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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2011
Most of the reviews below detail accurately the film itself. All I would say in addition is, if anyone thinks this is a racist film, then they're mistaken.

This is a short review of the widescreen version.

This 2 disc version is in the original ratio, there are parts of the film where it isn't too important, the hand-held fight sequences for example, but it comes into it's own in the intimate close up work and particularly in the final scenes. The transfer is good, sharper than the single disc and colours are more natural and vivid. On the Audio side there is Dolby Digital 5.1 with DTS plus a stereo option. There is also a director's commentary.

The extras on disc 2 are fairly meagre, there are interviews with:-
Russell Crowe 12mins
Geoffrey Wright 29mins
Jacqueline Mackenzie 12 mins
Tony Lee 10mins
Paul McDonald 18 mins (an outreach worker with street people)

There are also two galleries and a short clip of a photo-shoot.

If you've the cropped version, is it worth buying again ? Yes, if you love the film.

If you're thinking of buying for the first time, it's the only version to buy, trust me. ;O)
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on 4 May 2017
great film very happy wit it, great seller
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on 21 May 2017
very good
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on 26 June 2016
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on 12 December 2016
Terrible quality, jumps every couple minutes waste of money
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on 11 January 2006
Although mostly remembered now for being the star making turn of Russell Crowe, that would be doing this film a disservice. There is far more on show here than Russell Crowe's rising star power.
Sure, Crowe is unbelievable faultless as Hando, the leader of a gang of skinhead, Nazi worshipping, racist thugs. It is him that provides the film with its first taste of violence and it is mostly because of Crowe's portrayal that the film became so controversial.
However, the film is actually told from Jacqueline McKenzie's viewpoint. She plays Gabe, Hando's new girlfriend, and we see her submerged into this new violent world, where Asians are beaten up just for being there.
And that's basically where this tragic film's downfall really starts. When the gang beat up a couple of Asians, which leads on to a fully fledged street riot, events lead on to new events, and the only real thing that is imminenet is the eventual downfall of the thugs.
There is a lot of violence in this film, but it isn't very gory. Even though at times I was disgusted at the blatant racism and violence on screen I was too compelled to turn it off. It is a sledgehammer of a film, and thoguht provoking too.
Quite morally ambiguous, your not too sure where to stand. You shouldn't be on the side of the thugs, because they're racist. Yet Crowe has some real tender moments, meaning you can't hate him. You should feel sorry for the innocent Asians, but when they plot a backlash against the gang, you suddenly don't feel too sorry for them. It's dubious ground, and leaves the viewer slightly on edge - the best way to view a film of this type.
The storyline is the weakest point of this film. It is slightly predictable, and strained at some points. But with a handheld style filming, the movie will always make you feel involved with it, and the build up tension to some of the film's bigger brawls is almost unbearable.
Superb, essential viewing, but not for the easily offended, or for those seeking Friday night entertainment.
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on 7 May 2009
The best films about politicised maladjusted sociopaths are the ones where the director has the nouse to follow his exploitation instincts rather than his leaky morals, and concentrate on the maladjusted rather than the politicised.
That is to say: scratch the surface of Russell Crowe's 'Romper Stomper' character - Hando - a deeply rotten, misguided Australian fascist, and you'll find another deeply rotten, misguided Australian fascist..waiting for his turn with the knuckleduster.

Oh, but this Hando is a man of letters; a man for our time. Only he and his sheep-mentality cohorts can see the end of the world - and it's approaching with slanty eyes, a wok full of money and the ignoble intention of de-Aryanising their blatantly bogus, pure-blood world.

They respond magnificently: this is Rourke's Drift or the Bastille all over again. Restaged in dismal 90's Melbourne and played out with pool-cues, rice-flails, bottles and knives.
You can't help cheering. The violence (and let's be straight here - that alone is 'Romper Stompers' nub) doesn't half get that blood pumping. Better than a chemical jump-lead any time...

We begin with the brutal beating of 3 Vietnamese kids riding skateboards at a Lynchian hissing and steam-obscured railway station. A camera eye view of their euphoric last ride - straight into Hando and his club (literally) of fine men and women who proceed to punch and kick them 'til they don't move.
The bravery epitomised here is worthy of honours. The skateboarding Asian children appear an appalling threat to Aussie culture - particularly the sobbing girl who gets held down by two gallant upholders of Melbourne's heritage, and punched in the face by another.

From here on in, the rest of 'Romper Stomper' is a running battle between the electrifying Crowe's skinhead platoon of the free, and the overwhelming, fierce, all-conquering Vietnamese invaders.
They skirmish with other insurgents along the way: a couple of gay hippies find the sharing of social airs-and-graces with Hando painfully futile ..
and, inevitably, the police, who simply love skinheads and start shooting them straight away.
The razors-edge climax is a sea-side showdown between Hando and his not-so-trusty fight-lieutenant, Davey, over a scatty, highly dangerous sex-kitten who's been playing them off against each other.
By this time Hando is off the deep end. Killing indiscriminately; eyes bulging; ranting all over the place - insultingly stereotypical but brilliant fun all the same.

'Romper Stomper' is a highly contentious movie but I won't see why. It glamorises violence, a tried and tested ratings winner and something I approve of whole-heartedly. It presents as noble and intellectual, bone-headed fascists bent on social self-destruction and the preservation of a way of life that doesn't exist anyway.
There's profanity, explicit sex, callous humour and a roaring Nazi-punk soundtrack.
So the problem is...?

Crowe is splendid as the charismatic but declining Hando, sanity steadily ebbing away, holding on to his twisted ideals to the last. He reads from 'Mein Kampf' and it turns your blood to ice.
I'm sure I'm not alone taking his side in the final battle with boring, conscientious Davey - and like, hey - all it takes is a blue-tinted sex-session with a hot nymphette to drive all that Nazism to the hills.
I really think so.

The point:
'Romper Stomper' is a gripping action thriller about amusingly sarcastic, shaven-headed mad-men in Crombie overcoats getting wasted and hitting on minorities. If you can find deep political issue or even satire here - you're doing well.
It is NOT 'A Clockwork Orange' ~ it IS counterfeit sensationalism and cynical controversialism. (!)
It would be greedy to expect more...
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on 14 May 2001
Romper Stomper is not an uplifting movie, don't watch it if you just want to a fun evening, but if you want to see a first class movie that makes you think, this is the one for you. Russell Crowe puts in one of his finest (out of a long line of fine) performances, as the leader of a skinhead gang. As one has come to expect from Mr Crowe, he puts in a many layered performance, and as the film progresses you understand the vulnerabilty and complexity of the man. Daniel Pollock (sadly no longer with us) puts in a superb performance as his best friend and Jacqueline MeKenzie is outstanding as the tragically disturbed and vindictive love interest. If you want a lesson in good movie making, watch this. If you want to see excellent acting performances, watch this. A truly amazing film, well worth seeing... but it will not make you feel good. By the way, for those who want to compare it with American History X (a very good movie), Romper Stomper is better.
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on 1 November 2002
Well, what can i say about Romper Stomper? First off, its a perfect drama that is realistically presented. It has a low budget air to it, but that does not detract from its beauty ( in fact it is central to its appeal for me). Following a few days in the life of a racist, Hitler-worshipping crew, the film often gives you the feeling that you are actually watching the story unfold as though you are in the room with them. Its simmering tension pulls you in, and there are plenty of moments where I find myself flinching as punches are thrown and recoiling as boots fly. The characters are very believable, and I have to remind myself that this is a movie, not a documentary. There are no moments at all where this film fails, from its claustrophobic atmospherics, to its spooky, Jaws-like soundtrack. I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Watch it if you enjoy the kind of films that have the power to make you feel like you were there at the time.
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on 11 June 2007
I'm giving this film five stars because it simply is superb from the beginning to the end with a good story despite what some people might say. I don't think the director really wanted the audience to relate to a bunch of racist skinheads so why people complain about that I do not know, I think he just wanted the audience to sit back and enjoy a low budget masterpiece. The acting is very good and the music is top notch ( even though I'm not racist I just thought it went very well with the film) I do feel this film is as good as American History X and if you are not sure about buying Romper Stomper well I shall solve your dilema by saying buy it! you will be pleasantly surprised I assure you with enough thrills to keep you happy.
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