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on 24 January 2017
These days, classic films such as these are often reduced to pop-culture references found in shows such as The Simpsons etc, with few people having seen the original and learned to admire the work and creativity that has gone into a film like Touch of Evil. I found it to be a very interesting film with interesting characters and plot. Some of the story-telling devices may seem basic by today's standards, but it's refreshing to see them in their purity and original form here.
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on 24 February 2018
As you watch this film's gorgeous opening sequence you know you're in for a cinematographic work of art. Every scene is carefully and beautifully choreographed and so it is no wonder it features high on many 'best films' lists. Director Orson Welles dominates the screen as the villain Hank Quinlan.

But it is not a perfect film - a bit let down by the script. Especially the part of the wife (Janet Leigh) of lead character Vargas (Charlton Heston) is badly written - her behaviour and the choices she makes in the film are quite hard to understand and this undermines the whole story. The shootout at the end seemed a bit forced as well, wrapping things up nicely but ludicrously hasty - just seconds after the showdown between good cop Vargas and bad cop Quinlan Vargas' wife shows up in their car, Vargas gets in and drives away into the distance. I don't need to see all the necessary paperwork required here, but this is a bit much.

However, if you're willing to look past the script's flaws this film is fantastic in every other department and cast very well (except perhaps the caricature of a motel night manager). Highly recommended.
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on 23 August 2015
5 stars but there is some mannerism and coldness that might make it lose one star.
Because I still think that the film, as a whole, is less great than single scenes.
It feels like Welles, in his constant and genius re-thinking of cinema and genres, ended up to focus too much on creating stunning scenes and stressing on the noir moods than to keep up the rhythm of the film, which should also come from script, characters and an organic continuum of scenes and moments, where the story unfolds because of characters' motifs instead of his creator's pleasure of manipulating things and people, just to shock and surprise the audience. Basically, it is a fantastic post-modern film, made ages before postmodernism (like Tarantino), resulting to be too cold and "planned". Still I find it enourmously entertaining and, if it is even for the opening sequence, and the bitter closing line, it should be bought with no second thoughts.
Remastering is spectacular and extras are great.
The first attempt to reconstruct the director's cut was made in Italy in the late eighties by the authors of a late night public tv show, who got hold of the negative and screened that version on tv.
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on 28 February 2016
Orson Wells plays a bitter, twisted, lonely old cop who's wife was strangled many year ago, a gun shot wound has also left him partially crippled. He clashes with an idealistic younger policeman from the otherside of the border. One is a drinker, miserable and crocked the other a clean cut, by the book abiding law man with a handsome young wife, he operates strictly within the law.The drama plays out across the US Mexican border, the portrayal of Mexicans in this film is very unflattering, they are basically all criminals of one kind or another. The last twenty minutes or so really pay following the slow burning set up.
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on 9 March 2018
Underrated master piece waiting to be rediscovered, absolute must-see and a surprisingly funny Film Noir classic. Whether it's Marlene Dietrich as a madam, Charlton Heston as a concerned husband laying waste to a Mexican club, Welles as a chili loving bent cop who looks like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards, leather clad lesbians, awkward phone calls and mentally challenged night watchmen (a young Dennis Weaver) - this film has it all. Buy, watch and enjoy.
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on 22 July 2017
This is an excellent film and I have looked forward to watching it since I first saw it about 20 years ago. Orson Welles is at his best and Marlene Dietrich is particularly moving. The script is right for both of them although I don't find the character played by Charlton Heston quite right for it but a brilliant film nonetheless.
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on 15 June 2017
This is a great addition to any blu-ray library, with several cuts of the film. It also gives a choice between full screen and widescreen modes, but either way, the prints and transfers are superb. The movie itself is great and there is a wealth of supplements and commentary tracks that deserve your time. This is yet another sterling presentation from the Eureka MOC Series and I heartily recommend it to all film lovers out there. It is a masterclass in film making from the master Orson Welles himself. The price is also just right, so why wait ?
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on 21 February 2018
This is an excellent version of Orson Welles' film. The recording is in accord with Welles' wishes (it is NOT the studio-botched version) and the quality is extremely high. This film was Welles' attempt to come back to Hollywood and it will remain a classic fora very long time indeed.
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on 17 March 2013
This DVD has English subtitles. Sound and vision good.
This classic film has the famous long opening scene that identifies it as one of the great films of modern times.
The close, sweaty, sickly feel of muggy days and nights in a hot border town is well defined throughout and the unusual angled shots and atmospheric lighting really support the increasing menace of the main protagonist. The plot moves along at a good pace and the film showcases some terrific performances, particularly from Ms Dietrich and Mr Wells.
Recommended just for the opening scene!
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on 25 August 2017
Orson Wells creates his most horrible persona as the corrupt police chief Hank Quinlan. Charlton Heston is a Mexican drugs officer married to Janet Leigh. Quite a dark film and certainly Quinlan has that evil touch.
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