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on 18 April 2017
Good game but lack of save points mean you cant really play it on the go
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on 24 November 2013
Bloody brilliant it is, it's a right good crack so it is, worth every penny. So good in fact after playing it I no longer see the bodies when I close my eyes and try to sleep! I guess what I'm trying to say is its nice 11/10
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on 4 June 2006
Ever since i recieved my Nintendo DS and the demo of this game that came with it, i had been eagerly anticipating the game's release. And i wasn't disapointed when i finally got it a few weeksx ago. You havn't experienced the true potential of the Nintendo DS until you've played this game, or better still, own it!

The game has gone beyond my original expectations of what it would be like, with exceptional graphics (undoubtedly the best on the DS so far), gameplay, controls and audio.

Graphics: I expected the game to have good graphics for a portable console but these just blew me away when i first slotted it into the back of DS. OK so they aren't as good as the PSP's (at least i think that's what that awful handheld is called!) but they are pretty close in my opinion. 10/10

Audio: It's no good having a game with fantastic visuals if the audio is abismal, But Metroid doesn't fail to impress in the category either. The sound effects are great and the music matches the setting exceptionally. If you are walking down a long corridor the music just adds to the suspense of what might be at the other end. You might not find better sound on a portable console game. 9/10

Controls: I almost convinced myself that Nintendo must have made this game and then thought about how they could make a console that would be perfect for playing it on. You won't another DS game with controls that are in the same league as this, they truly are a treat to use. You use the stylus on the touch screen to look around (the best method of controling an FPS since the keyboard and mouse), the D-pad for movement and the L/R button to fire your weapon. Pure Genius. Enough said.


Online: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on this game is an absolute legend! There is no lag whatsoever and the game just has a whole new element of fun and tension when you realise that you're playing against another person somewhere, you just feel that you have to try that little bit harder in order to get revenge on someone who just fried you with a Shock Coil or blew you apart with a rocket launcher. Great fun! 9/10

Overall: You would be a fool to buy a Nintendo DS and then not buy this game, the two things simply don't go together. If you want the most exciting, fun, original experience on the move, then here it is. Because i'm telling you now, unless there's a sequel this is will be the only game that you will ever play on your DS apart from Mario Kart.

Treat yourself, buy it now!
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on 14 May 2006
i can easily recommened this game to anyone because it is an extremely fun game to play. like its predecessors, metroid prime hunters stays loyal to previous metroid prime games with its intuitive control scheme and its great graphics. however, in this game there is no lock on features so you have to use the stylus to aim at enemies, it does take a while to get use to but once perfected, youll have a blast. The single player takes about 10 hours to finish but it will take nmore if you want to collect all the upgrades and scan everything.

the multiplayer on the other hand is probably the highlight of metroid prime hunters because it is, and i stress, really fun. You can play with 4 other players who own MPH wirelessly or you can use 1 MPH cart if your friends dont own it. also enabled is the nintendo wi-fi connection, all you have to do is search for 4 other around the world and your straight in there. there are lots of different multiplayer modes to play with in MPH including the classic battle and survivor and prime hunter and lots more. however, whilst playing online you can only do battle but if you have a friend whos got MPH you can swap friend codes and play these modes in the friends and rivals section(after every wi-fi match you can choose to be rivals or not) which leads into another highlight of MPH- the voice chat feature (VOIP). Yep, when you have gone through all that looking for friends stuff you can sit back and have a chat with them, its really easy to use, just hold the X button and speak into the Mic of you can just bring up a keyboard and send a text based message (MPH is the firs game to use this feature) before and after battles. i have used it, and it works incredibly well.

you can also unlock hunters in the multiplayer by beating them in single player or multiplayer, there are seven of them; Samus Aran; Spire; Weavel; Sylux; Noxus and Kanden- they all have their own unique weapons and alternative forms so it never gets boring. there are also over 20 multiplayer levels to unlock. you also have your own hunters licence in multiplayer which shows all your stats: how many games youve won, how many headshots youve done, how many times youve disconnected from a match (you lose points if you do this). you also have a ranking, you start of being a 1 star hunter but the more points you get, the higher your status becomes.

but if you dont have wi-fi or friends to play with, the meaty single player will last you a long time. MPHs graphics are incredible even for the DS, NST have pushed the hardware to its limits in this game, which leads into some slowdown in the more crowded areas but this doesnt happen much often. The sound in MPH is brilliant just like its console brothers. The ambiant sound effects make this one creepy game. there are several sub weapons to collect and there are two huge planets and two massive space station to search for the missing octoliths you have to find, but the tough bossess are guarding them. there are two bossess in this game and they are recycled many times but made harder. you have to scan lots of things to get deeper into the story of the Alimbic race which amps up the creepyness of MPH.

Overall, MPH is an incredible experience with minor issues like the frame rate and the learning curve but in all, this is a game you wont want to miss. trust me.
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VINE VOICEon 12 May 2006
Metroid Prime Hunters took forever to arrive, but the extra time and care that the developers took learning how to squeeze every ounce of power out of the DS really shines through. Essentially this is a game of two halves: the single-player adventure mode is an incredibly faithful handheld recreation of the look and feel of the Gamecube Metroids, complete with scan visor, mazelike maps and the ability to switch to morphball at any time, as well as the same haunting music and all manner of graphical bells and whistles in the form of rendered cut-scenes, atmospheric lighting, rebounding lasers and impressively high-resolution textures. In terms of gameplay the most significant difference is that the auto lock-on targeting has been replaced by a touch-screen stylus control method that simulates the 'mouse-look' control of a typical PC FPS (if you played Mario 64 DS in dual-hand mode this unusual control scheme will already seem familiar, but otherwise it will probably take some getting used to). Adventure mode is supposedly almost as long as the original Gamecube Metroid Prime, and indeed it is sprawling, but it should probably be noted that it flagrantly spins out its length through occasional repetition, fiendish jumping and rolling puzzles that require pinpoint precision, and a generally very high difficulty quotient. Also although the boss battles are extremely impressive there are only two of them, each repeated four times with minor variations, though to be fair your frequent encounters with the other 'hunters' amount to boss fights in all but name.

The other half of the game is the multiplayer mode, either cart-to-cart or wireless, in which you can play up to 3 opponents as any one of 7 characters in 15 different deathmatch arenas. This is really nicely executed, as the hunters are all very distinctive and each has there own different alt-modes, abilities, and affinities for the different weapons (although the combination of Trace and the Imperialist seems ludicrously overpowered). This is probably the closest a handheld has ever got to replicating the experience of playing Unreal Tournament or other co-op PC shooters, and it's a seriously impressive achievement.

To date Metroid Prime Hunters is probably the stand out game for the DS. It has oodles of depth, and there's plenty here to enjoy. It can be difficult and occasionally frustrating, but ultimately there's no point in owning a DS and not owning this game, even if only to discover just how powerful the system really is.
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on 20 April 2006
I bought this game a couple days ago, and after getting familiar with it, I can finally write a review.

Graphics - Let's face it, the ds isn't known for it's graphical quality, especially when it comes to 3D. But these graphics are great. They aren't as good as todays standard consoles, but I don't recall any N64 or Playstation game looking this good.Best out there right now for the DS so I give it a 5/5.

Control - Control with the stylus takes a while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it it's a lot like using the mouse for a computer. If your left handed don't worry because they have a special setting made special for you guys. If you still can't get use to the stylus then you can use the buttons for aiming. 4.5/5

Sound - If you've heard the music from the original metroid prime then you've heard the music to this game. Sometimes can be very intense to build up suspense of what's going to happen. 4/5

Replay Value - Just like the other metroid prime games, you have a log book. Playing through the first time, you can ignore this, but filling it up to 100% can be a challenge. You also have energy and missle expansions. Single Player mode is pretty short though.

As for the Online, this is an excellent feature. There's a battle mode and you can chose from any of the character's you have beaten. This can provide for hours of fun. You can also create friends and rivals who you can compete with in 7 different forms of battle. You can also text and voice chat with your friends which was unbelievably clear. I could understand every word when I tried this. (with Online) 5/5

Fun Quality - I personally got bored with the previous metroid prime games with the gamecube, but for some reason this one is different. Maybe it's the online maybe it's the two screens and touch screen, I don't know, but i think what it is is that it's more action orientated and I love action. 5/5

Buy or Not - I haven't always liked shooter games like this, but I really enjoyed this one. I would reccomend to BUY.

Overall Score 4.7 / 5 (9.4/10)
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on 20 November 2007
First of all i love the WI-FI! It never gets boring !!! :)
I don't know what that other guys title was about "BIG DISSAPOINTMENT"
I'm not that much of a Metrioid fan anyway and i stilled adoured it.... It might be a bit hardcore for some...
But still great!! I love this game to bits! In adventure mode you have to do all sorts of stuff such as
scan, shoot, and on alot of bits escape in your ship, and the bosses are really fun!!!

Highly Highly Reccommended!!!!!!!
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on 10 June 2006
This game is very fun to play and it doesnt get boring quickly. the learning curve is short (I picked it up in 10 minutes, you being cleverer than me will probably do it in 5!) It has a range of new bounty hunters including, Kanden and spire. The sigle player mode is good but i prefer multiplayer, it allows you to do single card download play so only one of you has to own the game. The wi-fi options are great because it lets you play anyone over the world even if you dont know them, the hunters and modes are limited but it is fun all the same. You can exchange friend codes with people aswell. all in all a great game and you will never put it down (one of the side effects!!)

overall 10/10

graphics 10/10

story 8/10
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on 24 April 2006
I was so excited about this game that I decided to import it from America. Its by far the Best experience I've had on the DS to date.
The controls take advantage of the touch screen as you would expect. It is effectively used a you would use a mouse on a pc fps. It's also used to change weapons and transform into Samus' famous alternative form: the morph ball.
You use the d-pad to go forward and the L-trigger to fire your weapon. It can be a little awkward at times, but there are other control options available (even ones for left handed people) so you should be able to find one to suit you.
The graphics are quite pretty in places. They're on par with the best looking N64 games. Everything is easy to see and the frame rate is very smooth.
What I really like about this game is the sound. The music fits the levels well and adds a lot of atmosphere. I've never seen so much atmosphere on a portable game before.
The only criticisms I can think of is that the bosses are recycled. The same two bosses are played over and over, but slightly harder each time.
Also, at the end of each level you have a time limit to escape. oddly, when you do escape nothing happens! No explosions or anything. Plus, you return to the levels later on anyway. It's very odd.
The game also uses nintendo's wi-fi connection service for multiplayer. You can fight with up to 4 players and the action is intense. What's great is each character you can play as has an 'alternative form' similar to samus' morph ball; this adds a huge element of strategy to the combat.
All in all,
Metroid Prime: Hunters is an enjoyable experience whichever way you look at it. It's fun multiplayer, lenghy singleplayer and great sound makes it one of the best games available for the DS.
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on 23 April 2006
Due to the hype surrounding this game, I decided to have it imported from the U.S.A. Does it live up to the hype-Yes, putting it bluntly, this is an excellent demonstration of what the DS is trully capable of.

The game opens with an award winning cinematic intro-the likes of which, you wouldn't have believed the DS was capable of. It introduces you to the bounty hunters. Now in terms of story-Samus Aran has heard news about an "ultimate power" but to get her hands on it, she has to visit different worlds and collect information, which is protected by a boss (which all have cinematic sequences) AND then run back to her ship, whilst being chased by a Hunter AND being timed. Its mad, frantic stuff.

Graphically, this game is amazing. It is set in the first person, so all you see is Samus Arans gun, but looking around the environments of desolate ships, ice worlds, and larva worls, you see just how impressive the game is. There are loads of enemies, all varied, and all unique.

So... gameplay. Again, you have missiles, and normal weapons and a scan visor to scan enemies, items and locations to fill your log-book (an excellent side quest in itself) AND a morph ball, where Samus turns into some sort of marble and can plant bombs, but there is an electric gun as well and a laser, so there is plenty to unlock. The game shows you all the action on the top screen, and a map on the bottom. However, what I didn't like about this game was control method. Many mags say that using the stylus to move allows total freedom, but it's incedible awkred to shoot with the R button, and use the stylus to move, and you'll often known the missile changer button or morph ball by accident. However, even for those of us who are easily annoyed, there is an ultinate control method.

What else is there to do? Well there's a wi-fi mode, and the hunters-weavil is brilliant! You'll meet him in the larva zone, and he's a right pain when he starts zooming all over the place leaving his legs as a gun turret!

Sound is excellent, graphics are fantasic, what more can i say about the game-just get it.
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