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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2017
Excellent killzone 2 ps3 recommended again
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on 3 July 2017
good game
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on 2 November 2013
A combination of well adjusted controls and the right amount of challenging gameplay make this a great game to play, just feels like what a good game should be, well done to the developers.
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on 22 November 2014
I only buied this game because it was cheap but I really enjoyed!
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on 12 March 2009
Let's get Killzone 2 into perspective shall we?..this is a very good game..is it the best game ever on the ps3..er no..will it always be..of corse not! Thee's been too much silly hype over this game..thats not to say it isnt any good coz it is..it's a good game.. but it's no better than call of duty or resistance fall of man series. In some ways killzone 2 shares a similarity to Resistance fall of man..the stories are similar and both are FPS of course. Theres been lots of talk about the controls and yes they are a bit fiddly but you do get used to them somewhat but i still prefer the traditioal controls of other FPS games. The graphics are excellent but are NOT the best the console has seen..again way silly hype over this..Call of duty 4,uncharted and several others easily match or top this game grahically. It's actually one of the hardest FPS ive played..partly due to the tricky controls but at the end it gets very hard and took me ages to do but got there in the end. Im glad i played killzone 2, its a great game..just dont be sucked into the hype though that this is the best game on the ps3 coz it ain't im afraid.
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on 24 April 2009
Action-packed. Incredible graphics. Better atmosphere. Not much of a story, but who cares? Before even starting you know this will be a death orgy - the opening, with the game's incredible dubbing, puts you into place.
-It may be because I haven't that much time to play, but it's turning out to be MUCH longer than what I expected. I thought I was near the end when I realized I was only 53% through!
-Even if the story and the main game DOES get short, the fun only goes on with it's near flawless online game.
-I've heard many complaints on the controls, and, honestly, I've never had a problem. Try turning round fast with a 2 stone gun in your hands! And besides, you can always tune up the turning speed...
-Apart from that... ummm... NONE! Get it NOW.
A PS3 doesn't deserve the lack of it.
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on 30 November 2010
In answer to the title question, I would have to say no; there is still room for improvement. This review focuses exclusively on the single-player campaign.

Firstly, many of the good points of Killzone 2 have been discussed in previous reviews thoroughly. It is a fantastically immersive, gritty FPS and looks superb. The AI is breathtaking and something which has to be experienced in my opinion - each and every Helghast soldier is more than capable of shooting you from a decent distance and seriously damaging your health. You have to be alert and accurate to make it through this game, as well as tactful, particularly on the harder difficulties.

I never had a problem with the controls or aiming - yes it isn't made easy but it's supposed to be like that. You really do tense up when you've unloaded a whole clip into inefficiently downing 2 Helghast, to have to reload while more storm in through a doorway. It's fantastic stuff.

So why 4 stars? Well, I played and adored the original Killzone game, which generally didn't seem to be met with the praise I thought it thoroughly deserved. What I loved about the original were the varied and sometimes gorgeous environments, from a shopping centre to an idyllic park populated with Helghast to pick off. Killzone 2, however good-looking it is, simply doesn't have environments that are as impressive. I understand it is purposefully dark and gritty as it is set on the Helghast's wrecked homeworld of Helghan, but the problem is despite being effective it just doesn't make the game as fun to play!

Another fairly major issue is your teammates' AI. The Helghast take cover, pop up, jump away from grenades, charge you, etc. Your teammates, unfortunately, don't seem blessed with the desire for self-preservation and so often stand in the open to get mown down it can be very frustrating. Even the other members of your squad do this and fall in terribly exposed locations, so that you have to run out under heavy enemy fire to revive them and benefit from their added firepower. If the squad members' AI were much better, this would make the game feel truly incredible.

Another few more minor points. The music, which was at times superb in the original Killzone, is largely unmemorable and ultimately disappointing. Great video game scores can turn an average game into a good one and a good game into an excellent one, as developers are increasingly realising. Further, some of the battles in Killzone 2 are excellent, but others do seem a little annoying in their difficultly, particularly on hard. For gamers like me who enjoy standing back to pick off enemies efficiently and being able to utilise all sorts of cover, being exposed to a ton of Helghast with little help from teammates in an enclosed arena can be frustrating.

Overall, I've written this review to emphasise the negative points of this game. Don't get me wrong, though, it is still an excellent game with great action, challenging enemy AI, superb graphics and some good battle scenarios. For any PS3 owner I would say this is a game you almost definitely should own - just don't expect the world from it. 88%
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on 1 March 2009
Killzone 2 delivers in almost every way on the hype that has built up over the past year or so, and so the way we play First-Person Shooters may have been changed forever. From the superb and high quality campaign, to the simply amazing and unique online multi-player experience, which could steal many COD players from 'World at War' and even 'Modern Warfare'...It's opening video is truly unique, and although the game is broadcast in 720p, the graphics are second to none, with each level having it's own astonishing setting and landscape. Put simply, the visuals in Killzone are superb.

Gameplay may take some getting used to, but for veterans of FPS's (who I'm sure the game is aimed at, hence the 18 rating) it shouldn't take long, and then you are soon left drooling over many hours of a simply unforgettable experince. This is more than continued in the online multi-player, which can take players to a whole new level of gaming. FYI, there is NO offline split-screen in K2. Though this could be called a flaw, it's hardly a letdown to the experience. In my opinion, K2 online is a mixture between Resistance and COD, with it being mainly related to the latter. Although the ribbons and medals are similar to that of R2, they are much more thoroughly thought out and well-presented. Presentation is also one of Killzone's very strong points. Simple, yet still enough to give you what you need to know.

Overall, Killzone is a PS3 exclusive simply not to be missed. Unique in almost every way, this FPS is most certainly the future for all gaming. Sony, I salute you.
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As I've never played the original Killzone I honestly hadn't a clue about this game. Infact the only reason I purchased it was the fact it was cheap.

As soon as the game starts it's pritty hard not to notice that this has to be one of the best looking, smoothest games on the PS3. Everything from the character models to the physics are soo well done it's abit of a relief as the PS2's exclusives haven't really been worth bragging about (Personal opinion).

The story seems to revolve around the good guys invading a planet full of bad guys trying to kill their leaders (as I said I'm not very familiar with the story). Everything starts in chaos and finishes in chaos. Explosions, bullets flying, bodies dropping everywhere... chaos at it's finest.

The controls for the game feels great. I'm not a fan of this consoles control pad but this game really makes it feel good. Theyre smooth and obviously very well though out.

Gameplay isn't anything new but it's damn good fun and I would highly recommend purchasing this game. Fun is what games are suppose to be and it's just an added bonus that this game is the nicest, strongest, most well thought out game on this console to date.
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on 3 March 2009
This is the first time I have been compelled to leave a review for a game. I have had an xbox 360 and now own a PS3 and have to say I have not been overly impressed with many games for the so called next gen machines.

I used to play exclusively on high end pc's which had much better graphics than most xbox/ps could produce. I bought this game as I had enjoyed COD 4 (hated COD world at war) HALO and gears of war and thought this would be a good game to have for the PS3 that seemed to have elements of all three. I read some of the reviews about the controls and having to press R3 to look down the barrel of the gun and was a bit worried. I need not have cause I think this has actually worked well. You can click R3 once and it will keep that view until you click it again which frees up the L1 button for other things. The AI is very good, enemies will not just stand there waiting to die but will take cover and move position, a trait which can be frustrating when you are about to snipe an enemy as I have become accustomed to the lazy FPS AI that has come in other games, but a lot more realistic I would have thought. I have enjoyed getting from cover to cover advancing on the enemy even going all out to try and save a fellow unit member who has gotten into trouble in no mans land.
The only gripe and it is a slight one is that your squad members can't die. It would have given a bit more sense of urgency if they did as at times I have left them where they were for a bit while I did my own thing.

I have not played the multiplayer bit but am looking forward to it.

I have bought quite a few games and have been angry that I had been caught out by the hype but have been really pleasantly suprised by this. Def worth having in the collection.
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