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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2006
I enjoyed this game despite it's flaws.

You fly tons of different WWII planes in battles over London, Dunkirk, Paris, Pearl Harbour, Battle of the Mid Way, Islands of Rabaul, Berlin and Africa, on various bombing mission, dog fights, topedeo runs on destroyers. Some missions you are on your own or with your 3 wingmen which have special attributes which you control.

This game is not a true flight sim but more of a arcade game and can be a little unrealistic in some of the moves you can pull off. The controls are easy to pick up, you will learn everthing you need to know in the training mission and you soon be picking of enemy fighter piolts, shooting bombers out of the sky and destroying ground targets.

There is aslo a mini campaign of which when you complete in bombing mode you get an upgrade to all bombs and complete in dog fighter mode you get better guns. During the campaign mode you can unlock different aircraft depending how well you completed the mission, you can use these aircraft in the Ace Dual mode which gives you a Ace paint job for that plane.

It's true they haven't used the full extent of the 360's capabilities. The graphics could of been better and it's hard to find anyone on xbox live.
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on 3 July 2017
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on 2 June 2006
This is a great arcade style flying game. If you don't expect a sim (which i didnt as i read the reviews) you won't be dissapointed. If you play it blindly like some of the reviewers here you could think it was like microsoft combat flight sim from the photos and general game idea, but its not.

graphics and gameplay are good, and controls - once you have got used to them (didnt take me too long) are easy enough
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on 2 April 2006
I would rate this game as follows:
Graphics - 8/10: Good visuals of Paris & London. Excellent plane graphics.
Sound - 7/10: Decent atmospheric music. Wingmen plane chatter gets a bit repetative.
Gameplay - 7/10: Missions are samey. The recon missions are dreadful & boring. However, dogfights are exciting at times. You feel invulnerable as you can repair your plane in mid-air & on normal difficulty don't seem to get shot down a lot.
Lastability - 6/10: Once you have completed it, you won't go back.
Overall - 7/10: OK title. Best ( & only ) in genre. However, you never quite feel that you are immersed in WW2 Air combat.
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on 2 May 2007
At last! A cracking flight combat video game that gives an arcade experience rather than a boring flight simulation.

I thought very carefully before buying this game because of some poor reviews. I took a gamble once the price came down - and I'm sooooooo glad I did!

The most important advantage of this game is the easy controls. They can be mastered in a couple of hours.

The graphics are good - not brilliant, but certainly good enough to draw you in to the action and keep you hooked.

The range of missions is impressive, from the Battle of Britain to Pearl Harbour to North Africa, from the fjords of Norway to the skies over Paris.

Hey, some bits are too easy but there are a few missions that had me almost throwing the console out the window.

The mark of a good game is the warm glow you get after mastering a particularly difficult section - I got this feeling regularly with Blazing Angels.

If you like flight sims and spend hours banging on about cockpit detailing then don't go for this game. You won't like it. In fact you'll hate it. But then again you won't have many friends so it'll be something to while away your lonely hours...

However, if like me you've been hankering for the excitement of turning on the console and within seconds getting into dog fights with Nazi fighters and bombing missions then buy this game. Now.

Roll on Blazing Angels 2!
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on 7 April 2006
This is one game i wanted to get my hands on.
To start with i have to say i was a bit dissapointed,
with a slow and not to exciting tutorial, And not looking the best either!
But, and yes theres a But.
When you get into this game with diffrent aircraft, great controls and superb visuals when in combat, you start to get a great feeling .
With diffrent missions shooting down planes, shooting or bombing ground force and also building and structures. iIm loving this game!
I still advise you rent this game first as its not everyones choice of game!!!!!!
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on 12 March 2015
A great game for WW2 enthusiasts. Realistic Plane Warfare across the key locations of the Second World war. The game lets you collect the planes you use and compare them with each other giving both statistical and historical significance to each one. The game also sports a two player mode where friends can battle each other in airborne duels.
If you like flying games this one's very fun, it even has cheats if you find it difficult.
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on 14 January 2009
Right,ok, I can see everybody's point of view. If you want a flight sim with everything correct down to the last nut and bolt then this is not for you. However, if all you want is a bit of fun with WW11 planes then this is pretty good. The controls are easy to get the hang of, you don't have to memorise a dozen different procedures before you get to shoot at something. I must admit the negative reviews put me off from buying for a while but now that I have, I'm glad that I did. In truth it's a case of horses for courses. If you don't expect perfection then you will probably be as happy with tis game as I am.
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on 4 May 2010
You've probably guessed that this isn't a flight sim. It is an aerial shoot 'em up. Not a bad one, just not great.

In the same mould and Heroes of the Pacific, Heroes over Europe etc... You fly behind a plane and use the gun sight dangling in front of it to shoot at things. That is it, all the way through the game. Quite simple really.

There are 18 missions across a variety of theatres of war, Afrika, Europe, Pacific and such like. Each mission is split into about four objectives. Complete the mission and you can save. Most are clear as to what to do, that is, shoot down other planes, bomb ships and buildings and eh! that is about it. Your aircraft changes depending on the mission. You can 'repair' mid flight if you take some damage and you will need to use your wingmen at times.

Overall, the game learning curve is appropriate. It is challenging without being outrageously difficult. Some objectives you will have to repeat several times as missions can be tough. Notably Pearl Harbour and the fly through the Norwgian Fjords. Therefore, it is entertaining in a simplistic way but can also get boring and repetative as there is little variation in the tasks.

Graphically, the game is acceptable and the sound effects are ok. One criticism however is the voice over. The gibberish that spews out during each mission is quite frankly pathetic. You have never heard such nonsense and the music can get on your nerves after a while.

Pretty good game if you accept the flaws.
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on 11 October 2007
This is an incredibly good game, so long as you purchase on the xbox not the joystick-less PC title. The game is tougher and more complicated, and requires more skill than a simple arcade flight sim such as the still extremely good xbox title 'crimson skies'. As one flies into battle with one's wing mates allied around one much in the style of 'The Dam Busters' or later 'Star Wars IV' the sense of drama and epic importance fill one, most notably in historical battles such as 'midway'. Graphically the game has no glitches at all, easily keeping up with the ridiculously tight aerobatics one is often forced to perform in order to shoot down the latest Bosch nemesis. However, scenery and plane graphics are only reasonably good for the power of the 360, it is in epic lighting effects and supple smoke trails that the title's visuals become incredibly impressive. The controls of the game are very intuitive and one gets used to them quickly during the slow paced but necessary training level. However, the games learning curve for aerobatics and stunts is extremely sharp. Much like the brave pilots on either side of the conflict, one really does have to learn on the job, and in the case of either landing the blasted thing you're flying whilst being shot at by the Japanese air force or terrain following at great speed in Norway, one either learns quickly or ends up a large still burning black spot on the side of nearby scenery/opponents. Reporting from the perspective of a relatively seasoned gamer and console flight sim buff I must say that whilst certain levels of the game are fairly confidence inspiringly easy, several are awfully hard pushing one's command of the combat plane to its very limits and in doing so beyond. This is undoubtedly most true on the final mission which is perhaps one of the hardest final levels of any computer game. The game is enormously fun to play, has a pick up and play addiction to it, and is suitably satisfying. The Multiplayer in split screen is fun and sociable as you and a friend fly around the Eiffel tower attempting to reduce the other to burning wreckage inevitably bound for a poor Frenchman's living room or flying together against almost insurmountable odds. Due to a temporary connection problem I have been unable to play the xbox Live mulitplayer though have no doubt that a game inclusive of headsets will be inordinately fun "I have you now!".
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