 5 stars but the F#$!ing case is a nasty piece of CRAP!!
The case was a cheap and nasty plastic case that had all the disks doubled up on spools with the print work leaving nasty print marks on the read side of the above disk making them hard to read!
with only 3 episodes per disk on most of the disks it would have been more sensible to use less disks and A BETTER CASE.!!
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I remember the Tomorrow People from its original transmission in the early '70s. As a youngster I spent more time admiring Stephen Jameson than I did in taking in the plots, but I recently bought and re-watched this fabulously original series and it was certainly the best £20 I'd spent in a long while. The premise of humans evolving into non-violent telepaths is well worth exploring, and the Tomorrow People does this with some very clever, well researched storylines. Some of the best episodes in my opinion are The Green & the Blue, which dovetails a broader sci-fi plot with the theme of petty human divisions, and Secret Weapon, which is superbly written, very tense and creepy. The Doomsday Men is a fun story too, with an anti-war theme and set in a boys school, it feels like like a sci-fi/Famous Five hybrid. Most long running series have a dodgy episode and the Tomorrow People has A Man for Emily. It's toe-curlingly awful but I urge you to watch it with the cast commentary, and listen to the sound of future Dr Who Peter Davison's toes curling as he re-watches his first television appearance. In fact, all of the commentaries are well worth listening to, by turns informative and hilarious. I love this boxset, it's hugely entertaining and cracking value.
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on 12 January 2010
One of the best series for pre-teen children. Instills ethics and morality in an adventurous way that is missing from today's programming. The theme music and opening titles are classic! The stories are creative and engaging. There is no comparison between this amazing series and the crappy 90's remake.

Production quality is not bad, and I even like the sets and props (like the robot made out of cardboard). It makes it campy, charming and quaint. After all, it's the story that's important, and British television was considered to be an extension of the theatre. You are supposed to use your imagination (but not quite as much as in radio).

I wasn't impressed with the video quality. It may be the best quality available if the series was shot and mastered on video equipment of the day. If this is so, I think there should have been production notes included explaining that.
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on 25 October 2010
I loved this show as a child both it and Ace of Wands were head and shoulders above the rest of the kids tv of the time
Unlike Ace of Wands this show has survived in it's entirety.Here are the complete 68 episodes the stories vary in quality
the latter years in particular however the set more than justifies it's current asking price Other reviews have highlighted the best of the episodes so as I am in agreement with these opinions theres no point in re stating mine here .The extras package consists mainly of text based documents and and episode guide for each series as these type of guide goes they are informative interesting and not overlong I have only listened to a couple of the series commentaries so far and they will keep you interested for a second viewing of the series cast members relate freely their experiences both good and bad of the series production.On a personal note the presentation box isn't great a bit flimsy though the dvd packaging is fine .The picture quality is ok not as good as the Ace of Wands set but here I think it adds to the charm of the show maybe this is just nostalgic nonsense on my part or my particular fondness for this series All said this is well worth the investment for fortysomethings with fond memories of 70's kids tv.
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on 16 September 2013
classic british sci-fi. This brings back fond memories. oct 2013 will see a updated reboot in the U.S.. It promises to be better than the aussie led 90's attempt, but in my heart nothing beats seeing the original with all the 70's clothes and cars on the street! My kids are in thrall to the stories, and having been introduced to doctor who are hungry for more british fare. This was a favorite when I was growing up in the cotswolds, so thought they might like it, we all gather to watch as a family. Good clean fun. thank-you for bringing this to dvd
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VINE VOICEon 10 March 2008
Some programmes you buy because you enjoyed them as a kid and want to relive your childhood. When you do this you can be delighted or disappointed. I'm inclined to feel that the Tomorrow People is more disappointing than delightful.

The plus points:

There are some pretty decent stories such as The Blue & the Green, The Vanishing Earth, etc.

The interview on the last disk is very entertaining.

The Negative Points:

There are some absolutely dire stories such as A Man for Emily.

The special effects are often very poor

The acting in the early stories is worse than amateurish

Some of the interesting facts are inaccurate & on a couple of the early disks, the picture alongside the Stephen character profile link is of Mike Holoway not Peter Vaughan Clarke

As a whole the early stories are probably better content-wise than the later ones, if you can ignore the acting. Symptomatic of the age, blue screen is overused and technically deficient in all the seasons. However, I think my children would enjoy watching these stories so I intend to give them the opportunity. For the money, the set is probably just about worth buying.
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