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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£14.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 3 May 2017
i thought it would be alot better than the recent pc patching on it, but i was wrong, its good dont get me wrong, but i will get a cd copy on pc and patch it manually to 1.04 any patch after i think was bad.
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on 12 September 2009
Grand Theft Auto IV
PlayStation 3
Rated 18

HD 720p, 1080i & 1080p
1 Player Offline
2-16 Network players online
Requires: 3340KB miminum of free Hard Drive space
Supports: Sixaxsis Motion Control functions

Developed by Rockstar North
Published by Take-Two Interactive Software

Niko Bellic escapes from Europe to start a new life and meets up with his cousin... Roman in Liberty City. After a brief introduction to Roman's world full of made up rubbish in an apartment infested with cockroaches, Niko seeks out to do some errands for him, but these errands become more and more obscure as the missions progress. Suddenly it becomes apparent everyone wants a piece of Niko, to take part in more hardcore crime, from chasing drugs, killing to robbing a bank. So for a world full of dreams, it sure looks dark and twisted with no clear way out, but what if someone offered him money for this? it sure as hell would be good, but at what cost?

Story Review:
The story is good, but not excellent, cos' there are so many twists and turns for the character, which actually forces the player to become lost in the narrative at some points. Niko also doesn't communicate comfortably around others quite well, either because he is nervous or generally not bothered and the other character's are quiet dismissive towards him effectively treating him like a general dogs body who is there to mainly serve them. Roman sees everything in an opposite direction to Niko, as Niko sees the real world: the corruption, the backstabbing etc. but Roman dreams big: the condos, the flash cars and the women and when Niko is sad, Roman is jolly and visa-versa. Packie squabbles with his brother's a lot calling them names and contradicting them, however he is respective to both his mother and Kate (His Sister). So there are a variety of interesting characters to get to know within the story and gameplay. Story is good but does tend to derail off now and again, so it's awarded 7/10

Liberty City:
The city is split into four Boroughs: Broker, Dukes, Bohan & Algonquin. It is rich in character and detail that no other open world game can accomplish in having. Once you enter this city, you get a sense of it coming to life before your very eyes, The city is not polished to perfection like Saints Row 2, but in fact features little things like decaying roads with pot holes, flies around garbage cans, graffiti and rubble. It's almost like Rockstar is trying to create smells through the use of visuals with them putting in vendor's, fast food chains, hobo's & fumes, you play on any other game and you don't get grime on this scale. However not all of Liberty City is disgusting, cos' there are some colourful areas like Star Junction which looks stunning if you visit the area on a night time with some peaceful areas too like Middle Park or Humbolt River if you want to relax and unwind a little before or after missions. The only bit of Liberty City I don't like is the excessive use of bad language and unsavory attitudes of the people's dialogue, as it's annoying when you want to drive around, taking it easy or randomly doing missions. This City despite it's people, deserves 9/10 for great quality and substance.

Gameplay: Driving
The Driving is rather robust, I find I have to press the R2 button really in to get the vehicle moving at a normal pace and the vehicles gear change at a slow pace too. Taking too much effort to get moving, but once the vehicles gain pace, they go ridiculously fast (like 2000mph fast) making it virtually impossible to turn around corners without crashing. The bikes have a slightly different mechanic to the cars with them able to accelerate faster, but this is hampered as soon you come to turning the bikes, cos' they take longer to brake and go out of control and if you have a slight bump, the character is thrown several mitres away from the bike; not good if you're on a mission involving bikes. Boats, they just bounce across the water and don't flow through it, even if you go really slow; the worst boat is the Tug, as it's barely moving and you can't place it anywhere that suits it. Helicopters can ascend, but is a bit sluggish when it comes to landing with having to balance the Helicopter, I've also noticed the analog sticks to be rather sensitive on this part too. So for the driving being the way it is, it gets 6/10 (driving is a little off-centered)

Gameplay: Character
The character is slow at running and can't run very far without losing breathe. He also can't do basic tasks like sit or open exterior doors with his hands like normal, as all he does is push every door open. The reason why I mention sitting, is cos' the character spends most of the time waiting around. Maybe I just want he character to be more natural with his actions and less robotic. L.A. Noire has a more natural playable character than in GTA IV so maybe Rockstar North can translate something here. The character applies mythical actions When it comes to fighting i.e. they don't touch anyone and his cover is behind him or across the street, but never directly in front of him, where you want him to go. The shooting is delayed from when you press the button, to when the character actually starts firing, enabling the antagonist to get a few shots in first. The character on this game deserves 3/10 (A cross between Peter Crouch & Gerry Anderson's puppets; either way, it's a bad combination)

Gameplay: Extras
Bowling, Darts, Pool, Strip Club, Comedy Club (Split-Sides) and Cabaret Club (Perestroika). I suppose the first three are good, if you're any good, but if not; they will get a bit tedious to complete. Strip Club is not bad, but is far from great either cos' you walk in and one exotic dancer starts to coax you straight away into having a private session. This has a lasting effect only once, after that it becomes annoying on so many levels however I'd hoped of more interaction in this club. The Comedy Club features 2 of the least funny people in the world: Kat Williams and Ricky Gervais, but what is more annoying than that? Well it turns out that the Ricky Gervais performance was taken from another one of his previous tours in real life and wasn't tailored specifically for GTA IV unlike Kat Williams where he makes specific references to LIberty City. Both are not funny non the less anyway. The comedy club was supposed to be the highlight of the extras, so you can imagine how this Cabaret club is gonna' turn out, rather boring and my least favorite. I'm sure Rockstar North put these in here just to fill in the gaps, cos' they serve no entertainment value what so ever. The most entertaining comes from the TV, with: "History of Liberty City", "Baz & Jeremy in the Men's Room" and my favourite of all "I'm Rich", a satire comedy you'd expect from "Family Guy" and "Mrs Brown's Boys" rolled into one. To me I've found the extras to be a little lacklustre apart from the TV 4/10

The graphics are great with having a workable, breathing and an expertly detailed city to run around in, the cars and people look good too, but don't expect Uncharted 3's graphics, cos it's no where near that level of design. The game is stripped back, so it gets marked down for that, with features missing from it's previous game "GTA: San Andreas" including: mass array of vehicles, customisation options, Driving Schools & various other minigames. Personally I like GTA IV, but I feel the life has been sucked out of it which it craves for, I've found myself getting the DLC, not to pan the story out, but to add a level of excitement into a dead GTA. It's alright to drive around in while you wait for something far more exciting to come into your life, but don't expect to be on this hours after hours once the stories are completed cos' you will get bored.
So for the whole game it gets 3 stars.

Out Now:
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Retail & DLC)
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (Retail &DLC)
The Lost and Damned (DLC only)
The Ballad of Gay Tony (DLC only)

This game is also available on both PC & Xbox 360
Also don't miss "Grand Theft Auto V" coming to stores on 17.09.2013
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on 29 November 2008
The GTA series is one ive always loved on ps2 and spent so many hours playing since I first got my hands on the amazing GTA3 to the still amazing GTA:SA.

However, this latest installment is not as good for several reasons including the very weak and boring storyline which at several times had me yawning and the missions all felt repetitive and not so GTA like. It mainly consisted of: go there, kill this person, chase this person, kill this person, check this place out, kill some people. There was no fun missions like the old rc helicopter or burning down a cannabis farm or bike hopping along loads of buildings etc. The missions were very repetitive and boring.

This wasn't helped out by the very dull city which although was nicely detailed and lifelike, it was also the same grey roads and houses no matter which island you were on and every island felt like the same. A great thing about GTA's are the fact that when you unlock a new island it really feels like you've entered a new place but in this one it didn't.

Other annoyances were the way the cars handled which felt like they took a crack at making the cars have more realistic handling but at the same time took the fun out if it. Also the graphics which for the big city there rendering were quite good but as far as next gen goes, pretty average. Especially the ps3 version which having played both ps3/x360 versions on same tv the ps3 version suffered more blurry/less sharp image for whatever reason(despite hdmi advantage). Another thing was the money: you can buy guns or... guns or... guns, yeah thats it where's the properties? casinos? custom paint job? engine upgrades? place to collect cars so you can choose the one you want? Last annoying thing was actually the cheats which although the phone was a nice storage place, it kept disappearing when shot or in water, and the cheats this game had were very limited, although some people don't like cheating, I always liked the fun cheats GTA's had for second playthrough and for general messing around which this one lacked.

However there is still some great improvements over previous versions like the graphics which although average for next gen, there still a great improvement on previous versions. Also little details were done very well like the car taking damage like smacks and gunshots would show where the car was actually hit and looked very good. The cover system was a nicely implemented feature that added a new dimension to gameplay. Also people walked and reacted with objects realistically and it really felt like you were driving down new york. Multiplayer was a very nice addition and had many great modes to choose from and being able to use the whole city while online is better than I expected.

Overall I think this game is still a great game and alot better than most games, but for the most part it isn't as good as previous versions and I hope that Rockstar address the issues for the next GTA.
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on 8 July 2008
This game is good, but not great. We patiently waited soooooo long for it to come out and bought a PS3 just to be able to play this game. It just doesnt live up to San Andreas or Vice city.
You earn piles of cash, but whats the point? there is nothing to spend it on. We havent had the usual fun of exploring, running around looking down alleys, swimming in the Ocean, climbing up onto roof tops to see what might be hidden up there etc
The missions are OK and the story in depth, but all this keeping people happy is such a drag and feels like a huge waste of time, very irritaiting and totally pointless.
Was hoping for Amazing, but got Average.
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on 4 October 2016
What Rockstar captured with San Andreas, having missed the mark with Liberty City, is again absent from Grand Theft Auto IV in my opinion, that comradery or connection for the player to characters like CJ, just isn't there with Niko. Likewise, the other characters seem hollow, they're vague caricatures who don't really invoke any interest. There's no doubt that the graphics and such are impressive but the weapons and fighting controls are clunky, a little convoluted and for all it's style and hype, it doesn't have the must - play - appeal of previous releases. Personally, i could take it or leave it and it's okay, is a fair assessment.
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on 15 July 2008
I have grown fed up with the hype that surrounds the release of video games these days, so I now wait for a few weeks after launch and then decide whether or not to buy. I decided that amongst the gushing reviews from young manboys who desperately want to play gangsters to the moral outrage in the press that there might be a game in there worth playing.

I put GTA IV into my PS3 (knowing full well that there would be a long install time) and kept an open mind. The first thing that struck me about the game was the graphics. They may not be the most technically brilliant graphics for the PS3, but the level of detail is impressive. More than any other GTA game before it, this really feels like (If you'll excuse the cliché) a living breathing city. However, play for more than a few minutes and the fact that you can only wander into certain shops and buildings starts to jar. Still, I understand the limitations of the technology, so I can excuse that minor disappointment.

The next aspect that struck me was the story and the characters. In a gangster-themed story, you expect characters that do or say unpleasant things, but this lot really are the most unpleasant, unlikeable characters I have ever seen. None of them have an ounce of soul - they're all just two-dimensional caricatures of characters from other gangster movies. The dialogue reads as if it was written by a 15-year-old. It is peppered with swearing but not in any kind of artistic way - it's as if it's desperately trying to ensure the game gets the coveted 18 certificate it thinks it deserves. I actually enjoyed GTA III and Vice City because the plot didn't take itself too seriously and the characters were funny. There's just nothing funny in this game at all - it's rather like playing GTA III with all of the humour sucked out of it.

Once the story got underway and I was carrying out the missions, I became bored and frustrated. Your ability to explore Liberty City is severely restricted by the fact that locations only open up once you have already visited them. The missions are all "go to point A and meet someone" which inevitably leads to point B where you have to shoot some people and then go back for another very similar mission. It's all extremely slow and laborious - not in any way fun. It seems that Rockstar have finally run out of ideas.

The driving aspect of the game is the worst yet for any GTA game. The cars handle like shopping trolleys and the "behind car" cameras are very sluggish to respond, which means quite often you will turn a corner and have no idea what you're going to hit because you're effectively driving into the camera. Fortunately, you can save yourself a lot of frustration by getting a taxi to most locations.

The police chases have been toned down to the extent that escaping the police is extremely easy and they don't often notice your crimes. I actually welcome this change, given the vehicle handling is so poor.

So, is it fun? Not really. I enjoy the sandbox-style play area, and I actually like the graphics and sound a lot, but the actual gameplay, missions and storyline seem pitched at sad lonely teenagers; If you're one of that crowd though, I'm certain you'll have a ball. If, however, you want something a bit more grown-up and genuinely funny, find a copy of GTA III and Vice City and play them a second time instead.
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on 2 June 2013
Its amazing game, very detailed, great graphics, great soundtrack (the music on the radio stations) and quite good storylines too.
But it does start to get boring after a while
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 July 2009
I had great hopes for this - in fact it was the launch of this that finally got me to buy a PS3 - San Andreas on the PS2 was so good, how could this not be? Well, technically, it is good - but the gameplay just isn't as fun somehow. The main character isn't as easy to love, perhaps because in GTA San Andreas we could customise his look more. So, it's OK -I was expecting the PS3 / GTA combo to wow me but it didn't. In the final analysis, this review is a bit pointless - you have to play this game at some point if you have PS3 - but it's just not the classic that San Andreas was.
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on 16 May 2008
I'll kick off by saying that despite my following comments, I have actually enjoyed playing this game. Like most other reviewers, I've been a huge fan of GTA since GTA III, and was eagerly anticipating this one. I'll leave the positive comments to the other reviewers, however......

1.) Don't be sucked in by the 10/10 graphics ratings! This game has an ugly amount of blur. Don't be misled by the fanboys, just type 'GTA4 blurry' in to Google and you'll be staggered by the number of complaints on this issue. It seems that picture quality varies across a wide range of TV's, so there must be a major compatibilty problem somewhere. I only managed to make mine look presentable after an unfeasable amount of time adjusting the TV and in-game settings. The physics and attention to detail are infinitely better, but the overall finish is not what you'd expect from a next-gen game.

2.) This game IS rather shallow. The story missions seemed a hell of a lot easier than in previous games, and took no time at all to complete. The new cover/combat system (although rather awkward at close quarters) makes the big gun fights incredibly easy. In fact, it almost takes the challenge away. There's nowhere near the volume of side-missions and 100% objectives as in San Andreas. There are fewer vehicles, fewer weapons and no major unlockables to speak of. I don't consider myself to be a games master, but its only taken me a week to reach the 78% mark. In comparison, I spent months chipping away at San Andreas.

3.) My biggest disappointment was not being able to acuire businesses and territories, which made the previous games so enjoyable. I loved the feeling of gradually taking over the city in VC and SA, but there is nothing of the sort to offer in the new Liberty City. There are only 5 safehouses on the entire map, and one of those burns down early in the game!! The characteristic gangs that roamed certain neighbourhoods of the other games have also been chopped.

4.) All the hype about improved AI is false. Most of the time, the enemies just stand there like idiots waiting to be shot. At the end of the final mission, the guy just stood still while I pumped bullets in to him!! Not what I was expecting at all.

Overall, I'd still recommend this game just for the GTA fun factor. However, this is a poor offering considering the processing power Rockstar had available to them. If you're a hardcore fan, who likes to play the game as it's intended to be played, you'll be left feeling quite disappointed by the end of it.
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on 14 May 2008
Right so after been a fan of the series since gta iii arrived on ps2 i can't believe how let down i feel by this game. Ok so the graphics and gameplay are ok but for a series making its debut on a next gen console I feel that so much more could be done with game. Whereas GTA San Andreas was overflowing with ideas this seems half-hearted and another example where developers have rushed out a game for PS3 (Pro Evo, FIFA 08) where as a little more effort could have made it so much better.

Whats happened to all the stuff you used to go around collecting in the previous series; why does so such a large city in this game feel so confined and claustrophobic. I hope that Rockstar haven't been holding some content back that they would ordinarily have put in so that it can't be sold at stupid prices on the playstation store which in itself is a ripoff.

Hopefully the next installment of GTA will be an improvement but this is a big disappointment for me.
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