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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2017
V good
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on 27 September 2015
This Final Conflict may have/ get friends, I'm definitely not one of them. Having seen a lot of sci-fi, including Roddenberry's Star Trek, I bought seasons 1 and 2 only because his name was used to advertise the thing. Having seen season 1 I skipped the orders for the remaining seasons.
As for the story, which begins three years after the initial event, I find a mixture of "V", SeaQuest DSV, Mission Impossible (the series) and several ideas (and even props) taken from Star Trek itself, the probably worst being the eye-piece "Commander Riker" brought in from "Risa", infecting the entire crew of the Enterprise (well, almost, as you may imagine or remember). This prop got but a few modifications, but was definitely the same thing and even was supposed to work in a similar way. That is way too much old stuff taken up for a new production.
What the aliens ("Taelons") are doing on Earth remains largely unknown, apart from a few glances you capture occasionally in-between. Consequently, the resistance on Earth fails to show significant motivation, and their "leader" does not contribute much more than show a grim face and mumble something of freedom from the oppressors.
Technically, it is a 4:3 screen lay-out, far outdated, and despite the elevated price (here in GE at least) there is no bonus whatsoever, though this is state-of-the-art these days. The box will not keep the DVDs safe for some time, but in my case that will not be necessary.
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on 29 January 2012
This season (Season One) of the series which ran for five seasons is very good. It is thought provoking, original and intriguing scifi with more than a hint of mystery to it. There are a few minor "silly sci-fi" moments to be found but gratifyingly few and, though it is not entirely well cast, most of the important characters ie Boone, Sandoval and Da'an are convincing. The problem is that Season One leaves many important questions unanswered and the remaining four seasons not only fail to answer those questions even remotely convincingly but are VERY poor in comparison ranging from quite bad to really awful by Season Five. So, if you are coming to this series now as a new viewer you should be aware that, though you may well enjoy this season, you will more than likely be very frustrated and disappointed by what comes after and may also conclude (as I have) that the makers actually never knew where it was going: a realisation which sheds a somewhat less favourable light on even this enjoyable first season.
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on 4 April 2006
Ok i watched this series from start to end when it aired here in the Uk and was blown away by it. Season 1 was by far the strongest and best Season of all containing deepely philosphic stuff. This season is the best the EFC ever peoduced with Season 2-3 comming in close. But by Season 4 and 5 the writers had last the plot in my opinion.

Great transfer from film to disk and there are only three or four FX Shots in the entire seaon that look like they needed work.

the only dissaponting thing about the box set is the lack of Special features, i.e. episode commentarys and interviews with cast and also the inability to select scenes for the episodes you only get a Play All or Play episode option and must use the fsatforward\rewind function to scan through to scene.

for a dedicated Scifi fan i would urge you to buy it as it is great scifi and like B5 the first season seamed to be like the chapter of a novel introducing you to the situation Season 2 didnt seam to continue the structure as things were radically chaanged by mid 2nd season to suit a different storyline. if you are cllecting the whole series this will be the season you watch the most times repeatedlt as a standalone it is also great as the ending of S1 feels like thend of a novel that you might not get a sequel to. i would have given this a 5 star but the lack of features forces me to give a 4
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HALL OF FAMEon 10 February 2006
At long last, the first and absolutely best season of the posthumously produced Gene Roddenberry series, 'Earth: Final Conflict'. Due to issues of ownership of rights, seasons three, four and five were released long before seasons one and two; indeed, this is the advent of season one's availability, and season two is not yet available, but surely cannot be far behind.
This is the year that started the series, and is generally considered the best of the lot, both by those who liked the rest of the series, and those who disliked its later directions (I find myself somewhat in the latter category, but not dogmatically so).
The premise is that a race of aliens, named the Taelons, have come to Earth ostensibly to offer peace and technological exchange. Their technology cures almost all diseases, eliminates poverty and hunger, and causes a banding together of people in a new world order. However, there are those who mistrust the motives of the alien companions (and each major country has an ambassador known as 'the companion'), and an underground resistance has formed. In a rather interesting production decision, it is at this stage that we the viewers come into the story - we don't see the arrival or initial steps, but only the beginning of the rocky period.
One can look for parallels in history for this - were early colonisers, from Greek and Romans to modern nations, seen as invaders or friends? Even when the newcomers offered gifts and promises, things often worked differently.
In the first year of the series, the central character is William Boone (Kevin Kilner), a double-agent officially in service of the Taelon companions, but in reality a resistance agent. Supporting the resistance is the billionaire Jonathan Doors (David Hemblen), shuttle pilot Lili Marquette (Lisa Howard) and computer wizard Augur (Richard Chevolleau). On the Taelon side are Da'an (Leni Parker) and Zo'or (Anita LaSelva), served by their ever-present guardian and toadie Sandoval (Von Flores). The episodes in the first year explore the relationships of the Taelons to each other, to the human race in the present time and in prehistorical contacts, and the dynamics of a resistance that is not always sure of itself and a superior force torn between the decision of whether to collaborate or conquer.
The effects are very good at times, and standard television fare at others. The series as a whole suffers from the continuing loss of lead characters, but that had not yet become the mode of operation for the series during the first year.
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on 10 April 2006
I'm admittedly a stalwart Earth: Final Conflict fan, but even if I wasn't, I think I'd be thrilled with this DVD set. The fan community is in general agreement that the first season is the most solid. It does tend to be a little more cerebral than its subsequent seasons, but in a very nicely-done way. It has its action moments, but they don't overpower the rest of the show, and because they're not prevalent, they tend to be that much more special when they are there.
Characters and developments are generally not outlandish: while many sci-fi shows will have a gadget-of-the-week which is never heard from again, season 1 E: FC on the whole avoids that particular pitfall. Characters also generally behave in a consistent (and sensible) way, which makes them more engaging, sympathetic and believable.
The special effects are exceptional for a first-time low(ish)-budget television production from 1997, though a few of the SFX shots do look quite dated in comparison to 2006 standards. Others still hold up very well.
The only slight gripe that I have is that you don't get a whole lot more than just the episodes. The strength of the episodes means that this is not much of a problem in the long run. It's very solid science-fiction, and tries not to patronise its audience or subject them to gung-ho action with be-catsuited women.
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on 6 September 2010
I wasn't really impressed with the first episode, although it had some interesting features. As I progress into the first season I like the series better and better. Really good!
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2007
At last, on DVD, the Science fiction adventure from Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry.
An androgynous alien species called the Taelons arrive on earth, claiming to be companions of humanity, putting an end to crime, illness, and famine. Some are suspicious of the Taleons, and form a resistance movement. The resistance soon learned that the force that sustains the Taelons are breaking down, and they are using humans as test subjects in experiments to help save their species...

Episodes Comprise:

5.Old Flame
6.Float Like A Butterfly
8.Horizon Zero
9.Scorpion's Dream
10.Live Free Or Die
11.The Scarecrow Returns
12.Sandoval's Run
13.The Secret Of Strand Hill
14.Pandora's Box
15.If You Could Read My Mind
16.The Wrath Of Anchilles
17.The Devil You Know
18.Law And Order
19.Through The Looking Glass
22.The Joining

If you have seen all the Star Trek's, buy this !
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on 19 June 2017
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on 18 October 2013
OK, so I'm writing this in 2013... this series hasn't aged well. My kids took one look and said "how long ago was this made, it's terrible" - they were referring of course to the costumes, haircuts, special effects and cheap-ish sets. The idea behind the series appeals to my interest in sci-fi, unfortunately the acting, particularly Boone is wooden in the extreme. There are also many holes in the development of the story, Boone and the captain would have been discovered as members of the resistance in minutes by anyone with an ounce of sense, their secrecy consists of quiet-ish conversations within the Taelon HQ, using their comms devices in ways we wouldn't use our mobile phones for anything untoward, and leaving many observers/survivors of their acts of resistance throughout the series. As with many of these series there are also too many side-show stories when what I really want is to see how the main storyline progresses - i.e. what are the Taelons on earth for; this series is not alone in this, it's the way of padding out the series, but nonetheless I found myself using the ff button on occasion. Shame really, perhaps a modern remake would work, although 'V' is not dissimilar (and probably better).
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