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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 12 February 2008
I've been a fan since the 1st game which in my view was the best in the series, until that is, I played the 4th. Although you play a different character called Nero - which I had doubts with, we all remember Raiden in MGS2 right?? well this thankfully doesn't follow the trend of crappy new heros. Nero's devil arm ability brings a whole new dimension to the game that actually makes it more enjoyable i.e. the fact that you can grab enemies from a distance and drag them within your melee radius so you can continue combos with greater ease makes it GREAT FUN! I havent played it in the easier mode called 'Human' but rather 'Devil Hunter' due to being an experienced fan so I cant say for sure how easy it is in the other. You play 10 missions as our reluctant and somewhat lethargic hero Nero who's only interest initially is to obey his orders to track and kill Dante who slains "his holiness" of a clan that worships Sparta (Dante's demon-knight father who defects from the demon world and helps the humans fight back, subsequently sealing the demon world portal to the human world and freeing them from terror). From mission 11 onwards though, you get to play Dante who carries the same 'modes' from DMC3 i.e. sword master and trickster. This again is a joy to play for 7 more missions before returning to Nero to finish the fight for a further 3 missions. The graphics are sublime and the fluiditiy of gameplay is rewardingly responsive with several (and sometimes contextual) combos to learn and master with sadistically satisfying results. There is also the return of secret missions which test your skill in a variety of ways i.e. stay alive without getting hit or using the buster move x5 without touchiing the floor - great fun!! It's not all positive though, the camera angles do interfere with fluidity because they will flick 90 degrees - or sometimes 180 thus reversing the directional controls and confusing things temporarily. This however is minor comapared to the game's overall greatness! If you hevent playes DMC1 then OMG you're missing out! DMC2 is shameful and disapointing but DMC3 regains the respect the series desrves and DMC4 compliments is nicely.... here's to DMC5!!!!!
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on 26 March 2009
As an avid Devil May Cry fan, I was really looking forward to this fourth instalment, as I had played all three previous games and loved every minute of it (including the second one which most consider the weakest, but that's not true) so I couldn't wait to start playing this. At first I had doubts as the main protagonist Dante is now secondary and Nero is the main hunter for this game, but I have to say I was not disappointed at all.

Firstly the gameplay - absolutely superb what made the first three games so memorable was the extreme swordplay and here with Nero you also have the ability of throwing enemies with the use of Nero's devil arm which completely changes the way the game is played out. As with all DMC games, the more points you earn the better skills you upgrade. Nero can also use his devil arm to grapple not only demons but also the main bosses so you get to see some truly sick amounts of carnage.

Now onto Dante, he is as cool as ever, returning with the four styles from DMC 3, that can now be switched at random, so you can pull of some nifty combos. Apart from the gameplay, the graphics are absolutely beautiful and looks even better on a HD TV.

The first 12 missions begin with Nero, then Dante takes over from Mission 13 to Mission 19, with Nero returning for the last two missions. I've noticed most reviewers have stated the game is quick and easy to complete, this is only partially true as the game can be completed in a day, however to fully appreciate the game, the aim is to complete all twenty missions with a S (Super) ranking, that's where the challenge really is.

I have only had the PS3 for about eight months, and I have played some nice games (Mortal Kombat VS DC, Street Fighter 4, GTA 4, The Incredible Hulk, Uncharted) but the one game I constantly play more than any other game is Devil May Cry 4, because its so brilliant, I can't stop playing it.

The game also has the familiar extras, such as bloody palace mode (more of a survival mode really), costumes, artwork and videos.

Cant wait for Devil May Cry 5.
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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2008
I was hoping Capcom would actually make some real use of the next gen hardware at their disposal for this game, but sadly, they have once again cheaped out and stuck with pretty much the exact formula as last time. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. Just a tad disappointing is all.

I found Devil May Cry 3 on the PS2 to be a masterpiece of gaming. One of the best games of all time that stood head and shoulders over the likes of Ninja Gaiden and God of War and Onimusha with it's incredibly well put together level design, ingenious combat system and lovely visuals, it really did raise the bar to ridiculous levels for it's genre. DMC4 sadly, just falls short of this bar.

Sure, visually it has DMC3 beat hands down, but in every other possible way, it is vastly inferior. The combat is not as much fun, the level design is mostly pedestrian, the story is awful(The ending really made me cringe here, I kid you not) but the soundtrack is passable I guess though.

Capcom seemed to think that all people expected from this update to the series was a visual upgrade. That is simply not good enough. When you're following one of the best games ever made, aiming so low is simply cheating the fans and themselves. We know what these developers are capable of, even if they so rarely show it off.

On the whole though, it IS a decent game. Better than DMC2 at least, on par with DMC1 maybe, but far far short of the majesty of DMC3 by a long way.

You'll enjoy it, but if you're a fan of the series, you'll find what you get is a lot short of what you may expect.
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on 14 April 2009
This was my first ever DMC game and i thought it was brilliant. For one thing i never got bored of fighting countless enemies because i just thought of it as a chance to beat my last combo. Another thing is that people say it is too hard but i did not die once on my first time through it. The storyline has been criticized but i actually liked it. It may have been a bit far fetched but it was interesting. Plus i won't spoil anything but i was very upset when they got Kyrie, which shows they got me emotionally attached very well. Anyway i would recommend the game to anyone as it was truly epic
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on 27 April 2009
I love hack and slash and will say that people who love fighting horde of demons and big bosses this game is for you
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on 26 February 2014
To tell the truth I really enjoyed the new DmC game and I also enjoyed the DMC HD collection, so I wanted to revisit DMC4 to see what some people have said they wanted to continue from this game. I'm completely befuddled about what there is to enjoy about it honestly.

The score is meant to reflect the enjoyment I have of the game. I would say its really a 3 star game, so 6/10. Yet I wanted my score to balance out the level of 5 star reviews, which I feel are a dishonest appraisal of the game. At the moment I'm seriously struggling to keep playing. The missions are just plain BORING. The combat is okay, its not as enjoyable as the new DmC game. Thats mainly because when your engaging a group of enemies, you HAVE to hold the R1 button to maintain a lock on one specific enemy. If you don't hold R1, the lock-on will move sporadically to the next closest enemy. It dosen't affect the gameplay all the time, but it definitely has a noticeable impact. This is especially felt when you want to switch enemies, yet when you press R3 to switch enemies, the targeting reticule automatically moves to the next enemy. You have no control of which enemy that reticule moves to. The obvious choice then is to disengage R1 when you are fighting a group of enemies. This is actually a lot more fun, because you have more control by using the directional targeting on the L3 stick. Yet when you engage stronger opponents, you need to be able to Dodge in an instance. If your not holding R1, then you can't Dodge on command. If you are holding R1, you are severely restricted in your movement and even then you can't Dodge properly. It becomes rather repetitive and tedious.

Its problematic when you want to avoid an enemy, because you have to hold the R1 button. So lets say your attacking an enemy, you can see its about to attack, you press R1 and X to Dodge Roll... And then what happens is Nero will try to Dodge the attack, yet a lot of the time, you will press the Dodge function and Nero will not move a far enough distance so you get hit., Or the command will not happen fast enough so you will be hit by the attack. I felt it was clunky and restrictive to movement to be limited to Dodging in this way; especially since half the time Nero won't Dodge Roll, he will Jump. This made the combat experience feel very restrictive and frankly, a CHORE. Its not enjoyable to engage enemies like this, its a chore to fight against the camera and the automated lock-on to get to the meat of the combat.

Now here is the great thing about the combat. That is the pure elegance of Nero's melee attacks. its semi-fun to experiment and chain together Nero's Red Queen attacks and to mix them into the Devil Bringer in the nick of time. However this is only fun when your fighting weak enemies or singular enemies. You have full control of the encounter. When you have tough enemies, Nero struggles to maneuver fast enough, in some cases you can't see the enemy attacks because of the obscured camera. Thus you are at a severe disadvantage to the enemy; which does not result in entertaining combat.

Here of course comes my major problem with this game. When you get into the combat, the combat can be engaging. Aside for some of the problems, they combat does okay. Its a bit clunky, but its okay. I have a serious problem however with the mission structure. One of the missions in particular involves hitting these 'gyros' into blocks. It honestly feels so tedious and boring. You hit a gryo, and sometimes it goes in the right place, sometimes it dosen't. Its just a chore to hit this thing down long corridors. In another mission I've just arrived in, you have to hit a die to make a doppleganger of Nero move forward. This again has a similar tedious problem. Hit the die, sometimes you'll move forward, sometimes you'll move back (ugh), sometimes something else will happen. Suffice to say, you will have to keep hitting the die to open a door. Its not a mental challenge, its based on random occurrence and redoing the same thing over and over. Its dosen't help the mission timer. The missions are simply unendurable unless your fighting enemies.

Personally I haven't enjoyed the missions. Despite how well designed and rendered some of the environments are. Some of them are truly stunning, making you feel like your in an abandoned castle. Yet that does not make up for the sheer tedium and boredom I experienced going through the missions. I honestly don't feel I have the will power to continue with this game. To put it simply, the game is an endurance challenge. Testing your patience, your will power and your tolerance. If you have time on these things, you might find yourself finishing the game. Which is where I believe a lot of these 5 star reviews came from. If you don't you will end up coming here and writing a review like this. Honestly, the combat can be very enjoyable, but other things just prevent this from being a game you want to play.
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on 17 March 2008
There have already been loads of reviews and slatings for this game...as an experienced DMC player i would say that playing on Human or Devil Hunter mode is boring....its too easy! The game really comes into its own on Son of Sparda and Dante Must Die modes. Here you are forced to learn the combos, be far more stylish in fighting and also you really need as many blue orbs as possible! this includes having to complete all the secret missions etc This is more what DMC is about....

Out of all the DMC titles, I would say that this is by far the hardest once you are playing these difficulty modes....a real challenge.

Lastly, Nero is fun to play, with the devil bringer, which is a good idea, but he cannot compete with Dante for sheer coolness!
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on 9 March 2014
"Oh no! N-n-n-not Dante!?" cried out the many fans who saw the trailer for this sequel, it turned out to be a pretty decent game with only a few downsides.

Backtracking is bad, you play the same levels pretty in much in reverse and fight the same bosses as Nero, when you play as Dante. However, having Dante's cracking sense of humour fire away at the bosses after Nero's cute little attempts was very refreshing.

Unlockable content is not great, DMC3 gave us various costumes which I loved. This has standard Dante and Nero, and then Super Dante and Nero (unlimited Devil Trigger). Bloody palace is a great laugh and good fun.

Then there's the chess game...more specifically, that damned stair case...yeah you won't like that.

Still! Nero's Devil Bringer adds a great mechanic, the game looks great, soundtrack is fantastic, boss battles are fun, watching the cut scenes of Gloria/Trish and Lady is TORTURE *excessive drooling*, there's romance in the air and as the last game in the original line up it sends the old crew out with one hell of a "Let's rock!"
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on 17 February 2008
dont get me wrong this game is brilliant. ive always been a fan of devil may cry seris, anyone who has been aswell knows its notoriously hard. most games give you a fighting chance devil may cry isnt like that. rent it first, i promise you will get stuck at some stage. its immposible to reccomend it to every one. some will love it some will hate it. overall fun and fustrating in equal mesures.
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on 20 July 2012
I have played all games from the DMC series, all but the 3rd one (very excited to start that one tonight). This game came to me as a gift on steam. This is a pretty pretty game i loved simply running around the place.

Another area that i really enjoyed were some of the bosses, the first on comes to mind lol. holy cow they get big. on that note....some of the badies take the fight to you and you really have to fight your corner to survive, which is good i think. its boring to just hack them to peices all the time.

its a longer game then the others and i found it to be more difficult but no less enjoyable. the second time i tried to play the game (either normal or hard mode im not sure)i found it almost impossible to get past certain parts (those guys in armour keep wooping my ass) so i think i moved on to another game after that. but i shall return..oh yes.

i would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys adventure hack and slash games. the two main characters are brilliant and a lot of fun to watch interacting. watching the opening scene you will get a good taste of what you are in for graphics wise. its just stunning all the way through the game.

the main reason i loved this game was the huge bosses. there was so much satisfaction going into battle with such a massive enemy infront of me. BRING IT ON! just buy the game its fantastic fun.
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