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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 9 February 2006
This is a really good album.
Whilst obviously it dosnt compare to the likes of colony or whoracle, the band has evolved with the times. I would say this is easily the best thing since clayman, the tracks are fresh and well constructed. The clean vocals/techno elements have been toned down a little since stye though the majority of the choruses are still anthemic clean vocals.
In Flames have really nailed the choruses here with tracks like Take this life and Crawl through Knives sticking in your head all day. One of the great strengths of this album is diversity and changes in mood; from classic IF colony esque guitars to ballads to a female guest singer on dead end. this means its almost impossible to get bored of this album.
The lyrics have vastly improved since stye, with some deep and throught provoking songs abouty society and human existance (going back to pre clayman days), songs like vaccume and our infinite struggle describe far more than the personal stuggles on stye (though those havn't dissapered e.g. come clarity).
Whilst they may now be a different band to the one that recorded colony, there still damn good. In Flames have shown themsleves to be head and shoulders above the rest writing, intelligent, varied and catcy songs. this is a great album that not just metal fans but music fans should own.
Highlights: Take this life, Reflect the Storm, Crawl through knives
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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2006
Well, there I was thinking In Flames had lost it after the dismal and uninspiring Soundtrack to Your Escape album, when they pull out a suckerpunch like this. Thought the insanely catch twin guitar harmonies of yore had been abandoned? Think again. Desperately pining for the melodic death stylings of "Colony" and "Clayman"? Rejoice! All these elements that made In Flames great have returned.
That said, another Clayman this is not. The production and songwriting owe more to "Reroute to Remain" than any of the previous masterpieces, and in a way this fills a space in between those two albums. The songs are more densely layered and twisty than Clayman, but not as off-kilter or experimental as Reroute, and I think as a whole In Flames pull it off, although I can't help feeling like I've heard it before. The vocals still aren't as strong as either Reroute or Clayman, and if the album has a weakness it's Anders Frieden's clean singing. The guy can still shriek with the best of them, but his nasal whine sections are really off-putting, especially when the rest of the band are firing on all cylinders. Lucky then that there aren't nearly as many of them as on the last two records. To tell the truth though, it has been toned down since Soundtrack, and he's roaring in tune now more than the previous album, which is a welcome relief....
The songs are really good though, which is the main thing. "RTR" took quite a lot of listening to before it clicked (for me at least), and this is a similar beast. The catchy choruses are there in abundance, as are the face-melting riffs and solos so sorely lacking from "STYE".
So to summarize, a very solid album of corking tunes, and certainly a return to form of the highest order. One star docked for slightly weak vocals. Also worth a mention is the package you get. Really nice digipack with poster/lyrics, and a bonus DVD of the band playing the album "live" in the studio, along with some extras. Very impressive value for money. If you liked Clayman AND RTR like me, this album is exactly what you want it to be, if you think they lost the plot after Clayman, give this a shot, it might change your mind. Quality album. Welcome back, In Flames.
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on 22 February 2006
after the stale,unimaginative and uninspired soundtrack album this is a breath of fresh air.anders no longer wants to sing like johnathan davis and for this we should be thankful.when in flames get it right they are imperious as in the title track or take this life.they write melodies these metalcore bands can only dream of.heres to seeing them live!
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on 26 May 2014
In flames are a band that are often seen as one that have taken a bad decision by going down what is often percieved as a watered down brand of melodic metal with they're own spin. A cue from that suggestion does uphold some merit:- but truth be told, that is probably not the whole story as Come Clarity aptly demonstrates. So I must admit that the two 'predessing' CD's from In Flames were notably lacking edge and were bordering on a shameless pandering to commercialisation., That said, 'Come Clarity' is a very memorable and minor return to form which remains they're best executed record since Clayman.

Since 2000 a disappointing drop in standard has plagued In Flames CD's as the trademark sound has evidently been submerged in a labyrinth of alternative sound. At least on Come Clarity that influance shares a subtle foothold with the superior style of old. There are some obvious attempts for modern 'In flames hits' too, like the opener 'Take this life' for example, but there's also a remarkably very likeable personality about the CD too, and there's a genuine inspiration and moment behind it. It also has quite a clean sound and production to boot as well as a consistent track arrangement.

I accept the roads In flames which to pursue and/or choose to explore from here and listen with an open mind. In my own assessment, it doesn't match the intensity and vigorously colourful soundscape the band had in the 1990's:- and, as I would expect, the majority of fans would probably agree/relate with. Come Clarity's a great & versatile album with a slightly polished template. If you can grip the catchy lines and singing in distillation with a more sharp and aggressive undercurrent I am almost certain you will enjoy this album. It is In flames doing what they do and it doesn't sound like anyone else in the slightest. Job well done, and it still holds up well: 4 stars.
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on 8 April 2008
i'm a fan of extreeme metalcore currently but this album just sucks you right in...

Take This Life - fast, quite brutal amazing chorus 5 star

Leeches 4star - its got a good chorus but no stand outs

Reflect the storm - quite slow, but alot of quality work on this 4 star

Dead End - a womman vocalist (backing) but it is amazing still, you could close your eyes and feel your there. 5 star

Scream 3star- Average

Vacuum - 5 star, that solo in it is amazing enough to rival the song One by Metallica, the chorus aint bad either

Pacing Deaths trail - a weaker version of vacuum 4star

Crall Through Knives - 5 Star, Chorus solo just perfect

Versus Terminus - average 3 star

Our Infinite struggle - average 3 star

Vanishing light 4 star - Intro and solo are amazing but chorus is average

Your bed time story is scaring everyone - 1 star, its just there to fill space, not a proper song
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on 26 January 2016
The first few tracks on this album are the strongest,the rest sound like filler mixed with filler.used to love this album on first listen,but I suppose listening to clayman,and re reroute,you can hear the difference in effort and focus. Reflect the Storm is easily the standout track on this effort with a phenomenal melody,this album is fast paced and energetic throughout to its credit. Come Clarity and Take this life are the two other tracks that kick In flames ass,but songs like 'scream 'reek of "yeh this will do". I actually think sounds of a playground is way more structured and musically superior. After the track Come Clarity it all sounds way way too repetetive and rushed. Every fast track sounds like Take this life's cousin and death and afterlife! Alot of mediocre metal acts could get away with this,but I am standing firm.
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on 22 February 2006
Thank the gods of metal for In Flames. In a stagnating metal scene with mediocre power metal bands mushrooming endlessly, stuck in their Helloween rut and aping bands they grew up listening to, there have still thankfully been at least a few bands that have emerged and carved their own unique, original and solid niche.
In Flames are a more recent forefront to the long line of quality metal coming out of Sweden, following the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen and Evergrey. "Quality" is key here - In Flames are incredible in their technical proficiency, like many of their Swedish brethren, masters of their craft - not only in writing and playing, but producing the music as well. The two guitarists Jesper Strömblad and Björn Gelotte are as at home with massive crunching riffs as they are with harmonious melodic interplay, the drummer Daniel Svensson amazes as much with colossal power and speed as he does in the quieter moments requiring more deft and subtlety, while bass player Peter Iwers is as dependable as a rock, chugging out the rhythm and perfectly complementing the band as a whole.
The vocals have become the all-important facet, though, the final puzzle-piece to make all the music work together, because, let's face it - early In Flames vocals weren't very good. With a struggling vocalist the power of the effect as a whole was diminished from how good it could have been, but the problem turned around c.1995 with new front man Anders Fridén - there was not only instant improvement, but In Flames took off to a totally new universe.
Fridén complements the music in every aspect - he's been a total revelation, igniting the In Flames revolution and improving with every album release. He is also amazing live - showing great energy and consistency. There have never been many vocalists with the sheer range and ability to produce incredible explosive ferocity, while also being able to switch effortlessly to melodic singing. Eric Adams (Manowar) springs to mind, and metal god Rob Halford (Judas Priest) - though from different genres, of course.
The current In Flames band line-up has gelled together over several years now, and this latest release "Come Clarity" is a flagship testament to their advanced skills as song-writers, musicians and producers. I can only describe the In Flames style as "extreme progressive melodic metal". No incomprehenisible neanderthalic death metal ramblings here - only pure, ferocious heavy metal with extreme vocals, switching to colossal anthemic melodies, verging on the beautiful... The effect and impact of an In Flames song as a whole is quite breathtaking: spanning one end of the metal spectrum to the other, with many shifts, progressive elements and changes from start to finish. The lyrics are thought-provoking and meaningful, giving the songs a strong purpose, even morals, sometimes verging on the political.
In the past, the band really gave something back to the fans with their 2DVD+2CD collection "In Flames - Used and Abused", which also had the best DVD packaging I've seen from any band, and they have done no less with this new album. The special edition version comes with a DVD that contains, incredibly, a video recording of the entire "Come Clarity" album - every song bar the last - being played by the band in the studio. This is a great addition, surprising and insightful as well, and will be much-welcomed and cherished by the fans.
"Come Clarity" is a clear progression from the last two albums, thankfully in similar vein to "Reroute to Remain". With this new release, and anthemic title-track "Come Clarity" (the highlight for me), the In Flames inferno has risen even higher - it doesn't get much better than this. A big thanks to the band. Long may In Flames reign.
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on 11 February 2006
Personally I found this album a bit dissapointing. Many have commemtated on how this is a return to form for In Flames following the 'rerout to remain'/'soundtrack to your escape' years. Granted there is some truth in this statement. Gone are the basic (nu) metal riffs and synths (or at least less prevailant) and the twin guitar melodies of Bjorn and Jesper are brought back to the front. Whilst this is definatly a welcome change, (although I did actually like the 2 previous albums) I feel that it has been implemented completely wrong.
In flames have without doubt been a key influence on the modern metal scene, espcially to the 'metalcore' genre. Instead of returning to their melodic death metal routes, In Flames seem to have turned their attention to the more modern sounds they have helped create. As a result the album sounds more like In Flames immatateing the metcalcore bands that have been influenced by them which are so prevailant in metal today.
The riffs are horribally chaotic, the guitars tone far too weak and thin. Theres not much like the wondifully powerful guitars of 'Clayman' here or the incredible melodies of 'Whoracle'. However the vocals are much improved over previous offerings and Anders should be congratualted for manageing to reach this stage.
Overall I have been a bit negative which probably isnt fair. The album is overall actually pretty good. It just isnt really my thing and any metaller who isnt keen on the modern metalcore sound would most likely be feeling the same.
If you like Trivium, and Killswitch Engage, God Forbid etc you will probably love this album. If you dont I would recomend trying before you buy.
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on 4 April 2006
After seeing In Flames supporting Motorhead at a concert, I decided to investigate them a bit more. I started off with Soundtrack to your Escape, which although many fans don't like, I thought was a very good metal album. The I bought Come Clarity, I was simply blown away. Each track has it's own memorable vocal melody line in the chorus, they are all brilliant. Stand out tracks include Take This Life, Reflect The Storm, Dead End (featuring some female singer i can't remember, think Evenescence style), Scream, Come Clarity and Crawl Through Knives. Come Clarity is a beautiful song with nice acoustic guitar met with an electric chorus and solo. Scream has an awsome intro and chorus, every song has an awsome chorus actually. If you managed to read this far then you are wasting time...YOU NEED TO PUT THIS ALBUM IN YOUR SHOPPING BASKET NOW.
thank you
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on 12 January 2006
Im writing this review on the basis of over half the songs I have heard a month before release, so this may not reflect the whole album.
Basically its very similar to the sountrack to your escape album, but with less techno and nu-metal about it. It sounds very raw like the Jester stuff, but retains the structure and similar tones of the recent stuff.
This in effect may make it one of the best Flames albums, havin qualities of all their music combined, old and new, yet still havin a new unique feel to it like Clayman once did when it arrived.
The opening trak Take this Life can be heard on [...] if u want a taster.The song sound very much like the last album material, and is similar to Friend. Other standout songs I have heard are Come Clarity, with heavy acustic and electric mixed to sound like some of there emotional stuff, and reminiscant of jeters dance and elements of the acustic medley. Track Vacumm sounds like system, with its fast verse and slow hard hitting chorus. Pacing Deaths trail is like Brush the dust away with heavy use of the double peddle drum. As you can see from these select they all vary in styles to suit most In flames fans tastes.
If your a Flames fan its definatly worth adding to the collection, and if not, they are worth a listen as they are one of the best underground metal bands to start emerging, and do deserve your time.
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