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VINE VOICEon 13 April 2007
I have recently started playing this again from scratch, and wow. This game never ever gets boring and it will always find an opportunity to turn around and make you go "woah!" out loud! There is so much you can do in this game it should be illegal.

I know some people who were put off by the slow start of the game, and the relatively boring environment of the "ghetto". My only advice to them is play through it. Just get on with it and complete the missions to unlock the other areas of the game, because once you start to explore the other 2 major cities, things just get cooler. A note on the cities as well, if you have played GTA3/Vice City, then you know that the different cities need to load when you enter them. Not anymore, you can now drive seamlessly from A to B with no loading pauses whatsoever. Alright, framerate might drop a touch when it is loading terrain as you drive through it, but basically this game can be treated as one HUGE map/city. To get all the way around the extreme edge of the city/world, start to finish will take you (in real time minutes without stopping) about 5 minutes by jet, 15 minutes by fast car and probably (never tried!) hours by foot! It is truly massive beyond belief and has to be seen to be believed.

Ok, the graphics are ropey now and look extremely dated when compared to games like Saints Row, but it really isnt important. GTA: SA is a tongue in cheek game and if anything, the poor graphics help to reinforce this. If you are a parent and wondering whether to buy this for child, consider this:

It is a violent game, but this is very cartoony and the poor/overly colourful graphics give the violence a comic feel, but it is none the less an ever present factor. The main problem for children I feel would be the language/attitude of the characters in the game. I think the script is fantastic & the voice roles spot on (big names too), but it is very very sweary. I love this and find it funny, but it is extremely prevalent and I wouldnt be surprised if a kid playing it would pick up on it. No C-word, but an oil tanker full of f's, drug references, disregard to human life/women/other races.

I recently discovered an area I'd never seen before were there was an old bi-plane cropsprayer sitting there which I promptly took off in and flew to the top of mount chilliad. Landed, grabbed the parachute up there, got back in the plane, flew to San Andreas airport, landed on the runway, grabbed a Learjet, flew at the highest altitude back to San Fierro, baled out, sky-dived down, and parachuted down onto my save-game location. Not one person was killed but it was so much fun! And that's what this game is about, there's a lot more to it than mindless killing (although that's fun too). For instance, you're not allowed into an airport until you have a pilot's licence, but if you park a tall truck next to the airport fence, you can hop over and grab a plane and fly off!

Absolute genius, and I'm sure GTA 4 will be even better!
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on 1 August 2006
I got this game for my Birthday two years ago and i could not stop playing it. However this is not a game for the little ones as it contains strong language , sex , drugs and other adult themes. It is now being sold for a absolute bargain so if you want a long lasting game lokk no further the gta sna andreas.
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on 28 September 2007
This is probably the best game ever not just in GTA but ever. It has loads of missions, characters and a great storyline full of new places and twists. There are more gangs and so much stuff to do aswell other than missions evn gamble, exercise, play sports and bet on numerous things. You can find things, get weapon skill and dress him how you wish. It is set in a huge place, not just a city but a state based on Los Angeles-Los Santos, San Fransisco-San Fiero, Las Vegas-Las Venturas, California Badlands-Flint and Red County and Nevada Desert-Bone County. You slowly take control of the streets of the gangs making allies, friends and enemies.
The storyline is about a person called Carl Johnson known as CJ who apparently let his little brother die and in guilt fled to Liberty City to work for the Leone Mafia. A organized mob frequently appearing throughout the GTA series but is called home five years later to hear that an enemy gang killed their mother so CJ has to come home to his older brother to try and find the Balla gang where she lived but the gang has fallen appart and are nearly destroyed. Slowly he is forced to flee cities to the next all the way across the countryside and desert thanks to contacts and edventually gets his revenge.
This game is funer without cheats and they can ruin it. This is a classic game for anyone.
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on 27 July 2006
First thing to say - this isn't a game for the younger kids. The violence is graphic and brutal, the language is very strong and there is a large amount of sexual content. Plus GTA is about murdering and stealing and drugs and more murdering, so parents might want to think this through. Secondly, the game is huge! By the time you've unlocked the whole map, it takes a good ten minutes to drive from one corner to the other, with a huge variety of scenary in between. This scale can be offputting, but it really breaks things up and gives the player the feeling of distance.

There is lots of new stuff in San Andreas, swimming, proper flying, better interaction with the AI, hopeless gang members that follow you around and get in the way, better combat etc etc. But one thing remains the same. This game is fun to play and easy to get into, and has huge depths to work through. I played for months and finished the story mode, but got nowhere near the full 100% complete. There was always something else to do.

The story is fine, the scripting is fine, the music is good, the voices are well done, the pace and stepped difficulty levels are fine. If you had to grumble, you'd complain that some of the missions are tricky (Zero's model planes for example), some of the tasks are just too big for the sane and rational person to finish (the tags, horseshoes, photo ops etc) and some of the jobs are too hard to complete (Vigilante is a nightmare to finish). Other than this, you have hours of quality game play shoehorned out of an old console and at a bargain basement price. I'd recommend this over Liberty City stories or Vice City simply because of the scale and the variety on offer.
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on 22 January 2007
Now, let me start by saying that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is generally a masterpiece. An amazing game - possibly the best, if not one of the best on the PS2. The problem I have with this product is not the game itself but the platinum title. I bought this after my original game was ruined by too many scratches - a common problem. I had spent hours sat playing and completing the game and didn't really want to lose the fun of playing it so I bought this. Everything is the same except the fact that it wont load my saved data. Its stupid.

First time buyer... excellent buy. If you are buying to replace your old game and continue with your saved data... bad idea.

As for the game... brilliant.
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on 18 January 2013
I ordered this product from Zoverstocks and received the order in good time, however, the game does not work. It loads up and allows you to get to the first mission and then crashes. I know my PS2 works as I have plenty of other games that operate perfectly well.

I sent an email through the proper channels (07/1/13) and have received absolutely nothing. No written repsonse, no apology and certainly no replacement.

I find this lack of customer care abhorrent. In this day and age where companies are scratching around for customers the lack of service received here has left me no alternative than to abandon any further purchase and I strongly advise any potential customers against purchasing anything from this company!
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on 20 March 2006
This game is superb. I've completed it, well kind of, and I can safely say I will play it again and again.
Once you learn to fly you get the true feel for the size of the game, to fly from one airport to the other on the other side of the "fake" towns and countrysides, can take upto 5-10 minutes, it can take even longer if you decide to jump out and parachute onto the nearest unsuspecting hill billy...
If you only buy one game ever again, buy this one.
GTA Liberty City Stories is out this year for the PS2 but apparently it isn't a patch on this.
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on 13 August 2006
People will argue that vice city is better but i find that rubbish. This game is massive. Loads and loads of missions to do and lots of secrets to find.

As the title suggests its set in San Andreas and this time we are playing as Carl. A young man who left the Hood to get himself together and returns after the death of his mum.

With this game you really get something you dont get with GTA3 or GTAVC and thats a character you can really feel for. Once you start playing you will be hooked. The gang wars can be a hell of a lot of fun being able to fly an array of planes from simple light craft to a harrier jump jet really make this a lot more fun than any other in the series.

There are a few downsides tho. The majority of the missions are easy. The ones that are hard are really hard.

After you complete this game there will be no reason to play it again unles you are die hard and want to get 100% completion.

Aside from that tho while you are playing it you will have a great time and especially now that its a budget title ou really cant go wrong worth the price on here....

Buy it and you wont be disapointed
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on 28 August 2007
i found this game tons better then vice city because of the storey line mostly as its apparently based on a true storey but also the detail of the game amazes me, i live in manchester and have grew up witnessing similer things happen to what goes on in this game. its good to see the host of celebrities that do the voices of the characters and the scenery and cities are second to none compeard to other gta games
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on 15 August 2016
Well I bought the game hoping to be playing it like I used to before, but the game came to me today with scratches all over the disc, the box was sticky with coca-cola, the map and guide was not in its case, it was a waste of money and I'd like refund as soon as possible, what a waste of £6.99 for a broken disc.
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