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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 18 October 2006
This CD includes songs taken from two live acoustic shows (one at Abbey Road and one in Osaka, Japan).

I am a massive Kooks fan and it was great to listen to the songs from their album "Inside In Inside Out" acoustically, recorded live.

The above amazon track listing is not correct, but the CD does feature most of the songs listed, plus a brilliant version of "California".

There is even a bit of commentary between songs from Luke Pritchard, as he talks to the audience.
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on 1 June 2006
I'm not going to come on here and write a load of stuff thinking I'm some great music critic. Straight up, this is one of the best albums I've heard in my 23 years on this planet. It's not a grower, it's bang on the money from the first time you hear it. I'm going to see them in October and I can't wait. Naive is not the best song on the album, far from it. Buy it, I promise it will be the smartest money you'll ever spend. The first song is soooooo good. One last comment, 5 stars are not enough.
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on 15 March 2006
This album is bursting with energy. It takes the excited, almost child-like glee and presence of pop-rock with the sound of great indie. What you get is music that sound great, even on repeat, and a band that is also highly likeable. They sound like the kind of people you would want to meet in a pub and have a light-hearted chat with. This album features some great songs ("Sofa Song" stands out, as well as "Eddie's Gun") and I would recommend it to anyone. It seems suitable for any mood or occasion. With that glowing praise I still can't give it 5 stars as that 5th star is reserved for albums of legendary status. This album is very good, buy it now and let it all go.
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Long overdue a reissue on vinyl, The Kooks debut album- from 2006 - TEN YEARS AGO, by Jove - has worn well. Another act that has its roots in the Croydon BRITS school, which has been responsible for much musical excrescence, The Kooks, to this fifty something listener, found the right balance on this album between sixties Pop influences and the desire to push the limitations of the guitar / bass / drums line-up by incorporating experiments in Dub reggae and other styles. It's not always successful, but even the relatively misfiring tracks are suffused with charm. In 2016, maybe The Kooks have overstayed their welcome, and subsequent albums have sold less well than the one before, but the frankly rather smashing 'She Moves In Her Own Way' is a modern day classic, and worth purchasing this album for alone. A vivid snapshot of a band on their way to the top. Hugely enjoyable.
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on 11 March 2006
This album is amazing, forget the Artic Monkeys, Hard Fi's, Franz Ferdinands etc because the Kooks blow them all away with this stunning debut album.
The album is so varied with standout tracks "She Moves In Her Own Way", "Sofa Song","Eddie's Gun" and "Ooh La".
If you're a fan of Indie/Rock - The Kooks will be at T In the Park, Isle Wight, and Oxygen festivals this summer.
Finally if you've never heard of the Kooks they are releasing "Naive" on March 27th 2006.
Kooks Fans - lets hope it hits number 1!!!!!!!
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on 8 May 2006
I bought this album on the back of hearing Naive on the radio. Naive is an amazing song but it's one of the worst on the album, that tells you just how good Inside In/Inside Out is. It's one of those imense albums where every song is amazing, the last (relitevly) recent album i heard that even came close to such afeet was Hot Fuss(Killers) or perhaps There's Nothing Left to Loose(foos).

Inside in inside out keeps you on your toes with lots of quite short (2-3min)tracks.(no short songs have been so good since the Britpop classic Song 2, Wooohooo!). They're constantly moving on to yet anouther amazing one, with great acoustic guitar,lyrics and vocals this is the best indie album for yonks

Get it!!!!
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on 31 July 2006
Basically, i dont like much modern music. Most i find is commercialised bland rubbish, with loads of studio tweaking and poor musicianship. This album, in my opninion, is one of the best of recent times. Lets go through the standout tracks in my opinion:

1: Seaside. Quite frankly i cant imagine a much better opener. this is emotive and enjoyable, and quite sad if youve already got the blues im sure!

3: Sofa song: This is great to dance to at parties and the lyrics and first guitar solo are very happy (theres no other way to describe it).

5: Ooh la: Just catchy

6: You dont love me: Slightly too indie but the first part of the song especially is catchy nd fun.

7: She moves in her own way: Most peoples tout for the gest song on the album i think, and i would agree, wonderful lyrics, catchy, summery and a good guitar solo too.

8: Matchbox: Quite odd in my opinion but one of my favourite tracks on the album

9: Naive: Overplayed on the radio but still a wonderful song that will ahve you singing along throughout

13: Time Awaits: The only of the latter songs that i really like, this is amazing and the in/out phasing guitar at the end puts me in mind that things are going to be big for this band in the future

Overall, this album is not my usual taste in music. im not really an indie fan (i dont liek babyshambles, libertines, aric monkeys etc) and yet this is my kind of album - it shows that there are great things to come and that the singer has a great maturity especially. Im a massive skynyrd, zeppelin and lizzy fan, and yet this will certainly be played by me alot!!!

buy it now and dont listen to the other people who have had a go at this on here!!!
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on 22 May 2006
Not being the type of person who would usually buy so-called indie albums, and buying this solely off the back of hearing Naive on the radio (as well as being, admittedly, intrigued by the sexy lead - v. Bob Dylan!), I was so pleased with this collection of fabulous and original songs - not since the mid-nineties have I got myself so worked up over a rock band!

Their sheer energy is so infectious, their raw talent is all the more exciting because of their youth, and as for 'cashing in' on recent trands? A band that has clearly been working hard for a long time to reach such high standards of musicianship don't deserve such dismissal.

I would recommend trying this even if you don't like bands like the Killers (I've never got excited by them) because the energy and in turn beauty of many of the songs will appeal to loads of different music fans. It is an album that sounds retro one minute and fresh and modern the next. I think this is one of those examples where talent just wins out.
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on 20 March 2006
This album simply took my breath away. from the start of the opening of seaside (which is my favourite track on the album)i was hooked on it. the kooks are a breath of fresh air to indie music, their lyrics are thoughtful and touching without being too heart-on-a-string-esque. if you like athlete then the kooks are a happier and more imaginative less well known counterpart. a really enjoyable listen.
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VINE VOICEon 5 July 2006
From the moment that Seaside begins, you will be utterly hooked with this album. The hooks are infectious and addictive, and Luke Pritchard's voice neither overpowers nor fades into obscurity but floats along in perfect accompaniment to the acoustic arrangements behind it. The opening track is far from conventional, as opening tracks go, but that is part of the beauty of it and sets the tone for what is to come in splendid style. Naive is the song that most will probably recognise, but by no means towers over this album. Rather, this is most certainly a wonderful slice of indie rock that is never intrusive but begs to be listened to from start to finish.

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