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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
The Great Divide
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 20 August 2017
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on 19 October 2006
Creed was one of those bands that was very strong in both the guitar and the singing departments, Tremonti's avalanche guitar sound combining with Stapp's testosterone-drenched vocal to produce a formidably powerful sound.

Seems to me that Stapp without Tremonti is very much like Axl without Slash, so your feelings about the former duo will probably match your feelings for the latter. Personally I think that guitar virtuosity and originality, though of course sorely missed if absent, are of secondary importance to the vocals and the songwriting, and it certainly seems that Stapp was the main songwriting force in Creed from what's on display in this new solo album.

And as such the album is basically Creed, but with inferior guitar. Interestingly, Stapp has employed two guitarists to replace Tremonti, but they have less combined punch than he had on his own! Just shows you how amazing he is. Conversely, his new band Alter Bridge features fantastic guitar work but lacks in songwriting skill.

So basically the album's pretty good. Heavy-ish, with powerful and emotive lyrics - enough to give the odd wave of goosebumps. Last track, "Broken", is excellent.

I don't think it's a 4-star album, but 3 seems a bit harsh, so consider it a 7/10.
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on 15 April 2006
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on 2 August 2006
Great single, but for some reason, Amazon have listed the full 10 tracks on the album, instead of the two tracks it actually contains (The Great divide with video, & You Will Soar). I bought it thinking I had the album. So please, buy it if you want to see what Scott Stapp's been doing since leaving Creed, but if you want the album, as I did, look elsewhere.
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on 17 January 2006
I got this album on import and wish I hadn't.
This is a modern solo career. He has an entire band, formerly known as Goneblind. This detail is forgotten now that he's a "solo" artist. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Creed fan, and now a huge Alter Bridge fan, also Mayfield Four, so that pairing works for me. (For those who don't know, Mayfield Four front man Myles Kennedy now fronts Alter Bridge who are also comprised of Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall of Creed.) But as great as Weathered was, containing one of my all time favourite songs, My Sacrifice, the album as a whole was a slight decline from Human Clay and Stapps "Solo" career futhers this decline.
I like this album, but not very much. It drifts in the background only grabbing my attention for a couple of songs, one of which is Broken which is a fantastic song and almost worth buying the album just for it. There are songs I can't stand as well, one such song is Fight Song and Hard Way is another. The Great Divide is a good, highly listenable song, but only because it sounds like a good old Creed song. By half way through the album I can't wait for it to finish, what makes me come back is Broken, which being conveniently at the end of the album deserves another listen.
Another disappointment with this album is the fact it only has 10 tracks, someone of Stapps calibre should be able to produce more, especially given he's probably relying on an existing fan base, which is possibly split between him and Alter Bridge.
This leads me to my next point on the music on offer. In Alter Bridge all the musicians seem to have furthered themselves and their talent to make an exceptional album. Stapp seems to be getting lazier, lyrically. The imagery is less and the words seem less open to interpretation, a trait that was evident in the last Creed offering.
I have mixed feelings about this Album. I have not been waiting for it, especially not after Stapps Passion of the Christ song, and I've had Alter Bridge to listen to anyway. This album makes me sad, I miss Creed. This album annoys me cos Stapp tries things that sounds terrible. Also he's egotistical.
My opinion, as all this is: Don't buy it, borrow it, listen to it, if you like it, buy it, otherwise don't bother. Buy Alter Bridge, the music is better, more progressed and Myles Kennedy's voice is amazing. Just amazing.
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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2006
I could die a happy man if people would stop saying Alter Bridge sound like Creed. I can only conclude that Creed fans are deaf, because the two bands sound *nothing* alike. Tremonti is permitted to actually *play* the guitar in AB for a start. How can it possibly sound like Creed? Idiots.
Anyway, this record, from the former Creed singer is actually bloody good. I was expecting it to be mediocre at best, especially after Weathered was so poor, but it's great. And it doesn't just sound like the fourth Creed record either. There's some Soundgarden in there ("Hard Way"), some Godsmack, a little Creed and what are clearly some huge smatterings of Stapp's own ideas.
There were some Creed songs I thought were absolutely brilliant ("What If"), but I generally found the rest to be mundane boring rubbish. Alter Bridge then allowed Tremonti to break free, got themselves a better vocalist (sorry Stapp fans, but there's no way on this Earth anyone can say Kennedy isn't a technically more gifted singer than Stapp) and made a superb debut album. I figured everything that was good about Creed had formed Alter Bridge, and therefore this would be rubbish (although I did quite enjoy "Relearn Love" the other year). However, it's really not. A good solid record.
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on 26 January 2006
This is a really, really good CD. No, its not quite as good as Creed, but neither are Alter Bridge (Mark Tremonti and the other ex-Creed members). Presumably the tension between Stapp and Tremonti's ideas of what makes good rock is one of the things that made Creed so good. If you liked the music side of Creed, you'll probably prefer Alter Bridge - if you like The Voice of Creed, you'll love this.
I've heard Stapp say he's gone in for 'sexy rock'n'roll' and that seems a pretty good description. The songs showcase his voice, of course, but the music is excellent too. Theres plenty of variety - heavier stuff like Fight Song, more sensual ones like Sublime. The sort of mix you used to get on Creed albums, really. And the title track is particularly excellent.
The lyrics are very self-revellatory, which is no surprise after the hard time Stapp's apparently been having, but it all adds up to a positive message, well-packaged.
I had to get this CD sent over from the States, which took time, but it was very, very well worth it. I hope Stapp can get his life sorted out and preduce more stuff like this for a long time to come.
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on 3 November 2005
I have just heard 3 songs from this album and I am really impressed. If you like Creed you will love this, and even if you don't like Creed you will also like what you hear!
Be sure to visit the Scott Stapp music page on [...] and take a listen to the new tracks "Surround Me" and "Fight Song"! The site also includes the full song and video for his debut song which is also titled the "Great Divide".
Roll on the 22nd November when I can finally get hold of this album! I have waited for this since the break up of Creed!!
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on 29 December 2014
This is a fabulous album which my whole family love. It has a raw truth to it which is beefed up with great riffs and catchy hooks. If you like your rock with a great melody and emotional intelligence then I would highly recommend this album.
This will remain a favourite in my collection for a very long time to come.
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on 30 June 2016
This is a fantastic album from the former creed singer I love every track on this ,I especially like the last track on the album broken and if you go on YouTube you can listen to the acoustic version of the same song which is just as good if not better.
So if you loved creed then you should love this album
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